Op Ed : New Xbox & PS4 not Backward Compatible?

Geek-Grotto - Will E3 Squash The Rumors of "Non-Backwards Compatible" Next Gen XBox and PS4 or Squash the Desire of Current System Holders to Upgrade?

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hennessey861894d ago

Who backwards compatibility thing, honestly I have never played a last gen game on a new machine. Maybe it will be different next gen but I just don't understand why someone would want to pay on an old console when you have a shiny new one.

IAMERROR1894d ago

It's just way more convenient and expands the library if you missed some of the games from the previous generation.

Dylila1894d ago

i dont care if there is a more expensive model requiring a lot more shillings with backwards compatibility for ps1,ps2,ps3 id buy it first day. i think 600 for it would be awesome

PandemicPrawn01894d ago

I don't care either way. As I will be keeping my current gen console as well as a next get system.