Feminine Touch: The Last Of Us sits down with Naughty Dog game designer, Ricky Cambier, to discuss the inspirations behind The Last of Us.

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miyamoto1863d ago

Watch "The Road" ... that movie is very tense.

Darth Stewie1863d ago

Yup but the book is even better.

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GribbleGrunger1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

'feminine touch' is probably the worse name of a gaming site I've ever heard. It sound like some sort of sanitary product. What's even worse is that they write it in pink! And then there's that intro of her in stereotypical poses. Why don't they just shoot a Suffragette through the head and have done with it.

There should be a male version called 'Muscle Memory', written in blue.

hano1862d ago

Don't talk bad about feminists, you'll get blocked from commenting on this site.
Feminist mods don't ban me.

I don't know what the hype is all about for this game, looks like a standard affair from the vids.