Namco asking fans to pick ‘Dark Souls 2’ tagline; five choices revealed

Namco Bandai Games, the publisher behind “Dark Souls 2,” is asking fans to vote for the tagline for the upcoming Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 video game.

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Root1262d ago

Mine would be

"Let Accessibility Darken your Soul"

yeahokchief1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

The two in the lead are

1. Transcend Death

2. Sacrifice Everything

Both are cool with me. I'd go with Sacrifice Everything personally. but whatever it's just the tagline.

As long as they don't make it more casual. Make it more accessible so we don't need to use the wiki as much to understand everything SURE. Just don't go overboard dumbing it down because I want to die a lot. But then learn from those deaths and be awesome.

Canary1261d ago

Transcend death.

I can't count the number of morons who managed to blunder through both prior games without ever coming to the realization that player death was an integral gameplay mechanic.

admiralvic1261d ago

Sacrifice Everything would be awful, since it sounds more like a Soul Sacrifice thing.

Blacktric1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

Why not use both?

"Sacrifice everything, transcend death."

Sounds a lot cooler than just using one of them.

Ritsujun1261d ago

−Die Harder−

Ezz20131261d ago

Dark souls: the death reaper

WildArmed1261d ago

I don't like any of that that much tbh. But still looking forward to it, it's not the tag line that's make the game..

but i too do prefer Sacrifice evertyhing vs "Transcendent Death"

Or "Live Free or Die Hard" lol

insomnium21261d ago

I have yet to play the first one. I bought it but I haven't had the time to play it yet.

rubiealexiou65w1261d ago SpamShow
bluetoto1259d ago

"I can't count the number of morons who managed to blunder through both prior games without ever coming to the realization that player death was an integral gameplay mechanic" from 1993 to falsely extend playtime.

Fixed it for you!

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Blastoise1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

Sacrifice everything is the best in my opinion. Which isn't saying much...

DragonKnight1261d ago

Should be "Prepare to Die Harder" lol.

Deputydon1261d ago

I'd much rather they just make it, Prepare to Die... Again.

All of these five choices sound stupid. "Into the Beyond." Really?

BlackPrince 421261d ago

Dark Souls 2: Death Eternal

j-blaze1261d ago

yup Sacrifice Everything seems alright but we need a better tagline than this

tresgrimm1261d ago

Dark Souls 3: Aborted Fetus
Dark Souls 3: Your Mom Died In A Car Accident
Dark Souls 3: Dad Molested You At Age 3

Reverent1261d ago

@tresgrimm, there is funny, then there is immature... You sir, are immature.

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DeadSpaced1261d ago

I know it's utterly cliche, but how about " Death is Just the Beginning".

Most of the time, it's taken like there's an afterlife, which is ironic because it's just death after death.

I know it's lame. I prefer "Prepare to Die".

Jakens1261d ago

Dark Souls 3: Free Willy

GrandTheftZamboni1260d ago

Dark Souls 3: What would Jesus do?

Philoctetes1261d ago

Dark Souls 2: No Channeler's Trident For You.

DragonKnight1260d ago

Dark Souls 2: Return of Pure Bladestone.

zerocrossing1261d ago

"Transcend Death" is the only one that really makes sense in terms of what the game is about.

Why not just stick with the original tag line "prepare to die"? if it's to appeal to the casuals then just say "prepare to die... less" lol

jjb19811260d ago

Mine would be "die if you want live"

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Pozzle1261d ago

I don't really like any of them, tbh.

DragonKnight1261d ago

That's because they all suck. Miyazaki got it right with "Prepare to Die." Logically it should be "Prepare to Die... Again." But it's more likely going to be "Prepare to get Casual."

SilentNegotiator1261d ago

Where's the "no tagline at all" option? :)

Swiggins1261d ago

Dark Souls 2: "This won't hurt a bit...."

Irishguy951261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

So cynical. Guess you guys simply don't trust the Miyazaki.

Can't wait for this anyway.

Seriously, people simply won't listen to them. You know how they are making this game accessible to newbies? They are making a tutorial. That's it. They are going to tell people how one plays the game, upgrades ****, gets into convenants...and...that's it? After the tutorial Dark souls 2 will begin.

DragonKnight1261d ago

Miyazaki has nothing to do with Dark Souls 2. Nothing at all. They forced him out. Shibuya is in charge of this one and the things he's said are leading people to believe that Namco is pushing accessibility. You must not have paid attention.

theDECAY1261d ago

I'm a pretty sure, although not directing, he is still involved in the production, and overseeing the finalized game.

Roccetarius1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

I don't think a lot of people know it, or wants to acknowledge it, but he does indeed not have anything to do with the game anymore.

The only thing he was involved with, was to get the team in place. After that he got kicked off to work on something else. That's what was revealed in the latest interview.

DragonKnight1261d ago

@theDECAY: Nope. They gave him an honorary "supervisor" title (because that's how they do things in Japan) and moved him to something else. According to Namco, it was a joint Namco and FromSoft decision, but that's just a polite way of Namco saying "we want mo money, so we changin' things foo'." Miyazaki must not have liked the proposed changes and was removed from the project altogether.

ApolloTheBoss1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

"Death confirmed."