Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes - New Naked Snake Figure By Revoltech

Konami has just released some new photos of the secret snake figure: New Naked Snake from Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes manufactured by Revoltech.

This new cool Naked Snake Revoltech figure will be accepting reservations from February 15, exhibited at the Wonder Festival 2013 on Oct 10 in Japan. Price is 3980 yen ($45 US).


Two English web stores ( BigBadToyStore & Angolz ) are now accepting pre-order! The title is listed as "Revoltech 131 Naked Snake".

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DN_DieselBT2135d ago

Revoltech makes fantastic figures! I'd love to see this one in person.

showtimefolks2135d ago

want one and can't wait to find out more at E3 about the game

crimsonfox2135d ago

Jesus Christ could Snake look anymore badass? I wish I was able to collect all the action figures of Snake on the market :'(

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The story is too old to be commented.