X-Play Web Exclusive: Dark Sector Hands-On

The Senior Marketing Manager for Dark Sector stops by to give us an exclusive inside look at the game.

The full segment will be on X-Play tonight, February 28th, at 5pm EST.

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green3918d ago

this game is looking really good.

eyeDEVOUR3918d ago

i really hope this game is good...

Lord Vader3918d ago

This game looks like Gears, smells like Gears,... man, if it *plays* like Gears (which it certainly looks like it) it is going to ROCK !!!

I was gonna get this anyway, but it looks like a mustbuy now for me.

Time to Preorder !!!

badboy8083918d ago

THis is the ps3 version and it looks amazing.THey show then btton layuts for commands.