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5 Ways Publishers Trick You Into Buying Games You Don’t Want

"It’s never a good idea to purchase a game on the day of its release. It’s almost always a waste of money, especially if you have an existing backlog to go through (and let’s not kid ourselves—you do!) before you’ll even have an opportunity to play whatever it is you’re buying." (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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zerocrossing  +   971d ago
I hardly ever buy games on their release day and I have never pre ordered.

It's just too dame risky unless you're a huge fan of a franchise or know you'll love the game despite any possible shortcomings.

The best thing to do is read (reliable) reviews and if you're really not sure look for lets play videos, etc, the sheer amount of mediocre titles that get released each year and go on to be successful purely because people are purchasing them before they realise they are utter crap is a astounding IMO.
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Kalowest  +   971d ago
Thankfully( but sadly for the publishers) I don't fall for any of that stuff.
SolidStoner  +   971d ago
yeah, if you constantly search for information about games, in gaming sites then you should know what is good and bad for you, and I bet that 99% here agree, that they dont fall into that BS, but the thing is most gamers dont read much info, and most of them dont read news, blogs or comments, and especially put agree or disagree here.... they just randomly buy games hoping for the best.... like watching movies in theatre...

there are exceptions like always, for games like GTA, GT, Halo, Fallout, COD, Battlefield and so on... you have to know for sure what to expect from them... or mad buying them without knowing anything about them... or just rich.. lol :)
lilbrat23  +   971d ago
I usually preorder because my local Best buy gives you $20 back when you preorder a specific game. As for collector editions rarely do I buy them the only one I will be buying is the Tomb Raider. Best Buy give me $20 back for preordering plus I get an additional $15 off the game which makes it $64+tax (not a bad deal for a collectors edition).
RustedMan  +   971d ago
I think preordering a game is absolutely ridiculous.
cyguration  +   971d ago
I've pre-ordered a few games in my time but only because I knew I was going to enjoy them regardless of what others thought.

However, the last time I pre-ordered something was during the PS2 era. These days I get everything from bargain bins, sales and discounts because of all the schemes mentioned in the article.

Pre-ordering (much like DLC) isn't bad if you're a diehard fanboy and the game is good, but it's been tarnished in vile ways this gen.
MaxXAttaxX  +   971d ago
Pre-ordering is a good option if your budget is low, since paying for a game over a few months is better than one large payment. A couple of new games will run you $120.
I'll be pre-ordering the PS4 once it's announced and start paying it off, so instead of say $400 at once, I might just pay $100.
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insomnium2  +   971d ago
I pre-ordered NiNoKuni about 2 weeks before launch just to get it asap. I will pre-order The last of us too.

I have no idea why anyone would think badly about pre-ordering. Maybe I just don't understand the jist of it.

edit: Ah you mean the store perks and stuff. OK then I agree that it is ridiculous the way these are handeled. Maybe the pre-ordering is not that much ridiculous but the store perks ARE stupid.
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NeXXXuS  +   971d ago
Well I preordered The Last Of Us because of obvious reasons :P
RustedMan  +   971d ago
...Of course, a game like Last of Us is worth BUYING, but are you preordering to get store perks or do you fear the game wouldn't be in stock?
TheSaint  +   971d ago
It could still be crap though, unlikely but the possibility is still there.
Murad  +   971d ago
The only game I've every bothered pre-ordering is Fire Emblem Awakening, and that's because that's Nintendo's star franchises.
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xtremeimport  +   971d ago
I hate the game of the year editions. they always make me wish i didnt buy on day one...but I buy games I cant wait for on day one. im not tricked...I just want to play it on release day and not months later.
Cam977  +   971d ago
I'm glad I waited this long for SE:V2 because a GOTY edition is out soon.
Philoctetes  +   971d ago
Games that I buy mainly for multiplayer are usually Day One buys for me, especially if I feel like I know how the game will be from a demo/beta (Bad Company 2, Killzone) or from prior experience with the franchise (COD). I like getting in on those on the ground floor.

SP games can wait unless Amazon is offering a good pre-order deal.
ginsunuva  +   971d ago
And this, people, is why publishers shove multiplayer into every game nowadays and release multiplayer demos and call it a beta to attract attention.
s45gr32  +   971d ago
II wish developers would stop shoe-horning multiplayer for games that do not need it. Is true beta is a great way to attract attention and is also a way to get away from say issues i.e the game crashes a lot oh i am sorry is a beta not fully released yet aaargh.
Philoctetes  +   971d ago
Um, no. The games I mentioned (BF:BC2, KZ2/KZ3, COD) are all multiplayer games with tacked-on single-player campaigns. Developers didn't shove multiplayer into those games. Those games are all about the multiplayer. But yeah you're right that demos help.
only pre-orders i get are from naughty dog
CyberCam  +   971d ago

They are the only reason why I would even consider purchasing a next-gen console at all. I'll probably wait some years before purchasing a PS4... after they make a few games for the system.

They are the one dev this gen that created a game that has high-end graphics with substance (bug free, fluid, challenging gameplay & engaging storylines).
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Irishguy95  +   971d ago
Overrating at it's finest. Geez...ND are not the only good devs out there.
CyberCam  +   971d ago
Your (& mine) statement is subjective, it depends totally on personal taste.

My favourite genres are action/adventure, open world TP & FPS and personally IMO, I've played far too many bug ridden messes that have pretty graphics. In almost every case, I have regretted those purchases.

Oh I forgot to mention that, ND are also known to stand behind their work & support their titles for quite a long time. They don't ditch them a couple months after release & move on to something new.

Anyway, your point is taken, you're allow your opinion.
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Summons75  +   971d ago
nope, don't care about dlc incentives- I never preorder, and I stopped buying collector's editions years ago. If I don't want a game, I don't want a game and for probably a good reason (ie: bad game design/ gameplay). Only thing on that list that is good is steam sales.
s45gr32  +   971d ago
Yes the last one is so true those steam sales makes you buy ges you dont want.
byeGollum  +   971d ago
Master betrayed us. Wicked. Tricksy, False.
BanBrother  +   971d ago
Lol at your username. The first picture in the article was hilarious. Still fresh in my mind, as I recently watched The Lord Of The Rings trilogy over. haha
TekoIie  +   971d ago
Whats in my pocket? :3
MontyQ  +   971d ago
I re order every game on every system I am that hard core.......I also cancel them all the last minute but still that's how hardcore I amz
Jakens  +   971d ago
Capcom tricked over 4 million...ha

On a side note, I preorder sometimes.
Conzul  +   971d ago
I only preorder when the bonus is good enough. Which most of the time, it isn't.
Soldierone  +   971d ago
I don't think a lot of these are "tricks" but more along the lines of enticing you. Sure "exclusive" dlc comes out for everyone later, but you normally have to pay for on top of waiting for it.

If you are a fan, then buy it.

I think the "tricks" come from marketing and secret things they do. Notice how developers will "hype" up everything, before jumping to something new.

The biggest trick is showing "support" for a title, and then leaving when sales no longer matter. What I mean is they open a facebook, or post on forums, etc... and are constantly engaging fans, constantly updating the game, releasing DLC, taking care of things. Then the game has been out for two months and it ALL suddenly dies. Meanwhile the staff is over hyping up a new FPS title now.
Tetsujin  +   971d ago
"I think the "tricks" come from marketing and secret things they do. Notice how developers will "hype" up everything, before jumping to something new."

I feel like that with Borderlands 2 at the moment (I'm probably going to get flak for this) especially with the recent attitudes about what's coming in the future, and how quick they are to MMO an FPS yet be slow to release DLC that fans want instead of making a quick $ out of a 90 min expansion. I feel more cheated getting the season pass from Borderlands 2 than I did with Fallout NV since with Fallout I can at least play at my own pace, play offline (I know its offline only but still), and I can go back later if I want; Borderlands 2 on 2nd play through unless you have friends to help there's little to no chance being able to do much since the recent patch basically killed single player for TVHM. The whole Bee Shield nerf wasn't the problem, the problem is once Borderlands 2 loses popularity and someone later wants to play, it's going to take a lot longer to successfully do much of anything outside making up new curse words.

Bottom line is too many companies look at the "Right now; Today" and not enough "down the road."

Edit: If I had it my way, I'd say at least keep a game going for 1-2 years after initial release, and have some sort of legacy website for people who still want an active community with games once they lose popularity, like some type of wiki or at least one/two devs who still actively update players; one pick I'd vote for - 3D Dot game heroes.
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Tetsujin  +   971d ago
They could have at least kept the article to 1-2 pages, not have one on each slide.


Very few times I preorder, regardless of what the sales guys say at the store I can still refuse, and wait till someone else either has a copy to test out or I'll wait till there's some sale that screams "this is as low as it gets." Last game I preordered ended up burning me bad, and ever since unless it's something I really look forward to, they can eat it.

I know one guy who buys on hype, tries very hard to talk me into playing the same thing (rarely works since we play different games), then later regrets his purchase because it's not "as good" as advertised or some game breaking glitch.
KionicWarlord222  +   971d ago
These were spot one but they forgot one:

Hype a game up for months and delay reviews for the game.
s45gr32  +   971d ago
Is the steam sales that get me the most . I always ending buying games on sale onlyto come out a little disappointed or not which game to play. I still do not know why I bought ghost recon games other than they were on sale.....
Hicken  +   971d ago
I've bought one game I didn't want, because it was an ATLUS game. Scared the crap outta me- it was a horror game, and I don't do horror games- so I took it back.

I don't really fall for the hype, even if I participate. As a result, I've rarely bought a game I didn't like. NEVER bought a NEW GAME I didn't like.

Who gets tricked?
SybaRat  +   971d ago
Callofdutycoughcougheveryyearc oughcoughcough
Ezz2013  +   971d ago
you have rare flu called "Callofduty" take 2 "yousuckactivation" pills ..and call me in the morning
PersonMan  +   971d ago
It's funny that you said "take 2".
DigitalSmoke  +   971d ago
There is a ton of these sleezy tactics going around.
Developers are so secretive about the real cost of games and their content, that its actualy daily dealing with these shady manners.
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ajax17  +   971d ago
Yeah, Irrational Games have never "tricked" me into buying their games! I feel pretty confident that BioShock Infinite won't suck. I don't regret pre-ordering it at all.
WeskerChildReborned  +   971d ago
Well even if a game had good pre order DLC or a good collectors edition, i wouldn't buy it unless i wanted the game, i mean i buy a game for the game, not the collectors statue or the Pre Order DLC.
Baka-akaB  +   971d ago
I dont buy games out of curiosity , i still buy them release day if i feel like it , and even when i impulse buy i game , it would be because it changed my mind at the last minute .

Sounds like bragging but i can safely say i've only had one purchase i regretted through 2012 , and that was Street Fighter X Tekken .
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TruthbeTold  +   971d ago
Sometimes people buy a game because they are looking to expand their horizons and try something new. If they get 'tricked' by a publisher, or fanboy hype, then yes, they've been had, but they will also be soured on that company and its gamers to some extent. So it's a two-edged sword.
isarai  +   971d ago
And you only need to do one thing to not be tricked, do your own damn research. Never pay so much for something blindly, that's just fucking stupid
Kennytaur  +   971d ago
I tend to pre-order quite a few games a year online, but that's because I then get them for half the price they're sold for where I live.
Gigglefist  +   971d ago
While preorder bonuses and such are ridiculous, this article is being ridiculous.
"It’s never a good idea to purchase a game on the day of its release"

You know, unless it's a game you want to play...
MasterD919  +   971d ago
The only reason people pre-order at the level they do these days is because of the exclusive DLC that is usually tagged on.

Most stores have more than enough copies and the actual pre-ordering isn't necessary really...
Matt0611  +   971d ago
The thumbnail is pretty perfect.
Father Time  +   971d ago
On pre-orders.

There has never been a game that made me buy it based off the pre-order bonuses. Not even one that's pushed me just over the edge. I pre-order games I know I'm going to buy before they announce the pre-order bonuses.
MasterChief3624  +   971d ago
Lawl at the Steam Sales
I'm only laughing at the Steam Sales portion of the article because I'm repressing the heartbreak and torrential downpour of tears streaming from my face due to how true that actually is.

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Kuleman_beast  +   971d ago
this should be called how terrible websites trick you into giving them more hits

1) putting each item in a numbered list on a new page
knifefight  +   971d ago
GamingBolt and complex.com do that too. They're terrible.
kupomogli  +   971d ago
Steam sales at #1 for sure. I rarely ever play PC games anymore but I have around 60 games on Steam and 10 games on GOG that I got for dirt cheap. Less than 10 of them I've played and I always say I'll play it sometime, but sometime might be a long ways away.
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