Angry Birds was initially seen as "boring"

Game Industry - Ville Heijari talks about transforming a game into an entertainment brand.

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WolfLeBlack1901d ago

I have to admit that I agree. Angry Birds to me just isn't all that interesting.

However, despite that clearly a lot of people have plenty of fun with it, so that's good news for them! I'm almost jealous in that regard :D

3-4-51900d ago

It was initially seen as a Game where you fling boulders into castles to kill the king.

It was created by somebody who didn't create Angry Birds.

I played like 4 variations of this game 2-4 years before Angry birds even existed.

Just_The_Truth1900d ago

It is boring but its something to play in quick sessions. Plus if you new to it, I'll make you think.

NewZealander1901d ago

omg there are so many angry birds type games on android, and they ALL suck!

kesvalk1900d ago

i still see it as boring.

dafegamer1900d ago

its still boring and just a timewaster, not a real full fledged game( ign score 8.8)

CommonSenseGamer1900d ago

Tell me, what game is not a time waster?

TekoIie1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

I play games on my phone when I'm waiting for something to happen.

I play games on my PC/Consoles when I WANT to play a game on them for long periods. Games on consoles are usually played in 1-4 hour periods for me. Whereas I play games like Sentinel 3 on my phone when I have nothing to do for say 5-10 mins.

My point being that im not exactly going to play BF3 for 3 hours and call it a "time waster". Im playing because I want to have fun over a period of time. Whereas games on my phone are just to get those 5 mins closer.

Pozzle1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

Meh. I like Angry Birds. I might not go out of my way to play it, but it's a great way of passing the time on the train or during a boring uni lecture.

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The story is too old to be commented.