Is Take-Two becoming an acquisition target?

Game Industry - Following a strong quarter and with an envious release slate in 2013, could a cash-rich buyer be eyeing the Grand Theft Auto publisher?

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majiebeast1175d ago

I really dont want to see a company like tencent buy Take-2. Just Look at Epic in June Tencent bought a minority stake in Epic and people are leaving left and right all of a sudden. Really dont want to see Chinese company's in general buying up western publishers.

phantomexe1175d ago

Amen to that...keep the chinese out.

BanBrother1174d ago

Ther bough err jerrbs!!!
Seriously though, as mentioned above, as soon as that company bought a large stake in Epic, people started fleeing lol.

I just think other companies should piss off all together. As if we need more buisness people in the gaming industry.

kmanmx1174d ago

Pretty sure every publisher in the world would like to own the rights to Grand Theft Auto.

JoGam1174d ago

FACT.... They'll be a fool to sell the rights.

Whitey2k1174d ago

if take two was up for grabs sony must take over that means exclusive GTA

KMCROC541174d ago

Sony would be just as bad as Tencent ,only difference is Sony a Japanese company . I would rather MS an American company bought them & had GTA as an Exclusive.

morganfell1174d ago

Really? GTA really came into it's own as a title exclusive to Sony.

KMCROC541174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

May have come into its own,but has always been a multiplat game from the beginning.

modesign1174d ago

the only Chinese i like is the food.

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