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Playing catch-up with reviews, The Vita Lounge finally get around to scoring Resistance on the Vita.

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1897d ago
TheGrimOfDeath1897d ago

It deserves a 5 at highest.

profgerbik1897d ago

Dang this review is late. They aren't lying about playing catch up >.>

Paul_Murphy1897d ago

It's taken me this long to review it, as when I set the site up I didn't have SCEE sending me games like I do now.

And I wasn't going to buy it at full price...;)

BuffMordecai1897d ago

This game is the definition of terrible.

Killzoner991897d ago

The games not that bad you TROLLS. This is the first true FPS ever made for a portable so cut it some slack. Trust me years from now it will be viewed as a classic and a milestone in gaming. Sony is trailblazing the portable FPS genre and this game is that first step towards perfecting the formula. There is no template for a portable FPS so Sony is writing the rules and innovating while they go. That's why I get so annoyed by people who bash this game, they don't realize how important it is in the big picture of the gaming industry.

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