GameTrailers: 20 Games We Want Revealed for PS4 Part 1

GameTrailers: Big names, old favorites, and long quiet developers: awaken! Here’s the first half of what we want to see on the PlayStation 4!

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Lazarus691895d ago

So This is all you want to do bash Sony consoles for know reason, idiot

HarryMasonHerpderp1895d ago

He's an obvious troll and not a very funny one.
Somehow he's increasing his bubbles though :/
Anyway this is a good list and this year E3 is going to be the best one in years I'm so psyched for it.

showtimefolks1894d ago

Can't wait February 20th will be a great day but I think we are gonna have o wait till E3 to get the full picture

silkrevolver1894d ago

I'm quite certain the Versus has gone next gen, and will probably be FFXV.

At the very least, I HOPE it has.
I just want it to exist.

Irishguy951894d ago

Annoys me

S-E reveal Versus in 2006 for Ps3 exclusive. I get hyped and buy a Ps3 a year later....year after year I sit waiting for news on my most anticipated games release. 6 years pass...Versus gets announced for Ps4. And the process repeats :)

FarCryLover1821894d ago

New crash bandicoot after Naughty Dog buys the license from Activision. One can only hope

WeAreLegion1894d ago

Then, buy a 360. I sold mine after I beat Gears 3. There hasn't been a game on the system since its release that I've considered "worth my time". It had some great exclusives early on, but...let's be realistic.

The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls come out this year.

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The story is too old to be commented.