Tales of Vesperia 1/8 Scale Estelle Figure Prototype From Winter WonFes 2013 "Yesterday, Alter released a teaser of the prototype of their upcoming Tales of Vesperia 1/8 Scale Estelle figure. The first picture from their exhibit from Winter Wonder Festival 2013 is now online."

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Nate-Dog1925d ago

Oh man I want. I've just gotten into the Tales series in the last 2 months or so through playing Vesperia and have already bought Milla's figure from Xillia and Yuri from Vesperia. I got my Milla one before the weekend and it looks great but it just seems a bit small for the price, but even then I want an Estelle figure too. Graaaah too many figures coming out lately waaay too many for my wallet to handle along with games.