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gamrReview's Matt Asbaugh: "Alright gang, I've done my reconnaissance. Let's review my findings before we go on this mission."

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TongkatAli1930d ago

If you loved the first three Sly Coopers no excuse missing this out.

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Omar911930d ago

I seriously dont get how this game isnt getting 8's or 9's across the board. Just like Tong said, if you liked the first three this one is just as good if not better!

Only problem I have with it is that its to easy.

NukaCola1930d ago

Some of the reviews use the "SAME OLD FORMULA" comment as a negative. It's the same remark COD gets looked over when it gets GOTY awards. Personally though, I can see some of the points. After watching Adam Sessler's review, I get what he means, but for $30 this is a steal on my Vita. Even for it's nostalgia, I think Sly is worth a go.