5 Ways Publishers Trick You Into Buying Games You Don’t Want

"It’s never a good idea to purchase a game on the day of its release. It’s almost always a waste of money, especially if you have an existing backlog to go through (and let’s not kid ourselves—you do!) before you’ll even have an opportunity to play whatever it is you’re buying."

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zerocrossing1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

I hardly ever buy games on their release day and I have never pre ordered.

It's just too dame risky unless you're a huge fan of a franchise or know you'll love the game despite any possible shortcomings.

The best thing to do is read (reliable) reviews and if you're really not sure look for lets play videos, etc, the sheer amount of mediocre titles that get released each year and go on to be successful purely because people are purchasing them before they realise they are utter crap is a astounding IMO.

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Kalowest1932d ago

Thankfully( but sadly for the publishers) I don't fall for any of that stuff.

SolidStoner1932d ago

yeah, if you constantly search for information about games, in gaming sites then you should know what is good and bad for you, and I bet that 99% here agree, that they dont fall into that BS, but the thing is most gamers dont read much info, and most of them dont read news, blogs or comments, and especially put agree or disagree here.... they just randomly buy games hoping for the best.... like watching movies in theatre...

there are exceptions like always, for games like GTA, GT, Halo, Fallout, COD, Battlefield and so on... you have to know for sure what to expect from them... or mad buying them without knowing anything about them... or just rich.. lol :)

lilbrat231932d ago

I usually preorder because my local Best buy gives you $20 back when you preorder a specific game. As for collector editions rarely do I buy them the only one I will be buying is the Tomb Raider. Best Buy give me $20 back for preordering plus I get an additional $15 off the game which makes it $64+tax (not a bad deal for a collectors edition).

OhMyGandhi1932d ago

I think preordering a game is absolutely ridiculous.

cyguration1932d ago

I've pre-ordered a few games in my time but only because I knew I was going to enjoy them regardless of what others thought.

However, the last time I pre-ordered something was during the PS2 era. These days I get everything from bargain bins, sales and discounts because of all the schemes mentioned in the article.

Pre-ordering (much like DLC) isn't bad if you're a diehard fanboy and the game is good, but it's been tarnished in vile ways this gen.

MaxXAttaxX1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

Pre-ordering is a good option if your budget is low, since paying for a game over a few months is better than one large payment. A couple of new games will run you $120.
I'll be pre-ordering the PS4 once it's announced and start paying it off, so instead of say $400 at once, I might just pay $100.

insomnium21931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

I pre-ordered NiNoKuni about 2 weeks before launch just to get it asap. I will pre-order The last of us too.

I have no idea why anyone would think badly about pre-ordering. Maybe I just don't understand the jist of it.

edit: Ah you mean the store perks and stuff. OK then I agree that it is ridiculous the way these are handeled. Maybe the pre-ordering is not that much ridiculous but the store perks ARE stupid.

NeXXXuS1932d ago

Well I preordered The Last Of Us because of obvious reasons :P

OhMyGandhi1931d ago

...Of course, a game like Last of Us is worth BUYING, but are you preordering to get store perks or do you fear the game wouldn't be in stock?

TheSaint1931d ago

It could still be crap though, unlikely but the possibility is still there.

Murad1932d ago

The only game I've every bothered pre-ordering is Fire Emblem Awakening, and that's because that's Nintendo's star franchises.

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xtremeimport1931d ago

I hate the game of the year editions. they always make me wish i didnt buy on day one...but I buy games I cant wait for on day one. im not tricked...I just want to play it on release day and not months later.

Cam9771931d ago

I'm glad I waited this long for SE:V2 because a GOTY edition is out soon.

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Philoctetes1932d ago

Games that I buy mainly for multiplayer are usually Day One buys for me, especially if I feel like I know how the game will be from a demo/beta (Bad Company 2, Killzone) or from prior experience with the franchise (COD). I like getting in on those on the ground floor.

SP games can wait unless Amazon is offering a good pre-order deal.

ginsunuva1932d ago

And this, people, is why publishers shove multiplayer into every game nowadays and release multiplayer demos and call it a beta to attract attention.

s45gr321932d ago

II wish developers would stop shoe-horning multiplayer for games that do not need it. Is true beta is a great way to attract attention and is also a way to get away from say issues i.e the game crashes a lot oh i am sorry is a beta not fully released yet aaargh.

Philoctetes1932d ago

Um, no. The games I mentioned (BF:BC2, KZ2/KZ3, COD) are all multiplayer games with tacked-on single-player campaigns. Developers didn't shove multiplayer into those games. Those games are all about the multiplayer. But yeah you're right that demos help.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME1932d ago

only pre-orders i get are from naughty dog

CyberCam1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )


They are the only reason why I would even consider purchasing a next-gen console at all. I'll probably wait some years before purchasing a PS4... after they make a few games for the system.

They are the one dev this gen that created a game that has high-end graphics with substance (bug free, fluid, challenging gameplay & engaging storylines).

Irishguy951932d ago

Overrating at it's finest. Geez...ND are not the only good devs out there.

CyberCam1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

Your (& mine) statement is subjective, it depends totally on personal taste.

My favourite genres are action/adventure, open world TP & FPS and personally IMO, I've played far too many bug ridden messes that have pretty graphics. In almost every case, I have regretted those purchases.

Oh I forgot to mention that, ND are also known to stand behind their work & support their titles for quite a long time. They don't ditch them a couple months after release & move on to something new.

Anyway, your point is taken, you're allow your opinion.

Summons751932d ago

nope, don't care about dlc incentives- I never preorder, and I stopped buying collector's editions years ago. If I don't want a game, I don't want a game and for probably a good reason (ie: bad game design/ gameplay). Only thing on that list that is good is steam sales.

s45gr321932d ago

Yes the last one is so true those steam sales makes you buy ges you dont want.

byeGollum1932d ago

Master betrayed us. Wicked. Tricksy, False.

BanBrother1932d ago

Lol at your username. The first picture in the article was hilarious. Still fresh in my mind, as I recently watched The Lord Of The Rings trilogy over. haha

TekoIie1932d ago

Whats in my pocket? :3

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