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The PlayStation 3′s Most Disappointing Moments

PlayStation Euphoria: The PlayStation 3 has had it’s fair share of ups and downs and as we reach the possible announcement of the next PlayStation console later this month, we will look back on this current console’s past. Firstly, I will look back into the PlayStation 3′s Most Disappointing Moments. (Agent, Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XV, Playstation Move, PS3, Sorcery, Sports Champions, The Last Guardian)

Canary  +   971d ago
This generation has been filled with pretty big disappointing moments. Hell, so many gamers these days just take it for granted--that "being disappointed is just part of being a gamer."

Which is odd because this really wasn't the case for previous generations.

Maybe it has something to do with the huge jump in development costs that left so many devs in the dust back in 2004/2005. I don't know.


What I can say is that, for me, the most disappointing moments this generation have almost all been a result of Square Enix.

...What, this is really FFXIII?
...What, they're not really making Versus XIII?
...What, they're not localizing Type-0?
...What, they're not putting any of the PSP remakes on the PSN?
...What, they're giving up on remaking the FF games after IV?
...What, they're not localizing Dragon Quest any more?
...What, they're not localizing Bravely Default?
...What, they want to make DQIX more like an MMO?
...What, they want to make DQX a full-blown MMO?
...They're doing what now!?!?


I mean, my God. My God.

Beyond that, I mean, hell, there's Mass Effect 3--that just sucked--and the whole nonsense with Valkyria Chronciles jumping ship to PSP, and then not getting localized, and Sony removing b/c, and the 3DS' monthly price cuts, the Nintendo's silly digital distribution nonsense, and all of this idiotic DLC milking, and Ace Combat Assault Horizon being so universally terrible, and that silliness with the Sixaxis, and the Wii U's too-easy-to-mock controller, and the way Assassins Creed 3 just sort of fell apart towards the end and how....

Okay, yeah, I think I've made my point. This generation kind of sucks. Sure, we've had some great games, I won't argue that--but the ratio of "pleasantly surprised" to "horribly disappointed" has never been so bad.
chrispseuphoria  +   971d ago
Play Ni No Kuni and the Tales of games, mate! They might soften the blow a little for you.
SnipeySnake  +   971d ago
^This. I feel that Ni No Kuni and the Tales games will revive the console JRPG genre.
thereapersson  +   971d ago
I agree
Game Informer recently knocked Ni No Kuni for it's old-school difficulty, but I liked that about the game. Every battle required thought and quick-wittedness when it came to character management. I appreciated the system, and the game looking exactly like a Miyazaki film was icing on the cake. It is certainly one of the best games to come out this generation, and I am always appreciative of the times I get to witness such a game and then am also able to look back on it with reverence when the next generation rolls around.

The PS2 gave me many such experiences, as did it's predecessor. I thank Sony for continually striving to bring games like Ni No Kuni, ICO / SOTC, etc. to the market, even if they aren't sure they will do well.
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SnipeySnake  +   971d ago
...What, they released a sequel to XIII before Versus even gets a release date?
...What, it's getting a THIRD game?!

Gotta agree, SE has been the most disappointing company this gen, closely followed by capcom.
zerocrossing  +   971d ago
Yeah, Capcom is definitely up there as one of the most disappointing things about this gen...

...What, they're rebooting Devil may cry?!
...What, Capcom ruined Resident Evil?!
...What, they cancelled Mega man Legends!?
...What, no Breath of fire 6!?
...What, no Powerstone 3!?
...What, no Rival schools 3!?
...What, so is DLC Capcom's most profitable source of income now!?

Personally (and I mean personally as in this is how (I) feel) this gen hasn't had as many pleasant suprises as it has crushing disappointments, I really hope next gen gets it right.
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Tiqila  +   971d ago
"Hell, so many gamers these days just take it for granted--that "being disappointed is just part of being a gamer.""

Some companies deliver, some dont, you wont change that. I am really happy with this gen. I couldnt care less for square, they just screwed up, which they sure will have recognize by decreasing sales number and interest in the ff franchise.
Relientk77  +   971d ago
Final Fantasy XIII
DebbieDowner   971d ago | Spam
Studio-YaMi  +   971d ago
Wouldn't call them "most disappointing" but I get this article point,the playstation move still has games coming that support it like Bioshock Infinite for example although I do agree it's been a really long time since I heard anything regarding the playstation move.

The last guardian & Final Fantasy VS 13 are games that people still want and still waiting for,yes we are waiting for what seems like an eternity but unless they announce that they are cancelled then I'm still gonna wait ..

Hopefully not too long now.
akaakaaka  +   971d ago
For me was

Milking of DLC, only COD can hold on on their DLC but the rest of the games dlc become useless since there is not enough player's for it after "a week"

konami not focusing on the PlayStation, MGS4 was and I guess will be the last they did and I guess is fair they have to go for a bigger market and now with fox engine they seem to take the right way, but they will be better if they focus more on the PlayStation.

Online passes, I mean really?

Socom not getting the respect it deserve and changing to appear to COD fans in general every game changing to apear to COD fans is disappointing.

When Every dev say things like" we want to appear to casual or make the game more accessible " really?

Casual gimmick, move kinet are ruining things up..
I mean sixaxis was okay and used in a minimal way like throwing the ball in a nba2k or managing the bullets in many games after going slow motion .. but beyond that it has ruin things.

Dragon ball movie was a huge disappointment, sorry for going off topic but I'm still mad at it!

Over 5 years after the PS3 already and the PS4 is not still on my living room.. really Sony? Wtf..

Not enough ram, just maybe 1gb ram could have made this wait a little easier, so you better add more than enough ram on the ps4 and 4gb does not seam enough .. not even 8gb for another 7years of having the same teach.. no way.

Where the f%#$& is TLG? and why you have been so quite about it? FU

There has been a lot of pross a lot but not going talk about it.
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Sleipnir_II   971d ago | Spam
Gamer39  +   971d ago
1., Final Fantasy XIII multi and disappointing.
2., Final Fantasy Versus not coming ps3.
3., The Last Guardian not coming ps3.
4., GT5 good, but in many aspects disappointing.
5., New Jak and Daxter not coming ps3.
6., New Dragon Quest not coming ps3.

Gran Turismo 3
Gran Turismo 4
Dragon Quest VIII
Jak and Daxter 1-3
Shadow of the Colossus

For me: ps2>ps3.
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juandren  +   971d ago
PS2 was and will always be the king of all consoles. Also, Albus Dumbledore was the greatest sorcerer in the world.

Btw I agree with your list, but would definitely add Crash Bandicoot, Killing Day and The Getaway PS3. The last two had amazing tech demos
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TheOneEyedHound  +   971d ago
Square Enix disappointed them selfs, Now my most disappointing ps3 moment was buying resistance 2, number one was great!! And of-course Ridge Racer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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sdozzo  +   971d ago
This article and the one hundred other ones like it.
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kenshiro100  +   971d ago
...Why is it just just the PS3 with disappointments? There were plenty of disappointments to go around.
GABRIEL1030  +   971d ago
FF was the great deception for Sony, Square launches FF XIII the worse game in the series ( turn-based combat system, linear, the characters sucks, launched also in 360) and unhappy with that, made 3 parts of this horrible game ¡¡¡. Square also cancelled Versus and they don't contemplate the remake of FF VII ( PS3) or FF X ( Vita).
iWishTifaWasReal  +   971d ago
FFXIII-2, and Lightning Returns SHOULD NOT EXIST.

im pretty sure even if you liked FFXIII you still didnt ask for a sequel.
black911  +   970d ago
Removing features to cut cost. Backwards comp.,4 usb,memory card slots. Linux etc..

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