Metro: Last Light - release as early as 13 March?

As THQ went broke, many fans were worried that the release of Metro: Last Light will once again move around a long time, but it turns out now that the wait could soon be over .

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BldyShdw1958d ago

How could you possibly know for sure?

PockyKing1958d ago

He's got two bubbles, he has to KNOW something ;)

ironfist921958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Tell that to the countless number of gamers who recieve pre-ordered games with bugs and glitches and needs a hefty day 1 patch to fix the problems.

Rivitur1957d ago

It was already delayed once as it was supposed to have came out in 2012.

Hazmat131958d ago

must play metro! gah i need this game!!!

Agheil1958d ago

Every time I read an article regarding one of THQs IP's they mention THQs demise :( . Stop , we already know.