The Rayman Legends Delay is A Slap in the Face To Nintendo Gamers

With the delay of Rayman Legends many Nintendo fans were left upset, scared, and quite taken aback. Now, after the shock, Zack from Nintendo Gamer Thoughts is here to scold Ubisoft in what they have done.

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zerocrossing1932d ago

What would have been the harm letting Wii U owners get their copy of Rayman Legends earlier?

Just because it's going multiplat now should make no difference, especially considering the fact Wii U could do with more games now, why hold the game back from all the potential buyers when the Wii U version is pretty much ready to hit shelves.

Kamikaze1351932d ago

I believe I remember reading somewhere that Sony and Microsoft require games to have added content if they get ported after being released on another console.

Maybe that has something to do with it. If it does, then I guess Ubisoft didn't want to waste money on added content.

Ritsujun1931d ago

Ubisoft btchslapped all Nintendoods!

Dylila1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

the wii u is a slap in the face to all gamers. its nintendos mismanagement that causes dev studios to shun them or make some of their exclusive titles go multiplatform,

nintendo fanboys have the mentality of a boy in thinking dev studios grow money on trees so they can just put all games on a nintendo hardware and itll be ok. dev studios rely on money and a lot of it. most dev studios are walking on egg shells and need to make a lot of money to stay open to make more games for gamers.

in my opinion it is a waste of time to put most games especially hardcore or third party games on wii u because they wont sell well. the lack of third party sales on nintendo console has been a trend for more than a decade. look at sony and some might cal them copycats (nintendo fanboys) but they like being accommodating to all gamers from casual to the hardcore but they put out a capable machine in order to support all types.

the ps3 has ps move, ps eye, powerful hardware, blu ray support, hdmi output, 7.1 audio support, streaming services available, ps vita compatibility and all sorts. playstation also has exclusive games of all genre and even games with genres all their own. the wii u is very limiting for a console that is suppose to be next gen.being a so-called next gen console it should be able to run bf3 exactly like bf3 pc on ultra. with next gen systems coming out the wii u will be left getting little exclusive titles with some multiplatform titles going to ps3 and xbox 360. it has the usual exclusives coming out but those are for the same fanboys. the system is weak so hardcore gamers dont want it. a lot of the old casual gamers that had a wii think its silly to buy another system when they have a wii and are just casual gamers to the point they dont care for wii u. they also get their fix from mobile games.

all thats going on with the wii u is nintendos fault. why should ubisoft lose money because of nintendo. i wouldnt be surprised if zombie u comes to xbl/psn and im quite sure bayonetta will be on xbox and ps3. it is silly for these dev studios to be in jeopardy all because of nintendo. a lot of core games failed on the wii just like gamecube and n64 so why should a rational person go into business with nintendo with third party titles?

NukaCola1931d ago

The "I HAVE TO HAVE IT FIRST or NOT AT ALL!" crap we keep hearing about is Microsoft. They have such crybaby-like guidelines it is ridiculous. Ubi should of just release this game and if MS didn't want then they wouldn't get it unless they just got over it and let it release later like it could of for all other platforms. I don't get why MS would even care. Joe Danger went to XBL after PSN and it wasn't an issue. Also look at FFXIII. It sold like crap on 360, so what difference would it of made? Sony will take anyone and even support them in porting games after the fact. You see a lot more of Xbox only games making the jump to PS3. I'm not blaming MS for this case here, when it's clearly a poor choice by Ubi themselves. Sad really...Rayman is awesome and any gamer would be glad to play it. No reason to do this Ubi.

SilentNegotiator1931d ago

I'm pretty sure that was just MS, not Sony.

MasterCornholio1931d ago

Sony are the only ones who require DLC but that wouldnt delay the game on the Wii U. An example of this is Oblivion which came after the 360 version yet it had all the DLC included.

The only ones who require any sort of parity in terms of release date is Microsoft.

"Titles for Xbox 360 must ship at least simultaneously with other video game platform, and must have at least feature and content parity on-disc with the other video game platform versions in all regions where the title is available. If these conditions are not met, Microsoft reserves the right to not allow the content to be released on Xbox 360."


I dont understand why everyone likes to blame Sony when the only ones with a release policy like this is Microsoft.

donman11931d ago

The problem is with Microsoft and their multiplatform policy that Ubisoft must honor once they plan on releasing a game on the Xbox360. What has the entire Wii U nation in an uproar is that this may become the norm if 3rd party developers think very little of the Nintendo fan base.

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aceitman1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

what did ubisoft say to the Nintendo fans-

Aloren1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

Delayed multiplat games usually sell much less, so as soon as they decided to release it on other platforms, Ubi had a choice to either release it now on Wii u and lose sells in a few months on PS3 and 360 (because people don't buy "old games" as easily, we saw it happen with Mass Effect 2 or Bioshock), or maybe lose some sales now on Wii U cause people are upset (which probably wouldn't be much anyway, considering the size of the installed base...)

They probably went to see nintendo to say something like "ok, the Wii u doesn't sell as much as you told us it would, can you give us any incentive to release rayman now ?", and nintendo probably answered "Fuck off"... imo anyway ;)

Realplaya1931d ago

Your comment is a slap in the face at yourself. It's long and you speak like know things but know nothing.The moment you mentioned ps move and eye toy you should have stopped.

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Starfox171931d ago

If they get extra content the Ubi knew what they were doing from the start in other words,call it a wiiu exclusive then move it to them consoles so they get more content ??

1931d ago
Tzuno1931d ago

MS has it in their therms and conditions that if a game is to be released on 360 it will need to be launched on the same day as the other platforms otherwise they block the release of that game on their platform. Wise asses :)

delboy1931d ago

Yep it's because of M$, the whole gaming industry is FUBAR.

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