How Much Should Microsoft Tweak The Next Xbox Controller

Houston (TheNextXbox) – The controller that is used and ships with a gaming console can make or break the console’s success. We have seen this in the past, with the Nintendo Wii creating a whole gaming niche for itself with a brand new controller. So how much should Microsoft change the next-generation Xbox controller, from what we have with the Xbox 360?

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NukaCola2135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

Better D-Pad and internal battery

Other than that, it's a good controller.

cl19832135d ago

Change the d pad, but allow controller cross over 360/new xbox.

EVILDEAD3602135d ago

Best controller in the biz.

They fixed the D-pad with the new metallic controllers, but it'll be interesting what comes next.

What you will see is everyone emulating it's design as Nintendo did with the Wii-u.

The verdict is out on Sony for the PS4.


DragonKnight2135d ago

"Best controller in the biz."

Subjective and inaccurate.

Irishguy952135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

Not the best controller, best out of Nin/Sony/MS. But there are better(more expensive) ones on PC. The 360 controller is the best there has been on consoles yet though. I hope Sony rob the design too but keep the quality of their buttons.

It's seemingly common knowledge(besides N4G of course) that MS hit the nail on the head with their controller this gen, besides the D-Pad which was fixed with the new controllers.

Hey... Dragonknight

NeverEnding19892135d ago

The D-pad has been fixed for a few years now. Much better. Internal batteries would have been expensive in 2005, but not so now. I definitely see them adding that.

Otherwise the controller won't change. Nintendo has already made their controller more like Microsoft's and I have no doubt Sony will copy as well. Aside from cross game chat, a better controller is the most wanted feature from the Sony faithful.

M$ did a great job with their controller and hit a sweet spot. Unless controller format changes (screen in the middle) I could see the current controller staying around for a few generations.

And I agree. Best in the biz by far.

TheRealSpy2135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

""Best controller in the biz."

Subjective and inaccurate."

If it's subjective, it can't be inaccurate. Kinda of a hypocritical statement, actually.

I agree with everyone about the D-pad. Disagree about the battery though. I like being able to swap out my rechargeable batteries and charge them independently of the controller. I think that's where the Wii U and the PS3 controller really fall short. If I am playing a ps3 game and the battery in my controller is dying, my only option is to plug the controller in if i want to keep playing. And on Wii U...forget it. You just have to stop playing and wait for the controller to charge back up. Pretty stupid design choice.

DragonKnight2135d ago

"f it's subjective, it can't be inaccurate. Kinda of a hypocritical statement, actually."

Actually you have it wrong. If it's subjective, it can't be accurate. That's the same as saying a personal preference is generally accurate for the majority when it's entirely based on the individual. But, to go further and unfortunately to have to repeat myself like a broken record, MS' controller hasn't won awards, Sony's has. Therefore, to state categorically that MS' controller is the "best in the biz" is not only subjective, and inaccurate, it also flies in the face of professionals who voted Sony's design as the superior design.

In the end that's all moot because it's still all just subjective.

nukeitall2135d ago


"That's the same as saying a personal preference is generally accurate for the majority when it's entirely based on the individual."

That is where your assumption is wrong.l

If it is a personal preference, then that doesn't represent the majority!

That is why it is a PERSONAL PREFERENCE, therefore it is accurate FOR THAT PERSON.

DragonKnight2135d ago

@nukeitall: *facepalm* I want you to point out anywhere in that string of comments above you where anyone said "MS' controller is the best in the biz... to me." Anyone. Anywhere. Even an implication.

When you don't find it, you can then proceed to get upset about your pointless response. Then you can look up things like context and accuracy and hopefully learn a little something.

Lvl_up_gamer2135d ago

Here is what isn't "subjective". The 360 controller is THE best ergonomically correct controller on the market for any console. This is NOT subjective as ergonomics is a proven fact. So regardless if people like the triggers on the dualshock more then the 360's triggers or how well the d-pad works, bottom line, the 360 is more ergonomically correct then the dualshock.

Ergonomics is VERY important especially if you are holding a controller in your hands for hours on end. The strain put onto your hands could lead to issues with arthritis in the joints later on in life. The Dualshock is ergonomically incorrect and places unnecessary strain on the hand and finger joints. Regardless if you "feel" the dualshock just feels better, it's not true at all. Everyone's hands are built the same with a small % of people with abnormalities such as double jointed conditions. The 360 controller is MORE ergonomically correct. Period. That is NOT subjective, and despite what I feel makes the 360 controller better then the Dualshock, it is NOT subjective that the 360 controller is more ergonomically correct which is enough in itself to say the 360 controller is better then the dualshock.

DragonKnight2135d ago

@Lvl_up_gamer: Still subjective. Do you have proof beyond your own opinion that the 360's controller is regarded as the most ergonomic controller? The field of ergonomics is a fact, the practice isn't. Ergonomics is about design efficiency and comfort, if anyone feels uncomfortable with the 360 controller, or feels the design is inefficient, then it's not a factual claim to state that the 360's controller is the most ergonomical.

People need to learn what subjective means before trying to use it in an argument.

maniacmayhem2134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )


Sony won an award for it's ORIGINAL duel shock controller along with Nintendo's d-pad. The award was NOT for being the BEST controller ever but for it's innovation off of the original controllers of past consoles.

I don't know why you keep saying awards.

As for ergonomic, I don't know why that word has become the new buzz for controllers but in my opinion and many, many others the 360 controller is hands down the best out of the big 3. The main complaint you will find is the d-pad.

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BadboyCivic2135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

Put a TV screen in it like the WiiU and make the D pad work like the PS3

hellvaguy2135d ago

I personally don't want a gimic screen, and don't care about the d-pad because I don't play 2D fighter games. (Just my opinion, not gunna say its true for everyone out there.)

I would like to see from both sony and ms, adult sized controllers next gen. Improved battery life and wireless headsets without the use of a separate accessory receiver would be nice too.

HeroReborn2135d ago

a little less weight too and that will make me happy it's the best controller of all 3 console makers

3-4-52135d ago

Don't change anything really. Upgrade some stuff but keep it 95% the same. It feels perfect in my hands for playing video games, I really don't want to use any other controller.

The layout of it is just really comfortable and easy to use for long game sessions.

joab7772135d ago

Best bet for both systems is to allow the old controller to work just in case. If the new one is better, everyone will buy it. Make it lighter, dpad, maybe a browser button if its gonna allow mutitasking (i know xmb can do that). The share button may be a great idea.

If its gonna be an entertainment device then functiinality is important for movies etc. Otherwise they already have a great controller.

otherZinc2135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )


M$, please don't touch that Silver Controller with the new D pad!

Also, keeping the Plug & Play Cord! If an internal controller battery dies, you must buy a $60 controller vs. a $20 battery kit! That's $40 saved towards a new game.

user39158002135d ago

Better internal batterie? I dont know but the 360 pad last the longest out of the current consoles and d-pad its great the way it is. What I want its better functionality with game developers and the lack of delay, cause fighting games like street fighter iv its nearly unplayable, its not precised as it should be, I blame capcom for that, cause teken its so much more acurate. Maybe a little more precision on the analog, but besides the dreamcast controller, I think the 360 its the king of controllers. PS CONTROLLERS GIVES ME ARTHRITIS, too small for my hands, but its well balanced, hope they copy 360 shape just like the wiiu did.

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StrongMan2135d ago

No more external batteries
Fix the D-Pad
Put the left analog stick and the D-Pad in their proper place

Do those things and it will be a great controller IMO.

Kalowest2135d ago

"Put the left analog stick and the D-Pad in their proper place"
That would destroy the 360 controller. The design makes playing FPS easier and more comfortable.

2135d ago
greenpowerz2135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

He didn't say that he said the design was perfect for the types of games he likes. You being stuck with a poorly designed controller and being defensive about it won't change the top notch design of the xbox controller favored with about all genres but one(Fighting)

It's not about just being good with just FPS's it's about being good with all genres except fighting.

Even Nintendo sees the quallity design of it with Wii U

It's just not the button layout, shape, size and weight of the controller that's top notch, the pressurized sticks and triggers have an unmatched sensitivity and resistance for unmatched feedback to the game and gamers developers use when developing games for xbox.

hazardman2135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

I actually like external batteries, I use energizer rechargables I get 2weeks on one charge. I also dont have to deal with charge wires. Soon as I see batteries are dying I charge a pair and I'm good! The only thing I would change is the dpad, besides that everything is good. If they go a different route then atleast make them compatible.

PandemicPrawn02135d ago


I do the same thing with the rechargeable energizer batteries. So I like the external battery set up as well.

Just improve the d pad and leave it at that. The 360 controller is nearly perfect in my opinion.

BitbyDeath2135d ago

The external battery wouldn't be so bad if they could put it inside the controller and not have it jutting out the back.

They should at the very least fix that.

Bigpappy2135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

No. I like the option to swap the battery. I don't want wires on my wireless. It warns you when the batt is getting low, so you can just swap and play on. Its the best controller I have ever used. I could use it all day and not remember that it is actually controlling the image I am moving, and not my just brain.

Hufandpuf2135d ago

Keep external batteries (Buy a rechargeable pack if it's too $ consuming)


One thing I hate about the DS3 is that the analogue is too close together. The most used input should be the closest to the fingers (left analogue)

Lvl_up_gamer2135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

If they did that, then they would be stepping back about 2 generations....what console maker has a controller design that dates back 2 generations with poor ergonomics?

Any company that did that may as well be constantly in the RED and make only about $6 million profit in the games division in Q3.

Pfff no console company in their right mind would do that.

The 360 controller is perfect and I LOVE the external battery. DON'T CHANGE IT!!! It takes 3 seconds to swap out the old battery pack and put in a freshly charged battery pack.

My PS3 controller is shit. When the battery runs out I have to connect the cord to the console. Who does that anymore unless you are competing in a tournament?


Hicken2134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

Oh, boy. I remember when you weren't such an OBVIOUS troll.

Ergonomics... you should look it up. That's all I'll say on that, since it's pointless to discuss a subject with you when you're not at all knowledgeable.

The controller made by the company you allude to in a trolling fashion is the only one of the current controllers to have won awards for its design. That's all I'll say about which controller is "better."

The 360 controller's battery lasts nowhere near as long as the PS3 controller. I can put in 4+ days of 5-hour or longer sessions before my controller dies on PS3. The BEST batteries you can get for your "perfect" 360 controller ALSO need to be plugged up to be charged.

They can keep the design- though I'll never prefer it over the Dual Shock- but AT LEAST make the external battery not protrude so much.

Well, dunno why I'm even responding to you. Trolling is what you do now, right?

Edit: A few short rebuttals.

First: It'd cost close to a hundred dollars- tax included- for the 360 controller to provide a similar performance level, battery-wise(charger, rechargeable battery, charge cable, etc.)

Second: It may be just one award, but it's still one more than the 360 controller has.

Third: I didn't so much as IMPLY that the aforementioned award implied the DS was the "BEST CONTROLLER EVER."

Fourth: Interesting that you didn't even TRY to rebut my refuting his claim about ergonomics. Is it because you know I'm right there?

Fifth: That sucks for you. I've put in 12 hour stints on DC Universe and Tales of Graces without the need for a charge. What does that prove or disprove about the longevity of the 360 controller's battery life, which you SHOULD(though you probably wont) admit is crap out of the box.

stage882134d ago

@Hicken Haha, certainly put him in his place! +1 bubble

maniacmayhem2134d ago


" the only one of the current controllers to have won awards for its design."

No, but the ORIGINAL duel shock controller did win an award (not award(s) plural) for it's innovation from classic controllers of the past.

"The award is from the Video Game Technology Group. It was nominated by our internal group and considered along with the Nintendo D-Pad both of which were considered Emmy worthy for the development of the generation of controllers that followed the classic joysticks."

No where does it mention or even suggest that because of this award it means it is the BEST CONTROLLER EVER.

"The 360 controller's battery lasts nowhere near as long as the PS3 controller. I can put in 4+ days of 5-hour or longer sessions before my controller dies on PS3."

That is pure and utter BULLSH*T. How do you even know how long the 360's battery lasts? What did you compare it too? Did you truly do a 4+ days and 5-hour long gaming session on the 360?

I have put in many hours on SF4 for PS3 and that battery gets drained rather quickly.

deSSy27242134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )


The controller is fine, i never owned a MS console but i have the original Xbox360 controller for my PC (two of them). I agree, the D-pad is the worst D-pad ever made (Sony and Nintendo D-pads are the best). Nothing wrong with left analog stick etc... you know why?

First, i can play with my PS3 and Xbox360 controller easily, second, for MS only owners the D-pad and left analog stick should be on the same side. I mean, its like saying: "Sony, cmon, put the D-pad and analog sticks in their proper place", hell NO!!!

Well, personally.... to me, Xbox 360 controller is the best "standard" controller ever made, just the D-pad sucks donkey balls.

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KentBlake2135d ago

A D-Pad that actually works.
Rechargeable batteries.

N0S3LFESTEEM2135d ago

That and better triggers... something with more of a mechanical feel.

deSSy27242134d ago

Triggers are good.... i have no problems with them (ok, maybe even more precision) but overall, triggers are fine.

Well, the D-pad really sucks....

matchu_peechu2135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

Make the Xbox home button a touch button, as well as the D-Pad.
Make the batteries only rechargeable so that you can't remove them, taking away the bulge in the back of the controller
The feel of the controller is great the way it is.
Keep the buttons the same.

Tzuno2135d ago

is good as it is maybe a little smaller and lighter.