Complex - (Preview) The 10 Most Frustrating Things About "Killzone: Mercenary"

Complex - Like most PlayStation Vita owners, the prospect of a quality first-person shooter on the handheld remains one of the most tantalizing promises Sony has made about the system. However, with both Resistance: Burning Skies and Call of Duty: Black Ops - Declassified being such a lacklustre case studies in on-the-go fragging, my hope of ever seeing one has started to wane.

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Dylila1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

only thing that is frustrating is that its going to take so long to be released.
from my undertsnading of this article the writer basically complains a lot because he has to play the game in a way he's never had to in other games and that he doesnt like that killzone mercenary didnt adopt most ideas from games he has played. all i really care about is that they have an option to change button layout, make the ai as sart as killzone 2s, balance the multiplayer more than killzone 3. the author says that the game is short but that he only played two levels. this preview of killzone mercenary is silly because its filled with silly complaints by a person who doesnt want to adapt to a game and is giving bad informations.

TheGrimOfDeath1988d ago

The only thing I see that I will hate is that it is 4vs4 MP. Damn it developers, we want 6vs6 or 8vs8!

Sandmano1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Its Sonys fault they need to up the number of peple in the vitas party system witch is limted to 8 people

"Both of the levels I tried seemed to last no more than 30-45 minutes at most and with only a handful available it looks like the game may wind up only being a 3-4 hour experience."

ok lets say on average every level takes 40 minutes to complete and theres 9 levels in the SP that amounts to 6 hours, were the heck did he get 3-4 hours from? Now I know he is nitpicking and trolling...

He must have big ass hands if 9 is a handful...

Mr-SellJack1988d ago

lmao!it isn't a FPS console game if u should know...COD's most popular mode is 6vs6!4vs4 on psvita is certainly acceptable especially with a high quality game like killzone.

NewMonday1988d ago

shameless click bait article, stretching it for pages

down-vote the website

NukaCola1988d ago

This guy is a tool. This isn't about the game being frustrating, it's him picking 10 things about the game and twisting them into a negative. Most of this article is complete BS and it's quite unethical to write something like this. This doesn't read like a preview either. It's a blatant nitpicking bitchfest for no other reason to get hits. Killzone Mercs is doing something not done on handhelds before, it's trying to deliver a great FPS for the Vita and more importantly it's adding a ton of new features many of which could be apart of the next console KZ4. If he had any real justification of his complaining, I could be more understanding but this article is trash.

Infernostew1988d ago

What do you expect from Complex? Their whole website is full of "Top 10 journalism", seriously a joke.

DoomeDx1987d ago

Guerilla Games clearly stated that Swiping the screen for melee is optional

murdock551987d ago

what they talking about that its shorter? GG said that this game is a little longer then killzone 3 and killzone 3 is longer then mw3.

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r211988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Wait, theres jetpack soldiers? Im guessing it wont be the same jetpacks from KZ3 but more like KZ Liberation.

10. Yeah, they need to polish the melee system. I dont like swiping my screen, I'd rather have the button prompt like KZ3 did.
9. I think the gyro on vita is way more precise than the DS3 so it makes sense to have gyro aiming.
8. I suggest swiping across the touch pad to the front for running or adding a sprint icon on the front screen somewhere.
7. I dont see any problem here, the author probably wasnt a good player :L
6. They've got months(oh maaan) so that should be fixed by then
5. I dont have a problem with that
4. Thats gonna take some time to get the right balance, again GC's got time
3. FOOS? As long as the player has fun taking out Higs, who cares IMO
2. Contract mode could up the AI, the number of enemies and lack of ammo
1. The devs said total time for campaign would be 8-9 hours, and would be 30-45 minutes each mission. Thats pretty good length for an FPS this good and gorgeous. Hell, its longer than CoD: BO's 1 hour campaign!

Also, its not being developed by Guerrilla Games but by Guerrilla Cambridge. Although, its safe to assume GG is giving feedback like Sucker Punch and Sanzaru Games.

8bitHero1988d ago

most annoying things:
-forced touch screen, i despise having to take my hands off the controls to do some stupid touch screen crap thats only implemented solely because theres a touchscreen on the device.(one of the reasons i didnt enjoy golden abyss much)
-only 4v4, can we at the very least get 6v6, those 4 extra ppl make a huge difference.
-release date is forever and a day away, seriously wtf am i supposed to play on my vita till that time. unless soul sacrifice is coming out in a month or 2, i forget the release date for that game.

Tei7771988d ago

Other then the 1st point about swipe to to kill, I think this guy is trying a bit too hard to force these negative points. The game is looking promising but my main concern is that the frame rate looked like trash in the gameplay trailer.

I hope they don't try and pretend that this game has the same budget as a full fledged console release and price it at $60.

cpayne931987d ago

The top price a Vita game can be released at is 50, which im guessing this game will be released at. Most previews said the framerate was smooth, so maybe its just the trailer. Either way they still have a good bit of time to iron those issues out.