Pachter: Publishers have abandoned PC platform for most console-games due to Piracy

In a recent episode of Pach Attack on Gametrailers, Michael Pachter had some harsh words to say about PC gaming.

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aquamala1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

that would be true if most multi platform games are not on PC anymore, which is clearly not true. Red Dead Redemption is a rare exception, not the norm.

Mikefizzled1902d ago

I would say Patcher overstretched it by saying abandoned but they certainly don't focus on it. Regardless of piracy console based games suffer from poor sales on PC.

EVILDEAD3601902d ago

Just watched it. He said actually that 'kind of abandoned' PC for console ports.

But he said he was also suprised that 'Red Dead' wasnt on PC because all Rockstar games seem to end up there in 2-3 years.

If you see the Game Trailers episode it's not clearly as bad as this makes it out to be.

Actually was a good episode, especially about the Japanese localized games.


decrypt1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )


Funny i see PC versions of games more optimized than their console counter parts.

For every bad Port the PC gets there are 10 console versions that dont run well.

Even the Bad ports the PC does get are fixed by the community, no such thing on console. On console the gamers are at the mercy of the devs to fix games, if the devs wont fix it nothing can be done.

Games like GTA 4 which was bad on the PC for the first 1-2 months of release later on got fixed and is the best version to play.

However games like Skyrim, Dragon age, BF3 (input lag), Mafia 2 (no grass) etc are still a mess on console.

Piracy isnt really a problem anymore as platforms like Steam are taking over, Games are made affordable hence many people are buying instead of pirating.

Hell i would go as far as to say, Steam is an ever growing beast, its now topped 6 million CONCURRENT users. Which is currently comparable to any top console. Though food for thought, in afew months when the PS4 and Xbox 720 launch, the new console base will start from 0, Steam will retain its base and will only grow. Consoles will be playing catch up(It will literally take them years to catch up to Steam), hence i would think the smart devs will support PC more. Lets not even mention the next consoles are essentially locked down PCs, which just means more optimization for the PC platform next gen.

IaMs121901d ago

If anything id pirate because they arent focusing on it. Why pay for a half-ass port, you get what you pay for.

showtimefolks1902d ago

I don't think and abandoned is the right word maybe they don't focus more On PC as much as consoles. This is coming from a ps3 and xbox360 owner, let's not ver look the fact that piracy is also a huge issues on xbox360 yet devs are ok with that

You Make a great game and it will sell on PC just as well as consoles. I say in 2012 PC actually had the best year out of all gaming platforms

Alan wake on xbo360 sold poorly yet on pc sold so well so who is to say anything.

You make a great game support it well on pc, what I mean by that is don't just port a game that looks just like console counterparts and doesn't really take advantage of mouse and keyboard. because than all you are doing is releasing a bad port than expecting pc gamers to act stupid and buy it and keep their mouths shut


Going forward developers actually take advantage of each system and it's hardware strrenghts and workaround it's weakness

Outside_ofthe_Box1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

This is the first and only time I'll ever agree with Pachter unless he makes a similar comment again in the future.

When it comes to multiplatform games the PC gets treated like turd and rightfully so. PC gamers are pirating pricks. Why do you think the PC isn't getting GTA5 the same day of consoles? Well it's because R* and Take2 want to maximize their profits. Once they feel they made a good return then the PC will get a GTA5 release. I expect at least 6 months to a year before the PC gets GTA 5.

Even CoD, the biggest selling game out there, failed to get good sales on the PC at launch. CoD on the PC barely outsold CoD declassified at launch, a supposed "horrible" game on a supposed "dead" platform. What the hell does that tell you about PC gamers? I'll answer that for you, THEY LOVE TO PIRATE. Hell, several PC gamers expressed joy that the Wii U wasn't an extremely powerful system on the spec front because that would mean easy emulation so that they could steal games and play them on the "Dolphin-U."

Not surprised at all that developers like R* are extremely hesitant on selling their games on the PC as they practically aren't selling when it comes to that platform, but instead they are practically giving it away for free.

Ravenor1902d ago

CoD is a bad example, the PC crowd largely abandoned it long ago. It should also probably be pointed out that a very large portion of what CoD does end up selling is on Steam, not retail.

You assume, far to much about the PC gaming crowd as a whole. I wish I could make sweeping generalizations about a whole group of people, but some people require more than "A few PC gamers" before making statements like yours.

cyguration1901d ago

Couple of things (because I hate wasting time but I also hate when people spread misinformation)

1.) PC gamers gave up on CoD when CoD stopped allowing for mods

2.) Many PC gamers aren't stupid enough to pay for something that isn't good (see no.1)

3.) Games with mod support sell consistently well but not like CoD/AC/Halo

4.) Arma II has been selling better on PC than CoD on PC because of mods. It's been in Steam's top 10 consistently almost every week of 2012 save for during holiday sales

5.) Piracy is worse on Xbox 360 than PC because publishers, developers and retailers lose BIG money when physical SKUs do not sell.

6.) Some Xbox 360 gamers are pirated up to 1 million times, which is about equivalent to the average AAA titles pirated on PC.

7.) Publishers don't lose money on digital PC titles that are pirated because they stopped selling SKUs in North America. SKUs are only sold for PC in Europe, despite Russia and Brazil being the two countries with the highest piracy rates.

8.) Steam alone makes between $3 and $5 billion a year.

9.) Publishers like EA and Microsoft have been making most of their money from digital distribution these days.

10.) As mentioned above, games like Super Meat Boy, Alan Wake, and XCOM sold more and sell consistently on PC than they did on console.

Also, google, stats and education is your friend. Spend some time with them.

bumnut1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

COD doesn't sell on PC because they removed half the features, lowered the player count and increased the price to match the console version = poor sales (well deserved imo).

Also, I own hundreds of PC games so watch who you're calling a pirating prick.

Why do we not get GT5 1st? Thats easy, they want to sell it to console guys like you for full retail with day 1 dlc.

ATi_Elite1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

1. RDR was not released on PC cause it didn't have a Team or Budget in Place for a PC release, End of Story

2. PC makes more money than PS3/x360 combined

3. PC may have less publishers which i seriously doubt but the PC is the place to go to SELF PUBLISH your own games without a Greedy middleman telling you what to do!

See Minecraft for a perfect example of Self Publishing.

4. Pachter is a console guy and knows ZERO about PC Gaming!

5. All is well with the Master Race, actually things couldn't be better right now!

6. I have too many PC Exclusives to play and not enough time to play them. It's Good Game overload on the PC right now!

Linsolv1901d ago

Note: Pachter isn't a console guy who knows zero about PC gaming. He's a moron who knows zero about gaming of any kind.

3-4-51901d ago

This just in:

Intelligence has abandoned Pachter.

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Myst-Vearn1902d ago

This guy never stops trolling .

Ezz20131902d ago

pachter, you are damn lucky
you get money for saying wrong BS all the time
you have the best job in the world

araman1901d ago

He's like a weatherman with no credentials that people inexplicably trust.

Megaton1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

6,203,883 concurrent users on Steam today, and growing constantly. The PC market is stronger than ever, with everyone and their mother competing for PC gamer cash via sales through their respective digital distribution outlets.

superterabyte1901d ago

Steam is a good service that cannot be denied. However it also cannot be denied that PC elitists overhype Pc beyond belief. They concentrate on the advantages of PC but never list the disadvantages

for example although PC's are upgradable (pro) and extremely powerful(pro) they don't have the games to show for it. Yes they have games with good graphics but they don't have killzone, uncharted etc (con)

solid_warlord1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

Also remember there's too many MMO/RPG types of games that PC Gamer's predominantly play that mostly does not interest console Gamer's and they are usually subscription based.

PC Gamer's are hardcore, the masters of RPG/MMO, Keyboard & Mouse fanatical superior beings. Take this genious(below) for instance:

Trunkz Jr1902d ago

Uhhh FPS is far better on PC ~ more graphics, bigger maps, more players expect on games that Port them like CoD.

solid_warlord1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

Yeh exactly, more poligans, better resolution, bigger maps but there are numbers of PC gamers lack social skills and getting a descent mate and PC Gamers tend not to be much of a lookers. But PC Gamers are MMO Gangsters with high level of magical powers, virtually speaking. U are the master race.

superterabyte1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

@solid_warlord Bro do you even lift (decent) (polygons) (who after PC gamers) (I will stop there you can't even construct a sentence) (Bring shame to console gamers).

@Trunkz Jr That may be true but some people don't like or cannot change from controller to mouse/keyboard. also killzone on the ps3 and halo on xbox are very popular and not available on PC.