Ragnarok Odyssey Ships 250k Copies

The PS Vita exclusive action rpg from Game Arts has shipped some 250,000 copies across Japan, Asia and North America since its release.

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profgerbik1930d ago

Is that good? Hopefully, if so good for them. I am one of the people who bought it.

Still playing it.

Studio-YaMi1930d ago

Lots of Vita owners buy digital copies of Vita games,obviously these are just the numbers for the physical ones,I think all is good.

himdeel1930d ago

All of the games on my Vita are digital copies. Im only limited by the 32 gig card. Wish there was a 96 gig card.

xyyyr1930d ago

Europe release still to come as well, pity it is digital release only but thats better than not coming at all.

shammgod1930d ago

Exactly. Shipping 250K is excellent when I would say half of the vita owners buy digital. I bought this digital.

Aceman181930d ago

i have the physical copy, love the game very challenging.

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3-4-51930d ago

How is it ? If I ever get a Vita, it's one of the games that interest me.

profgerbik1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

It is a lot of fun I would recommend to pick it up but with Soul Sacrifice and DOA 5+ coming to the Vita next month and April I would hold off.

I mean if you have the money to blow it is a good monster hunting game to add to the collection but if you are tight on money and planned on getting anything else soon I would just be patient.

As much as I love it I just probably won't play it much once Soul Sacrifice is out.

Knushwood Butt1930d ago

It's good for Japan, yes.

Generally speaking, anything over 100K is considered a hit, so 250K physical only is very good for a game like this.

Studio-YaMi1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Combined with the digital purchases (lots of PS Vita owners buy their games digital)I think the game has done really good considering the install base,good job !

And the game deserves even more,it's a great game,I jump into it from time to time just doing missions and fighting huge bosses :D !

CommonSenseGamer1930d ago

Got numbers?
I have never purchased a full retail game of PSN (or marketplace) as they cost more than getting them on disc!

DarkHeroZX1930d ago

lol they cost about the same. The reason disc are seemingly cheaper is because of used prices, and the retailer's ability to change the price at any time while games listed on PSN aren't as flexible. Buying vita games on PSN is actually 10% cheaper than buying physical plus the speed of the micro card is faster then the physical cart. And backing your digital games on your PC and PS3 is easy so you don't have to completely re-download the game all over again to make space for other games.

Studio-YaMi1930d ago

it's common sense(no pun intended) that when you see such a large demand for 32GB cards for PSVita you'll know how many people actually buy their games digitally.

I only have 3 games that are hard copies and over 10 titles that are digital copies,I just bought a new 32GB card for the games coming later this year.

Don't have official numbers though,sorry ..

SirBradders1930d ago

Wheres my fucking european version!!!!

Tapani1930d ago

It's having sex with the Japanese version!

MasterCornholio1930d ago

Not bad given the install base.

oONinjavitiSOo1930d ago

Good numbers for an awesome game! I really like the fact that they are making several action rpgs for the vita! Soul sacrifice, toukiden, pso2, and gods eater 2 just to name a few. Keep them coming sony!

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The story is too old to be commented.