MGS4: Official Worldwide Release 06/12, Website Relaunch Tomorrow


"Building off of what Geoff Haugan reported on earlier, it looks like June 12th, 2008, is in fact the official worldwise release date for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. And that's straight from Kojima's mouth.

Aside from the game hitting shelves in less than 4 months, we also got a few more juicy tidbits."

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cmrbe3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

Bring it. June 12th 2008 will without a doubt will go down as the best gaming day in my life :)

Lifendz3912d ago

Which you playing first? Let's take a poll:

Agree: Single Player

Disagree: Online

Oh and Bubbles for everyone that likes MGS4. I'm in a good mood :).

Bonsai12143912d ago

i'm all up for the single player. i need answers and closure..

Kain813912d ago

Every Journey has a first step.
But this leads to the end.

only on PS3

Keowrath3912d ago

I've heard this before for a Metal Gear and Never have I seen it come true. It's supposedly the last in the series and it would just be awesome if it is true. Even though it's coming from Kojimas mouth I remain skeptical.

Please be true.

techie3912d ago

Keo - it's been delayed until 2008 when he was so certain it was 2007. MGS4 has already had it's setback and they placed it in a period where they could be certain. This is the release date.

Keowrath3912d ago

That really is cool if it's going to be true but being the HUGE metal gear fanboy that I am, I've been waiting for this game since completing MGS2 all those years ago. It is the biggest game this generation for me and I've set my hopes up too many times in the past to be let down that the UK version gets delayed in the end, even if it's just a week.

As I've said I've seen Metal Gears and other games boast a worlwide release and it's never been fulfilled. Hopefully this time it will be true, I just can't help being at least a little skeptical from past experiences.

Mattearl3912d ago

Remind me to make that a short work week for me please. hahahaha.

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The story is too old to be commented.