The Legend of Zelda is Racist

The Legend of Zelda is known for its many hidden meanings and messages and Dathen Boccabella recently found a new one. At first he thought that it must merely be a coincidence, but over time he has realized that there is too much evidence for this to simply have occurred by chance. The Legend of Zelda tells a message of racial suppression and racial superiority. That’s right, our beloved franchise is flat-out racist.

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richierich1928d ago

People think everything is racist these days

NukaCola1928d ago

Yeah, amazing how the Nazi's used a symbol 65 years ago that actually was created almost 5 thousand years ago....and no one ever seems to know this is far past their stupid socialists agendas. Plus this isnt a an even looking swastika. Post news guys, not this please.

1927d ago
Septic1927d ago

Read the whole article before jumping to conclusions. It's just satire.

BattleAxe1927d ago


"Japanese are neither blond nor do they have white skin so why would they do something like this?"

White people aren't the only people capable of being racist. I have seen this from other cultures that have moved to Canada. I think what you said there is pretty much.....racist.

profgerbik1927d ago

Yea Swastika means "To be good" ironic isn't it. Was used as you said thousand of years ago all throughout Asia.

Even some Korean games like Blade & Soul still use swastika's.

Funny Hitler just stole ideas from the very people he claimed to hate, found them inferior but good enough to use their items and ideas.

madjedi1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )


And yet the stormtroopers are typically in bright white armor, how you miss that and yet obsess about the dark side or vaders uniform being black.

Sorry vader in a bright ass white uniform doesn't work for me.

Seriously white being considered good and black/darkness being considered evil have been around long before people were screaming about racism in anything.

Your a couple thousand or 10's of thousands of yrs late to change it.

Well said battle axe.

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3-4-51927d ago

Or they are peaceful.....

stragomccloud1927d ago

Of course they do. Didn't you get the memo? lol

Fierce Musashi1928d ago

I couldn't stop laughing at that last part on Link speaking...... and Django Unchained. ROFL

BanBrother1927d ago

I think it was a bit tongue in cheek. Sort of like; The evidence is strong enough to believe that there were some racist undertones, but at the end of the day who cares, as we can never prove it and the game is awesome.

That was my take on the article. Anyway, pretty cool read. Whether or not it was intentionally racist, we will never know. Even still, how could you prove it? Nice article nonetheless, extremely interesting read. Even if some of the things were only going off a hunch.

Thepcz1927d ago

yeh, why does destiny always give the master sword to a white boy?

why cant link be black?

in fact, why cant anyone in any nintendo game be black? the only black character in a nintendo game i can think of is a boxer in punchout. and he was stereotypically black ie a dj/dancer/cool guy

one2thr1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

TJ Combo...
The chick that guarded princess zelda in ocarina of time...
Mr. Game & Watch...

Pokemon... There were a few black people..

James Bond(s)... There were some black people...

Prefect Dark... Same as bond..

Turok... I think there was a black guy in there...

Clay Fighters, that Voodoo dude I think he was a witch doctor...

And Ganondorf, I believe he was a black jewish indian ginger with pedophile like tendancies...

That's all the black character's that I know of in all the nintendo games ive played

Reverent1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

The "chick" that guards Zelda in OoT was Impa, a Sheikah. She was white, not black.

Anyways, @Thepcz as for Link always being white, well that one is just stupid. Link is reincarnated every Zelda game, but he's ALWAYS been Link. He will always be Link. Link is Hylian, Hylians just so happen to be white-skinned.

just-joe1927d ago

Jynx does not count as a black person. XD

Thepcz1927d ago


link doesnt have to be white, and neither do hyrulians have to be white. hyrule isnt walled in, is it. it isnt the only place in the zelda universe.

in wind waker, there were other islands. why couldnt the other islanders be of a different race? why isnt there any multiculturalism?

if hyrule is accessible to other islanders and races, then hyrules inhabitants would change over time. ie, it may become more 'black' or asian etc. links ancestors could become bi-racial. link could eventually be black.

but no, nintendo prefer the entire universe to be made up of white people. with only the odd one or two 'brown' and 'red' people. who dont seem to have any other people who belong to the same race as them.

it might not be racist, but it is incredibly stupid. and i personally would think it would be amazing if link was black for one game

Reverent1926d ago

It just wouldn't fit his character. It never would. I'm sorry, but Link will never be black.

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