Why $400 Is The Right Price For The PlayStation 4

Forbes - Dave Thier asks a simple, but important question: Would you pay $400 for the as-yet-to-be-named PlayStation 4 from Sony?

Dave thinks it is, noting that “$400 is neither very expensive nor very cheap. It’s the same price as an iPad 2 and cheaper than a current-gen model. I think that people are more primed to spend money on electronics than they were in 2006. This could give people on the fence a more enticing entry point. Combine that with the fact that this is likely being built with off-the-shelf parts rather than obsessive boutique hardware, and it might even be worth it from the company’s perspective.”

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remanutd551894d ago

i'm predicting a $449.99-$499.99 launch price.

classic2001894d ago

After buying a console for $600 I would not mind a repeat of that price.

But that is not going to happen so i will go for $400, if its lower than that then I would be surprise because I dont want the Playstation to stoop low to wiiu level.

Kingthrash3601894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

I was just about to say the same. P3 600 P4 400 = 200 $ discount .. also is just 50 $ more then wiiu delux. Not saying its cheap or that id agree but me being a hardcore gamer would buy at 400... thats cheaper than a iPad....

stuna11894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

Hell the 3g model of the Vita rang in at 300 bones! I'd expect the ps4 to ring in somewhere around $500 even.

SkyGamer1894d ago

Am I the only one thinking that this next gen is a complete ripoff!? 1.6 ghz? Really? I know its 8 cores but the X360 had 3 cores and dual threads at 3.2 ghz and the cell at 1 ppc at 3.2 and their spe at 3.2. Not impressed. Ram is good but cpu sucks.

guitarded771894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

I kinda think it will be a bit higher too, but $400 would be perfect. I'll probably spend about $600 - $700 preordering PS4 and games/accessories, and the cheaper the price on the console, they more games I can get. I just hope the PS4 and XBOX don't come out within 6 months of each other... I cannot afford to double down, especially with so many great games coming for current gen systems. New gens are always expensive.

EDIT: If it is more, it won't be much more. Sony have said price is important to them, and they won't make the same mistake they did with PS3 and price PS4 out of the market.

showtimefolks1894d ago

Because wiiu is $349 so both Sony and ms will try to stay in the same neighborhood

I don't mind spending anther $600 to be honest but I know I am in minority, if spending $600 means we are getting a system that actually moves the tech forward than I am all for it

My prediction though is $399-499 maybe it will have 2 SKU's one for $349-399 other $399-449

Also I hope we are not charged a $100 just for a bigger hard drive do it right like Sony did with its original ps3 60GB where along with bigger hard drive you also got few ther extra YSB ports etc, so make it worth buying the higher model

Also maybe it's just me but I hope Sony bundles KZ4 with the bundle at same price, now here me out they can get the franchise to more households and grow the Fanbse by millions granted if the game is good which is I hope it. Make it more like KZ2 gameplay wise

NastyLeftHook01894d ago

Model 1. standard model $400.00

Model 2. (bigger harddrive) (ps+) $500.00

Sniperwithacause1894d ago

I disagree only due to the fact that I already have PS+. I wouldn't want to repay for it again(unless it adds on the months) just to have the larger hard drive.

f7897901894d ago

I'm sure it will add to your months.

PS4isKing_821894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

If u have remaining time in your plus membership, any new plus funds add on top.
So lets say you have a month left in your current subscription, a free year will then add to your remaining month, giving you 13 months.

I found that out when Sony gave out a free month of plus over the hack thing 2 years ago and saw my expire date moved up by a month.

Conzul1894d ago

for $500 they should add hardware BC. Full BC @ 600

1894d ago
Krew_921893d ago


Sure Gaikai could help, but I know for a fact you would have to either 1. re-buy every single game, or 2. get a small worthless discount for a PS2 game you already own, and that program might never make it outside of Europe...

That wouldn't be true backwards compatibility.

wishingW3L1894d ago

$500 model for BC with PS1, PS2 and PS3, please? ;(

Conzul1894d ago

Nah mate $600 or more for that. Those would get sold out soooooooo fast

Rockubot1894d ago

I think they should raise it up more higher like to $2000.00.

Nitrowolf21894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

Suppose that cup holder attachment is needed then.

On Topic:
I think $400 is a good price for a new console if it's truly next gen (which pretty much will be). Sony needs to play it smart though, to high and sales will struggle, to low and you may be selling at to high of a loss. I think no matter, both MS and Sony will sell at a loss for a while (normal for new devices)

Seraphim1894d ago

Nah, just make it about $900 so all the PoS profiteers don't go out buying it at launch. Or sell it for $900 the first week then drop it to $500 shafting all those profiteers. Bwahahahahahahahaha!!

seriously though. Most people still don't have $200-300 for current gen consoles. For $2000 the PS4 best come inside a new 55" Bravia. :D In all seriousness. Like many others I paid $600+tax for my 60GB at launch. It was a tough pill to swallow and would again be a tough pill. Considering Blu Ray is cheaper, hard drives aren't too expensive, Memory is cheap, etc, etc I'd think $400 should be a pretty fair price out the gate. And if Sony wants to get the jump on next gen and grow a nice install base then having a reasonable price like $400 is an absolute must. I do have to agree with others though. I can easily see a nice package sold for $400 while a 500gb+ model is priced at $500.

Krew_921893d ago

I do not think the price should go higher than $450.

If this want anywhere near the price of the original I would just wait for the $450 price mark, which came within a year from the original PS3.

Like you said though, that was back then and the hardware they used back then is very cheap nowadays. So honestly we could see a console for $350 to $450. It's just like game development. It's expensive and takes a long time to make the first game, such as Killzone 2, but when you have the engine there and everything is finished making the second product is easier and faster.

NastyLeftHook01894d ago

I find it funny that Rockubot reported this article as lame.

I hope they stop making Playstations. #2

6d ago by Rockubot | View comment | Trolling

stuna11894d ago

People get your salt shakers filled for free! Because somebodys salty!!!

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