BeatzGaming: Review - Isaac Clarke Returns in Dead Space 3

The Dead Space franchise opened with a wildly successful first installment that spawned an animated film, an acclaimed sequel, and now, a third game

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Conzul1770d ago

Just finished it. Only con is a weak ending and less horror overall.

duff9161770d ago

I dislike it when they lock me in a room and unleash a bunch of monsters on me. Its an endurance test and a cheap way to lengthen the game.

StrawberryDiesel4201770d ago

I'd rather that than some of the mundane zero g sequences that the game has plenty of.

Gamer-Z1770d ago

I don't know why but DS3 is kinda boring, i didn't get that scary fun suspenseful feeling like i did with the last two. Also what really disappointed me was that suits serve no purpose but to change the way your character looks -__-

Conzul1770d ago

Looking back I think DS2 was the sweet spot. DS3 suffers from AC3 syndrome.

Inception1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Bought it yesterday and right now on chap 6 (SP). I think it's good in the same level with DS1 & 2. This came from guy (me) that felt EA will ruin DS3 with universal ammo and co-op. Well, some scary tricks (monsters break from the ceiling, trap in the room full of monsters, etc) are not as scary as DS1 / 2. But that's not DS3 flaw, it's the player who already had those experiences in DS1 / 2. Just like Isaac that sound more confident when fighting necromorphs. He more like a guru for Norton, Carver, Ellie, and others. Nonetheless this game still good, even better than RE 6 (imo).

beatzgaming1769d ago

That's what other gamers are saying. They toned down the horror effect in order to target a broader audience but it backfired and ended up being hated by fans of the franchise.