Loving Nintendo Is The Hardest Thing – Reader’s Feature

GameCentral Reader: ''I’ve read the news and opinions on Nintendo floating about recently with interest. This being the Internet, those opinions have tended to be either black or white but that’s just the nature of the beast. Reactionary tactics are par for the course and besides, there’s no reaction like overreaction. So it’s been a case that the usual doom-mongers have seized on the slightly worse than expected results and declared the Wii U dead on arrival.

In turn the staunch Nintendo supporters have said those criticising Nintendo are either Sony or Microsoft fanboys who only want to see Nintendo fail. The alleged fanboys (and by the way, I hate the term fanboy because of the stupid connotations attached to it, I’m just using it for convenience) then turn round and accuse them of being Nintendo fanboys. Before long it turns into handbags and eventually someone suggests which console Hitler would have preferred!''

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I am so sick of these articles. Could this website maybe instead post some news or rumors. Considoring it's called "Wii U News & Rumors".