The Elder Scrolls Online: The Next Generation Of MMO's

There have been few games of late that have grasped the attention of so many gamers from all kinds of gaming backgrounds like the up-coming Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game from Bethesda, The Elder Scrolls Online.

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Kamikaze1351896d ago

Just like SWTOR? I'll wait till I get my hands on it before getting hyped.

NukaCola1895d ago

Not really into MMOs but it does look really good. Takes a lot from the series as a whole but starts fresh in a new time period to create a good story, so in the end I can support that.

Mainsqueeze1895d ago

Yeah they are talking about doing a ton of things that are pretty different from other mmos. Its just a matter of them doing those things successfully and ultimately if those things combine to make a fun long lasting experience.

Kamikaze1351895d ago

I hope so. I enjoy MMORPG games, but I get a bit tired of hearing every developer telling us how different their MMO will be, but it ends up being like every MMO. I blame the publishers and higher ups, forcing developers to keep their MMO streamlined, but still...

Grap1895d ago

GW2 is already next gen mmo, not just in term of graphics.

fluffydelusions1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

My main issue with gw2 (personally) is lack of trinity. I know it's meant to be that way but I think it makes events and dungeons a complete zerg fest and just not enjoyable IMO. Got my warrior to max lvl and quit.

Mainsqueeze1895d ago

I just kind of got bored with GW2. Stopped at 75 with a guardian. I didn't like the dungeon structure and the lack of end game.

DudeJets1895d ago

GW2 Was hardly next gen its terrible loads of empty promises it held my attention for less than 2 weeks

listenkids1895d ago

They'll try hard to say its new, but it's the same old MMO formula. The name alone will sell it though.

SP3333D-O1895d ago

I prefer the Massive Singleplayer Offline variety.