The Death and Rebirth of Dante

PikiGeek: DMC is out, the dust has settled, and the critics have cast their judgement on the controversial re-imagining of Devil May Cry. DMC gives the franchise a fantastically strong reboot, with the potential to develop into what we hope will become a successful new series from Ninja Theory and Capcom.

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Magnagamer2221839d ago

Good read, touches on all the points that make & break the the DMC reboot. Check out the interview below for Ninja Theory perspective.

1838d ago
VsAssassin1838d ago

I never knew the old Dante died. Hmmm...

1Victor1838d ago

Yes he died and he's body got desecrated in ways too gruesome to write here and then cloned in a rush on a bathroom.

Godmars2901838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

He went to hell or the demon realm in DMC2, same as his brother did at the end of DMC3.

I expect DMC4 which introduced Nero was either meant to fully replace Dante for DMC5, which would have ended with him as the final boss, or Nero rescuing Dante with the game being half in the human world and half in the demon.

OmegaSlayer1838d ago

Yeah, if the white hair didn't fit, why should a sword as the main weapon fit?

zerocrossing1838d ago

You know what, if they wanted to breath new life into the franchise then why not just make the new Dante the originals son? in DMC1 after defeating Mundus Dante says to him "Goodbye. And when you do come back, give my regards to my son will ya!"

They could have made that work but nope... had to reboot the franchise and piss everyone off...

Omar911838d ago

pissed or not the game was great. I enjoyed fighting vergil at the end it was sick. I think there could be some improvements for the sequel but for now, I think they did a great job. I never understood the hate for this game. but to each there own I guess.

zerocrossing1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

"to each there own I guess"

I do agree with that statement, but I wonder if it really is that simple... The whole point of the reboot was to reach a broader audience, now regardless of the current economy that didn't end up happening.

So, where to go from here? Carry on with the reboot and hope more people get interested in the franchise? Or admit defeat and carry on the original cannon that was niche at best?

Either way you're not looking at GoW numbers like Capcom wanted from this venture right?, the game may be good but it's failed at what it was designed to do.

Smashbro291838d ago

They retracted that it's a reboot, they said it's an alternate universe thing.

Roccetarius1838d ago

They said a lot of things, but they didn't know what they were doing.

Smashbro291838d ago

Just looking at the sales numbers they're definitely sticking with the alternate universe.

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