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Submitted by MrMiyamoto 1091d ago | opinion piece

Ubisoft are Officially Jerks Now

"This allegory shows us just how much of jerks Ubisoft are being with their recent blatant platitudes for the Wii U community by offering us another demo of the game instead of the game itself that we were already promised would be available at launch, and then again at the end of this month." (Industry, PS3, Rayman Legends, Wii U, Xbox 360)

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Phil32  +   1092d ago | Well said
Articles like this only make Wii U owners look bad. Somehow yes, it makes them look worse than the trolls that get their rocks off to bad news regarding the system or anything else.

Also, boycotting the game will not hurt anyone but the innocent dev team who got screwed over from the suits' decision. This is the same dev team that worked many hours of overtime just to get the game to the release date they thought was at the end of this month.

Ubisoft as a whole will be fine because any sales loss from Rayman Legends will be offset by Assassin's Creed and Just Dance. It's just a juvenile way to go about things to "boycott" the game.
Grap  +   1091d ago
we all do nothing to be a shame off.
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Ron_Danger  +   1091d ago | Funny
Other than poor grammar
morganfell  +   1091d ago
"Other than poor grammar"

Oh the irony, oh the irony!
WeAreLegion  +   1091d ago
That is the most ironic statement about irony that I have ever read. Thank you for that, morganfell. Ron_Danger's grammar was fine. His punctuation is wrong, but I'm not sure punctuation is a concern, so much as comprehension.
Ron_Danger  +   1091d ago
Sorry for forgetting that period earlier. You'd think I'd remember since my fiancée just started her's.
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BattleAxe  +   1091d ago
I think that Nintendo's new slogan should be "Whaaa! Give Me My Bottle! Whaaa!"
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DetectiveX   1091d ago | Spam
BitbyDeath  +   1091d ago
@DetectiveX, didn't they pay for Bayonetta 2?
ElectricKaibutsu  +   1091d ago

They paid to make Bayonetta 2, not for exclusivity. As Kamiya said, it's Nintendo's game now so they can release it on any console they want (that'll probably just be the Wii U).
BitbyDeath  +   1091d ago
@ElectricKaibutsu, so the answer is yes. I was just stating it because of what DetectiveX had written - "Nintendo said they will NOT pay for 3rd party exclusives."

But obviously they did, they are the publisher for Bayonetta 2 and in return are making it exclusive.
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alegolo  +   1090d ago
@BitbyDeath if they pay for it's development and to publish it then it's not a 3rd party exclusive but a 2nd.
IAmLee  +   1091d ago
It's opinion based...
He's not sectioning off a corner of the gaming community..
HeroReborn  +   1091d ago
You explain to @phil32 why is someone standing up against a product that was showcased as a system seller by the company wrong? The majority of dissapontment that I have come a crossed has been toward Ubisoft for undervaluing their customers. I personally don't have a problem with the game going multiplatform, but they are making early adopters of a console which they promoted suffer. I'm not a fan of those who can not keep to they word. For the gamers including myself, think by boycotting Ubisoft for 2013 it will make their company crumble? Heavens know, but I do think its important for a company to see us more than just as statistics and dollar signs, and my friend their is no other way to view this story, and may I say furthermore that if they wanted to sell more copies of this game which is from the looks of it what they wanted to do, they would have picked a better window rather than standing in the shadow of GTAV.
Ripsta7th  +   1091d ago
I think EA is to blame here, not Ubi
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   1091d ago
Is this sarcasm or something? They're two completely different companies!
Ripsta7th  +   1091d ago
@ZNP , but isnt Ubisoft owned by EA???
Ron_Danger  +   1091d ago
In the words of one Dr. Tobias Funke "I don't want to blame 9/11 here, but..."
DOMination-  +   1091d ago
About ten years ago, EA purchased some shares in Ubisoft. To my knowledge they never sold or purchased more. So they may own a percent or two but from my limited knowledge of business.. Its not enough for them to have any influence.
Mainsqueeze  +   1091d ago
@Ripsta7th lol look EA has done some pretty crappy things to gamers, but this dudes comment right here is just evidence for the fact that a-lot of people that jump on the blame game train really have no idea wtf they are talking about. Unless he was making a joke about how everyone blames EA for everything, then it was pretty funny. (im not an EA fan by any means)
TruthbeTold  +   1091d ago
You say that Wii U owners look bad by being upset/boycotting/whatever, but pretty much every time something similar happened to PS360 owners this past gen, the reaction was the same. People are people. If they are promised something at a certain time and they don't get it, they are disappointed. Especially if it involves them saving money toward something. Period.
SuperShyGuy  +   1091d ago
But there is a difference here

The Nintendo fans are boycotting/petitioning for the finished game to be released now

The Sony fans were boycotting/petitioning for games like Devil May Cry, Metal Gear and FF13 not to be released on other platforms.
Old McGroin  +   1090d ago
"but pretty much every time something similar happened to PS360 owners this past gen, the reaction was the same. People are people. If they are promised something at a certain time and they don't get it, they are disappointed."

*Cough* Mass Effect 3 ending *Cough*
Gamer1982  +   1091d ago
I agree but something happened behind the scenes here theres no way Ubisoft just changed there mind 3 weeks before launch and decided to go multi-platform. Plus theres no way they can bash out a ps3 and 360 version in 6 months. Them games have been in development a while which makes me think there was some sort of deal with Nintendo that fell through at the last minute so Ubisoft gave them the 2 fingers. Nintendo stand back and let Ubisoft take the flak who cannot talk about deals as they are protected by confidentiality agreements and Nintendo look like the innocent party.

So in the end, this was always a multiplatform game just a timed one.
nukeitall  +   1091d ago
I think Ubisoft was expecting to sell huge numbers with Rayman, but when Zombi-U fell apart and the really slow uptake of Wii U they had to save their profit by releasing on the other two platforms.

I think there is little hope in recouping cost, let alone break even....
strifeblade  +   1091d ago
im going to be honest- i love nintendo but fans cannot expect timed exclusives if nintendo doesnt pony up the dough, therefore ubisoft can release the game on their own terms.

when it ws announced exclusive maybe nintendo and ubisoft were in talks, but obviously never reached a deal. Whatever the case, the game will benefit from a simultaneous launch and ensure the most sales for the game and its developers only to serve the interests of its fans if they hope to see the next rayman in the series
ElectricKaibutsu  +   1091d ago
It's not the lack of exclusivity people are angry about, but the unnecessary seven month delay of the finished Wii U version.
Tiqila  +   1090d ago
thats only fair, why should wii-u owner get it earlier than ps360 owner? That would make it a timed exclusive which it not is for reasons we dont know... maybe nintendo didnt want to pay for time-exclusiveness... who knows?!

to release a game half a year later on another system is bad for its sales on that system, since its not a NEW game anymore. Why should ubi do this when not getting paid for it?
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admiralvic  +   1091d ago
A lot of people feel betrayed and they want to show Ubisoft by not buying. Sure this will hurt the developer, but thats the real world for you. Thats why you see a LOT of these articles... people just want to make it abundantly clear they they're mad the Wii U version got delayed (though most people seem to think this is a multiplatform issue...).


As I mentioned in another topic, the first promotional video only said "Wii U exclusive features". This was definitely always intended to be a timed exclusive,but then something happened. However, it really doesn't matter if the problem is on Nintendos end or not, since being "righteous" won't help the Wii U become successful. In the end I just hope Ubisoft does another Rayman game (without pulling this crap) and doesn't cancel the series when this game bombs.
nerdkiller  +   1091d ago
nintendo has definitely try to get lighting in a bottle twice but unfortunately ppl who bought the wii dont care for a tablet ill they wanted was motion control. nintendo should come out with true next gen system for the hardcore cuz the wii was a one hit wander. thats why devs are jumping ship
LOL_WUT  +   1091d ago
Well, this is not surprising especially from a Nintendo fan. They took this news very, very personal I think they are only taking their hatred towards Ubisoft when Nintendo are at fault too.

For one, saying it was an exclusive in the first place and secondly for not being competent enough to keep it like that.

Someone told me the other day that the childish remarks where far out and in between, hah, yea right... ;)
dark-hollow  +   1091d ago
Its not about being multiplatform which is pathetic if you got upset about, the problem is the game is FINISHED AND READY FOR RELEASE! but they want to delay it so they can release the Wii u version along with the others which is a pretty shitty move.
strifeblade  +   1091d ago
actually its not a shitty move because if they did that, hype and sales for the other console version released 6 months later would die down, and unless nintendo makes up for that by paying for timed exclusivity- ubisoft has no reason to release it on the wii u first and lose money.

I love nintendo and am a huge fan (wii360 player)but this is childish. Just wait and hope for the best
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3-4-5  +   1091d ago
How did they not know of Microsoft's policy until the Release Date deadline ?

Isn't that somebody's job ?

They look stupid if anything for not knowing this situation was obviously going to 100% happen.

Ubisoft aren't jerks....they just aren't as smart as they think they are.

And this whole grammar & punctuation conversation is pointless. It's the internet....spelling correctly doesn't mean you are more intelligent. It just means you try harder. Nothing wrong with that.
showtimefolks  +   1091d ago
UBI owns the IP and they can release it for wiiu or any consoles they want deal with it. It's not just UBI 3rd arty support for wiiu is gonns suffer as always

And before you fanboys call out UBI realize this, UBI is one of Bly handful of publishers who supported wii very well so don't bite the hand that feeds you. Nintendo needs to sell more wiiu nuts otherwise they will loose more support

Wiiu has sold very poorly
Wiiu launched with more confusion than anything else, should have called this WIIHD or WII2, wiiu is such a dumb name

Also games,games,games. I know about Nintendo direct but most of those games are atleast18-2504minths away from release so give us something to play right now.

Fanboys in general are bad but Nintendo fanboys are the worst and I call y'all fangirls since Nintendo/'s consoles are perceived as kids systems
ElectricKaibutsu  +   1091d ago
I was playing ZombiU today thinking how Ubisoft is really the only third party to support the Wii U, but then they pull this Rayman delay crap. I half appreciate and half kind of hate them.
Stroke666  +   1091d ago
if wii u has sold poorly, and still did better than microsony last launch, is that to say ps360 sold like shit in its first three months? yes ubi has rights to its property no one is disputing that, however it is not good business practice to shit on ur your clients, period.
xursz  +   1090d ago
The Wiiu hasn't sold better than ps3 or x360 in any sense. I believe that was a rumor spreading before Nintendo published their financial reports but somehow it stuck around afterward. Just FYI.
showtimefolks  +   1090d ago

Get real man wiiu didn't sell better than ps3 or xbox360 launch

Get out of your little bubble, Nintendo isn't perfect neither are Sony or Microsoft

But both Sony and ms have done more right than Nintendo recently. Wii caught on fire and than it stopped just as casual gamers moved to mobile gaming or some even switched to ps3 or xbox360
Slapshot82  +   1091d ago
This article does absolutely nothing to help matters for the better. Yes, it was a very bad deal for Wii U owners, but the business end of the gaming industry is as cut-throat as they come and these type of articles makes it look like all of the disgruntled Wii U owners are a bunch of childish fanboys.

Simply put, this isn't journalism and it shouldn't be the top article at N4G. If you want to write and article that discusses why Ubisoft's deal was a bad one and the implications that potentially has on the Wii U - fine, go ahead. But this isn't journalism and it shouldn't be getting the credit that it's currently getting here at N4G.

If you're a Nintendo fan and want to 'Disagree' with my comment, you're perfectly free to do so, but just know that this comment is actually taking up for you, not against you.
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Stroke666  +   1091d ago
I'd have to disagree, albeit its not journalism, but i don't believe it tips the scales in either direction. UBI can care less about any disgruntle fans, even extending to the other platforms isn't because fans asked for it. they saw potential for more money and got greedy. in the long run it'll bite them in the ass but really as a consumer all u can do is voice ur opinion where it might catch their eye and cross your fingers that they'll give a shit
Nate-Dog  +   1091d ago
How is boycotting a developer a juvenile way to go about showing your distaste for what a developer / publisher is doing? If anything it's the best way to do it - show these people that if they mess you around they won't be getting any of your precious money any more. Most gamers don't have the balls or backbone to actually boycott developers or publishers. They piss and moan about this and that but don't do anything about it, they just keep buying games. If you keep giving them the money, they'll keep bending you over, this is the only way of sending a message to companies that try and mess gamers around. Unfortunately, there's only a very small few that are willing to do such a thing, the rest of the sheep continue to give them enough money to allow them to keep ripping us off.
rainslacker  +   1091d ago
I don't find boycotting juvenile myself. However, ones personal reasons for it are not a reason to call for a mass boycott, which is really what all boycotts boil down to.

The truth is, it really won't make a lick of difference. Look at Boyonetta's boycott, after the first week did you see anything about it? Nope, because people calm down or move on to the next thing to be angry about. There is no conviction behind the boycott, so it fails.

Will it cause sales to go down? Maybe, but given the time they will finally release it there will be other factors that affect that much more than the few thousand calling foul right now. Going against a September lineup when you typically see the big names coming out after the summer drought will not help Rayman. I think Rayman is a wonderful platformer ...always have since the first one, but I understand that in the market it doesn't have the name recognition that something like Sonic or Mario have.

This is the problem with this whole generation of consoles. People complain, boycott, bitch and whine, but with gaming becoming mainstream, and people not sticking to their convictions, these games still sell. It's lead to the acceptance of online passes, and ever increasingly draconian DRM, and because people can't organize anything effectively, nothing comes from it.

I'll personally still buy Rayman Legends, simply because I love the games. It was one I was hoping to play soon and was a major factor in deciding to buy a Wii U, but since that's not the case anymore, I'll just play it when it comes out. If there are other games which I prefer to play first at the time it comes out then I can hold off till I'm ready to play it. I do know for the time being I'm really wishing I had some new games for the Wii U, and Rayman was my most anticipated. I'll likely also buy it for the PS3, since it's my preferred system.
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Stroke666  +   1091d ago
@rainslacker... well in order to mass boycott something the masses have to agree with the reasoning. bayonetta was a lost cause not for lack of effort but funds. everyone attacked the devs when in actuality its nintendo calling the shots and why would any business help the comp. It's going to be the domino effect, just as you own wii u and will buy it for the other platform, many others will do the same. this will cause the game,amongst other reasons, to sell poorly on the wii u, in turn ubi will site poor sales on wii u to justify not/poor developing on the platform. it'll bite them in the ass in the long run. sucks for nintendo and ubi
rainslacker  +   1090d ago
Well sure, for a boycott to work, the masses have to accept it, and quite honestly the masses just won't accept it, because realistically the masses have either not ever heard of Rayman, and if they have, they very likely haven't heard of the boycott.

Looking at a recent example, look at how effective the DMC boycott was. It wasn't. In fact it only brought to light very positive things being said about the game, and no doubt that had a lot of influence in people picking up the game.

This decision on Ubisoft's part will no doubt affect it's sales on the Wii U. In theory it could even sell more on the Wii U now. 7 months, with a few big titles coming out in the meantime, will mean that more Wii U consoles will be sold, thus giving them a bigger install base to sell to. Whether that's the case still remains to be seen. On the other hand though they will be releasing the game to a huge install base that exists among 3 systems, thus overall sales of the game will be much higher.

Sales were the motivating reason behind Ubisofts decision. The reasons for the delay however are only known on a surface level, and there was a lot more to this decision that isn't public knowledge...and likely never will be.

In the long run this decision will really have no affect on Ubisoft. It's a short term problem because as I've said before, people complain for a week then move on. If Ubisoft was prone to making bad decisions, then they may have an issue. But again realistically, look at EA...they have a long history of making bad decisions but they still thrive in the industry, for better or worse.
rubiealexiou65w   1091d ago | Spam
KnightRobby  +   1091d ago
How in the world are articles with such bad grammar getting approved? Is this google translator or something?

Anyway, Ubisoft irritated fans when they announced it for the Wii U. Now Nintendo fans are crying. Shouldn't have promised an exclusive. They should just keep franchises that are already multi-platform, ya know, multi-platform. New IP's have the right to first-party titles, so as not to upset the hardcore fan base. But established IP's going first-party...?

Personally, I am thrilled Rayman is being released on all platforms so everyone can enjoy it.
rbailey  +   1092d ago
Very truthful article and while I'm a fan of Ubisoft, there is no denying they messed up with this one. Assassin's Creed III was easily a disappointing game as well filled with glitches galore and a bad ending.
miyamoto  +   1091d ago
Come on now all of these for Rayman Legends???

Funny I remembered not so long ago...
"we have Zombi U, Assasins Creed III, Rabbids Land!"
we love you Ubisoft!

Come on now all of these for Rayman Legends???

Rayman Legends is nothing compared to Final fantasy XIII getting delayed after delays and going multi-plat to the tune of $100 Microsoft dollers....

but at least now Nintendo fans knows how it feels to be robbed!
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BlackWolf  +   1091d ago
More than anyone, Nintendo fans have known perfectly what it feels to be "robbed" many years ago:

Final Fantasy goes to Playstation (Square saw the N64 underpowered for FF VII)
Megaman and Megaman X go to Playstastion (I don't remember the reason well)
Viewtiful Joe and Resident Evil 4 get ports to PS2 after being offered as exclusives (same as RL)
Metal Gear Solid launches on PS1 (after many years of Metal Gear games on NES and SNES)

These are not necessarily bad things, as they have enabled these series evolve (let's admit it, MGS would not be where it is if not for going to PS), but Nintendo fans have experienced not being able to play sequels of their series, or having promises broken in past years (I would say long ago, but this is recent history, if we can call it that...)

PS: At least this kind of actions have not and will not mean zero support for Nintendo, as they have made games for them again in recent years, and most likely will continue to do so (be them exclusive or not, for which I do not care).
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solboogie  +   1091d ago
Oh yeah I remember the pain then but those wounds healed. This is a fresh wound and I now regret my lack of action then. I have learned to voice my opinion with the old mighty dollar. I refuse to support Ubisoft. I will not tolerate lies and deception! I feel bad for my son who loved the demo so much, sorry son but daddy will not be buying this game. We must make a stand as gamers and say enough is enough! My regards to the developers as you have nothing to do with this P.R disaster and the effect it will have on the sales of your game.
OmegaSlayer  +   1091d ago
And guess what...
Nintendo lost FF, RE4, VJ, MGS and what did they do?
They didn't gave a goddamm flying f'k, because they value too much their first party exclusives and know that people is dumb.

For f'k sake, Nintendo still makes money with that abort called Pokemon.
When I get to know that someone more than 10 years old plays a Pokemon game...I cringe.
BLuTheSecond  +   1091d ago
Lol "pain" and "robbed"?

You guys need to grow up.
BLuTheSecond  +   1091d ago
Lol come on "pain" and "robbed"?

You guys need to grow up.
BlackWolf  +   1091d ago
Yeah, it's all in the past. It's not a big deal, tough. But Ubisoft's decision for the delay is too much to handle. Although being immature about it doesn't help, either.

I know full well that Nintendo fans did not cry about those things. In fact, there was never an uproar about it. And... that's about as much as I agree with you. The other part was totally uncalled for. There are people that play Nintendo's games, and criticizing them just because they like them and you don't is an act of intolerance.

I'm just using miyamoto's post to make mine. I don't necessarily use those words to describe this situation. There isn't pain or feeling of robbery on those old cases. For me this is just an strategy that simply is not pleasant for consumers, although I don't see a big deal if the series can become better (as in MGS).
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deSSy2724  +   1091d ago
N64 didnt have the cartridge and didnt allow FMVs because there was not enough space for it..... thats why Final Fanasy VII never released for N64.

N64 was not underpowered.... Naughty Dog even praised the N64 for its power but at the same time, ND said N64 has a small tank aka cartridge with much less space than Sony PS1 CD.
Mounce  +   1090d ago
Metal Gear games being on NES and SNES....Wat?....'After many years?' Wat.


MG was just a bad port thrown in from MSX to NES....there's no MG game on SNES too....
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   1091d ago
Rayman Legends nothing? The game was to be released in two weeks for WiiU owners, than it got delayed for 7 months. I think that's more than nothing.
Starfox17  +   1091d ago
Someone should make a site that shows which developer/publishers,put out the most games riddled with bugs.
Darth Stewie  +   1091d ago
Thats easy because everybody knows its Bugthesda I mean Bethesda.
Skate-AK  +   1091d ago
kesvalk  +   1091d ago
well, bugthesda games really have a lot of glitches, but most of them were harmless.

now, most of sega and capcom ports to the PC have some very bad bugs, games closing at random, broken controls (like inverted analog axis on DMC3) and such

a site that show the devs that have put the most games with game breaking bugs would be more effective.
MasterCornholio  +   1091d ago
"well, bugthesda games really have a lot of glitches, but most of them were harmless. "

Only on the 360 though. On the PS3 those bugs were devastating.


"Wii U owners need to lighten up. "

More like grow up because they are throwing a tantrum over this game in MiiVerse.
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Sleipnir_II   1091d ago | Spam
sway_z  +   1091d ago
Don't be irritated by Sleipnir_II...

He is 'The King of Trolls' and 'The Fantastically Fanatical Fan Boy' ...'Poster Child of Patheticism' (Yup made that word up lool)

...he is also known in some regions of the world as 'The Hermit of Hatersville'

We have met his kind before...Recessive Gene Pool

*Yup Ubisoft reneged on the exclusivity deal's disloyalty in its finest form and they're basically stating they do not have high confidence in Wii U ...could have waited 6 months at least Ubisoft...way too soon ;/
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JBSleek  +   1091d ago
Ubisoft are jerks because they decided to expand their games reach to more people? Sure you are gonna be upset but for them it is likely the right choice. A third party exclusive in 2013 is far too rare to see and why not open the potential customers to 150 Million as opposed to 5 million.

Or maybe I'm reading the article wrong here but this seemed like a rant but on because Ubisoft delayed the game and encouraging those who have a Wii-U to stay away from the jerks because of it. The article is kinda silly.
Anon1974  +   1091d ago
Ok, I have to admit I haven't been paying attention to this whole thing until the news hit number one on the site. The link isn't working for me for whatever reason but I've gotta ask, what exactly is the problem here? That Rayman was delayed by a few days? Did Ubisoft have a firm release data on it, and even if it did, what game isn't delayed these days? Games have been delayed for years. If it's not ready, don't ship it.

Or is it the multiplatform thing because again, who cares? If more people get to try it, that's a good thing. If you disagree, then I think the people who're the jerks here are the ones who don't want others to have the opportunity to play a specific title. What kinda of gamer, I'm talking true gamer, would want to limit the reach of a good game?

I'm just not following why this is a big deal. Reminds me of those crazies calling for a Final Fantasy boycott when that last title went multi-platform. Idiocy, as far as I'm concerned. The more people who can play a game, the better. Unless quality of the game can't be maintained across platforms, I wish every game would be multiplat.
#7.1 (Edited 1091d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
darkpower  +   1091d ago
The problem with what you have said, though, is that when you have an exclusive game, then you only have to worry about that one system's specs, and thus, can use those specs to their fullest. If, for instance, you make a PS3 exclusive game, then you will only have to worry about if the PS3 can handle something you're doing, and not if some other game system can handle the same graphics or sound quality. It can be easier that way.

However, when you make a game multiplat, you can have more sales figures that way because more people that didn't adopt a certain game system can play the game, as well, you also run into the very issues I outlined you wouldn't run into when you make a game exclusive.

Look at the game you mentioned for a moment. FF13. The main reason why people were upset over that, outside of the notion of how MS were getting those games (because it wasn't because of the 360 having powerful specs because it doesn't) to keep going multiplat and why didn't Sony do anything to stop that from happening (it was getting old quickly), was that there wasn't a 360 version of the game made at that point, and the game was already going through countless delays. So you have a sea of gamers that adopted the PS3 for that game, believing that the game was going to use as much specs as it can from the PS3.

But what happened as a result of the announcement. Game gets delayed FURTHER because the two versions have to be released together (corporate greed and contractual obligations), for one. But the biggest problem comes from things from one version of the game cannot be possible on the other version. They now have to worry about TWO systems instead of one, and because both versions have to be released in the same quality (which baffles me how a company can even be allowed to MAKE that demand and bind developers TO that), and the 360 is not as powerful as the PS3 (face it, it isn't), there are things that have to be cut from the PS3 version because they can't fit it into the 360 version.

Now delays can make a good game great because devs have more time to work on a game (I'd rather have a game I have to wait for in order to have a better overall game than to have it be rushed and have it be buggy and not polished). However, in that case and in other of those cases that happened in 2008, what MS did annoyed many because of that.

Want proof that gamers got annoyed of the whole "we have that game now, too" act? Go rewatch any of MS's E3 pressers from 2009 on. You'll see something similar in all of them. The "host" makes a statement that all games from a certain moment on are only on the 360. It seems as though they got the message that exclusive games are good, and that "me too" ware just pisses people off in a number of ways.

It's not just fanboys that get annoyed. It's those that are thinking they are going to get a superb game that takes advantage of everything a system can do and suddenly feel robbed of that opportunity because a system with lesser specs suddenly has to have that game with equal rights, too. Look at how pissed off PC gamers are right now at shoddy ports and you'll get the picture as to why exclusivity matters.

And besides, if every game went multiplat, then there wouldn't be a reason for competing systems because there wouldn't be any need for other systems and thus, no reason for competition. You WANT there to be exclusives because it does create reasons for people to buy that other system and to try it out, which in turn creates competition, and in business, when companies compete, the consumer (i.e.: you and me) usually win.
rainslacker  +   1091d ago
In this case dark, Rayman did have a firm release date, and it was finished. Given that it was supposed to release in 2 weeks, which means it has already gone gold and is no doubt already packaged up and ready to ship to retailers. It may not have gone gold however, because this decision may have been made before that happened, but either way the game is ready to go gold.

The game was already delayed from a game to be launched in the first week of the Wii U, then moved to February, and now being delayed, not a few days or weeks, but 7 months. That's a hard pill to swallow, mostly because the delay isn't to make the game better, like the first delay, but because it's being delayed for going multi-plat.

Most reasonable fans I've seen aren't pissed that it is going multi-plat, and in fact are happy more people can play the game, but they are pissed that they have to wait on a game that was touted as a Wii U exclusive launch window game by both Nintendo and Ubisoft themselves.
Anon1974  +   1091d ago
Ok, I've actually done a bit more research and I kinda get it. Game's are delayed all the time, but in this case Ubisoft has flat out said the delay was due to the game going multiplat. I don't agree with that at all. This article was rather long and rambling and I couldn't quite hammer down what the point was, but doing some research on other sites I see what's going on.

If it's done for the Wii-U, why not ship it?
Or, is this Microsoft's doing? I remember that part of their developer agreement states that it can't receive a game later than other consoles or they can flat out refuse to allow it's release. I wonder if this is due to Microsoft's policies regarding multi-platform releases. If that's the case, perhaps blame needs to be shifted elsewhere.

You can't blame Ubisoft for wanting release their titles to the widest audience possible, but if someone else's policies are blocking it's release on the Wii-U, it'd be nice to know so gamers could pressure said company. They'll never change any of these policies otherwise. That's assuming MS is the reason for the delay. Again, we do know that's MS policy regarding multiplat releases. This has been widely reported on.
m2stech  +   1091d ago
My body, my body is ready.
yewles1  +   1091d ago
All this for one Wii U game... yet the same people--ALL of them--ranted on those who were mad at the Bayonetta 2 debacle. The hypocrisy is rancid all over.
sloth3395  +   1091d ago
the difference is that Bayonetta 2 wasn't going to be made until Nintendo funded it and Rayman is being delayed 7 months just to launch at the same time when its already done and was going to come out in 2 weeks so there is a big difference I don't care if its coming out on other systems its just the big delay that sucks
#9.1 (Edited 1091d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
OmegaSlayer  +   1091d ago
Yeah, if it wasn't for Bayonetta2 I would have sympathyzed with the Nintendo fans.

Now I have an immense quasi orgasmic pleasure every time they lose a game and rage.

I have an idea, Nintendo fans, go to MiiVerse and ask Nintendo to allow Bayonetta2 multi and we PS3 and 360 fans will ask Ubisoft to give your game earlier :D
PopRocks359  +   1091d ago

That's a terrible comparison. Without Nintendo buying the publishing rights, Bayonetta 2 would have been CANCELLED, as in not coming out at all (in case you didn't know the meaning).

Rayman Legends was meant to be a launch game, then it was delayed for a few months. Fair enough. But another seven month delay? And only to bring it to OTHER consoles? That's not a good reason for a delay. That's a scumbag move. Period.
SuperShyGuy  +   1091d ago
I'll just copy paste my earlier comment

there is a difference here

The Nintendo fans are boycotting/petitioning for the finished game to be released now

The Sony fans were boycotting/petitioning for games like Devil May Cry, Metal Gear and FF13 not to be released on other platforms.

Bayonetta 2 wasn't going to happen at all.

It's not like the game was finished and Nintendo came in bought it then made it exclusive
rainslacker  +   1091d ago
You do realize that one vocal group within a community doesn't speak for the entire community they are in. This vocal group could be an entirely different vocal group within the same bigger community.

I personally wasn't fussed over the Boyonetta thing because I understood the situation and I'm not an idiot, and quite honestly, the first Boyonetta didn't really deserve that much praise that people lumped on it to warrant that kind of outcry. It was just people who want to start drama where it doesn't exist.

I'm not particularly fussed over this either, just disappointed that I won't be able to play one of my most anticipated games in a couple of weeks on a system that is in desperate need of new games.

What Ubisoft is doing here is pretty crappy for the consumers and fans of the game. What PG and Nintendo did for Boyonetta was actually allow a game franchise survive oblivion. Seriously, do you think the masses would have cared if Boyonetta ever got a sequel? I don't recall the first being that well received.
topgeareasy  +   1091d ago
stop crying

Related image(s)
Krew_92  +   1091d ago
That picture just reminds me of South Park. LOL.
Dlacy13g  +   1091d ago
Jerks......*sniffle sniffle*...I hate you...*sniffle sniffle whimper*... you and your dumb smart business sense....*sniffle* big double jerks... *sniffle sniffle* ...I gotta go clean my room now before mom yellls at me... *sniffle*
DebbieDowner   1091d ago | Spam
DebbieDowner   1091d ago | Spam
FinalomegaS  +   1091d ago
Well according to Ubi's logic, they should be releasing all their games on the newer system since their are gamers that might want games like farcry GOTY EDITION.

Multiplat from a 3rd party,np.

But keep it consistent ,don't promise anything like a specific system exclusive. Share the wealth.
#14 (Edited 1091d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
shivvy24  +   1091d ago
Im happy that I can get to play it on my ps, I wasn't gonna buy a wii u
PersonMan  +   1091d ago
Am I the only person who is actually happy about the news? I didn't wanna buy a Wii U, but I love Rayman. This is great news for me.

Wii U owners need to lighten up.

For the record, if Xbox 360 could somehow play Uncharted games, I wouldn't be angry.. they're wonderful games.
Hicken  +   1091d ago
The problem is about all the delays and everything. It's gone from being exclusive to multiplat, and from being a launch window game to being delayed by several months.

To me, that's worth being upset about, especially that last part.

Now, if they delayed the next Uncharted game to make it multiplat, it'd be the same situation. And I'D be upset, too.
joeorc  +   1091d ago
its more about sticking to your word, and the Publisher may have implied that it was going to be one way and its not. right or wrong, Ubi soft would best be wise to atleast follow through with WiiU exclusive content for the platform because of the delay, and it would help if it's low cost or none at all.

Do right by your fans that have stood by you!
iistuii  +   1091d ago
Just on the title I'd say yeah. They've had 6 patches out for Ghost Recon FS on PC yet still haven't added invert on controller despite it actually being a console port. I've found a wrapper myself. But it's typical of Ubisoft.
Kratoscar2008  +   1091d ago
Im the only one amazed that all of this is for a Rayman game? Its good the series get some recognition but this is too much, poor rayman :(
extermin8or  +   1091d ago
FFS people will you stop going on about this already, we get it your annoyed but let's be honest Ubisoft knew that before they decided to delay the wii u version- the reason Sony would want some extra content for a late release and last I checked Microsoft flat out refuse to consider it 95% of the time unless it's on their console from day one. Simple thing is clearly Ubisofts games did not sell enough to give them confidence in Rayman Ledgends making profit on the wii u they are a buisness they aren't there to publish games that don't make money or that shift systems they couldn't give a toss if the wii u sells well or the vita sells well or the gamecube seold well aslong as their games sell/sold well. So give it up- I agree i'd be pissed off too if I were a wii u only owner but at the end of the day all boycotting Rayman ledgends will do is ensure no sequel appears... so all you'll do is kill a brilliant franchise if not permenantly then for a fair period of time- turn your anger towards a company actually taking the piss with money Ea games-charging for microo transactions to buy the ingame gear you already bought when YOU BOUGHT THE GAME AT FULL PRICE- EA games and deadspace3. Thats something to be truely o
pr0t0typeknuckles  +   1091d ago
i agree with this title but for many more reasons
Rayman-now half of this rayman legends delay is microsofts fault they really wont let a game come to the 360 if its not released with the other versions at the same time, but if i was ubisoft id say screw microsoft just make a ps3 and pc version later and release wii u version on time wii u owners have waited patiently for this game heck i dont have a wii u but i know how they feel, why are they always sending rayman to die next to bigger selling titles, it took years for them to make a proper non rabbid game.

Prince of Persia-PoP08 ended with a huge cliffhanger, they release dlc with another huge cliffhanger, and it doesnt even come to the pc, pop08 never gets a sequel but then they make the half assed forgotten sands, now instead of making a proper Prince of Persia game they put the franchise on pause, they can easily make a PoP08 sequel, just change the freakin combat, heck they changed the gameplay in AC and 2 was the best,but when it comes to PoP, nah they dont know what to do, they truly dont care, and anyone that played forgotten sands knows that.

Assassians Creed-they have killed AC it has been milked to death, the endings suck, and every game after brotherhood sucks, honestly as a fan that has every game except for 3, i can say thatthe series need to take a 3 year break.

Beyond Good and evil-they can milk assassians creed but they cant release a little info about beyond good and evil 2, its probably canceled.

Wheere is the new rainbow 6, i havnt seen a single new thing about that game, let me guess the budget went to assassians creed.
HeroReborn  +   1091d ago
The new Rainbow 6 has been shelved unfortunately.
pr0t0typeknuckles  +   1091d ago
really, that is total BS they shelve that game, something of which people waited years for, yet they can make an assassians creed every year, im getting tired of ubisoft.
FarCryLover182  +   1091d ago
I like Ubisoft for the most part, but a part of me despises them from destroying all their Tom Clancy games (which they destroyed in 2010-present).
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   1091d ago
just buy the game when it comes out....
Krew_92  +   1091d ago
I agree, and now because of all this debacle. Expect Ubisoft to give extra content or anything for the Wii U audience, like extra DLC or something.

I'm still not gonna buy this game though, I'd much rather save up for Killzone: Mercenary and some other titles this September.
#22.1 (Edited 1091d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
MontyQ  +   1091d ago
WiiU 4 life just got a tattoo whole backpeice of a big blue Wii U I amz the cheese
UnRated  +   1091d ago
What a bullshit slander article. Don't buy the game? are you serious? You talk about how the developers hard work is going to go to waste yet you tell people to not buy the game? Do you know how ironic that is?

Put your fan boy pants off and think rationally. Ubisoft has done more for the Wii U than other triple AAA publishers - don't spit on them yet.

I have a Wii U (launch day) and I was really looking forward to Rayman Legends so I am also disappointed that it got delayed.
sarshelyam  +   1091d ago
I know...they're mad at the publisher, Ubisoft, so they move to punish those they're defending? Talk about actively undermining the sanctity of those you wish to support/protect, by lambasting those you don't. Collateral damage much?
rainslacker  +   1091d ago
The thing is, you can't "punish" one without punishing the other. I think Rayman is a great series and one of my favorite platformers since the first came out. It is annoying to me, but I'm not planning on boycotting anything because of a delay. The reasons for it suck, to be sure, but hardly worthy of calling for a mass boycott.

Come September, I will buy it based on what else is coming out at the time that I may want to play more. I know despite having 11 games I want to purchase in Feb/March, Rayman was still my most anticipated...mostly because I love Rayman, and the Wii U is severely lacking new content worthy of a $60 price tag.
hot4play  +   1091d ago
Some Nintendo fans can be so bitter and greedy. They already have Mario as an exclusive and still they want Rayman to also be an exclusive to a console that's not selling? Why? So other non-nintendo gamers/fans cant enjoy the game as well? Im sorry, but people arent going to flock to the wii u just to play this one game.
Cueil  +   1091d ago
Hey everyone a large publicly traded company is doing something to maximize profit for their investors... top the presses!
chukamachine  +   1091d ago
As win u owners are a bunch of children, I expect a lot of waaaaaaaaaa, whining, moaning. tantrums.

They have been for every console day 1.
sloth3395  +   1091d ago
whats a win u?
plaZeHD  +   1091d ago
Nice use of words.
sarshelyam  +   1091d ago
If Ubisoft is accused of anything, it's bringing to light the reality that "gamers" are a mess of whiny and entitled brats. It's quite embarassing to count myself among the chunk of those vocal here who are simply proving the point that this industry is not a matured one.
Imalwaysright  +   1090d ago
So if you bought a Wii U specifically to play this game you wouldn't be pissed? If The game is ready for release then release it. Only idiots would defend what doesn't make sense.

I personally am more ashamed with the fact that this industry keeps abusing the gamers and that many out there enjoy bending over and if someone speaks their mind, is branded an "entitled whiner", by those that enjoy taking it up the ass. No wonder this industry is going down the drain. Enjoy your DRM, online passes, disc locked DLC, bug riddled games... you deserve them.
sarshelyam  +   1090d ago
I have a very difficult time believing anyone bought a WiiU ONLY for Rayman. It may have been on the top of your list, or near it, but the only idiot (since we're freely slinging insults here it seems) I can recognize is the one that spends in upwards of $400 simply for one game ($350 for the bigboy WiiU, $50 for Rayman).

I wouldn't have to be a betting man to put money down on the fact you, or anyone else for that matter, purchased a WiiU because you love Nintendo and their games (Zelda, Mario, Fire Emblem, etc.).

Great 3rd Party games are always icing on the cake and, truly, it's unfortunate when one slips...but I don't think we know all the variables here. I don't buy Ubisofts multi-platform move as a reason for the delay...but what about the RFI tech? I'd say it's far more likely that Ubi knows the toy/game attach that Activision has seen great success with in Skylanders, performs far better in the holiday season. Come to think of it...we sure haven't heard a lot about that tech since the video leak. I wonder how far along they were on that anyhow. I wonder how much of that was/is dependent on Nintendo's support of the feature.

#28.1.1 (Edited 1090d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
pedroyamato   1091d ago | Spam
Triggytrolls  +   1091d ago
It is a little silly, the WiiU version is complete, yet it's not being released until September. That's 6 months away lols, it doesn't make any sense.

I might of picked it up for the WiiU if it released this month, now I won't bother. It's also releasing in the same month of GTA.
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