Ubisoft are Officially Jerks Now

"This allegory shows us just how much of jerks Ubisoft are being with their recent blatant platitudes for the Wii U community by offering us another demo of the game instead of the game itself that we were already promised would be available at launch, and then again at the end of this month."

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Phil321652d ago

Articles like this only make Wii U owners look bad. Somehow yes, it makes them look worse than the trolls that get their rocks off to bad news regarding the system or anything else.

Also, boycotting the game will not hurt anyone but the innocent dev team who got screwed over from the suits' decision. This is the same dev team that worked many hours of overtime just to get the game to the release date they thought was at the end of this month.

Ubisoft as a whole will be fine because any sales loss from Rayman Legends will be offset by Assassin's Creed and Just Dance. It's just a juvenile way to go about things to "boycott" the game.

Grap1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

we all do nothing to be a shame off.

morganfell1651d ago

"Other than poor grammar"

Oh the irony, oh the irony!

WeAreLegion1651d ago

That is the most ironic statement about irony that I have ever read. Thank you for that, morganfell. Ron_Danger's grammar was fine. His punctuation is wrong, but I'm not sure punctuation is a concern, so much as comprehension.

Ron_Danger1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

Sorry for forgetting that period earlier. You'd think I'd remember since my fiancée just started her's.

BattleAxe1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

I think that Nintendo's new slogan should be "Whaaa! Give Me My Bottle! Whaaa!"

1651d ago
BitbyDeath1651d ago

@DetectiveX, didn't they pay for Bayonetta 2?

ElectricKaibutsu1651d ago


They paid to make Bayonetta 2, not for exclusivity. As Kamiya said, it's Nintendo's game now so they can release it on any console they want (that'll probably just be the Wii U).

BitbyDeath1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

@ElectricKaibutsu, so the answer is yes. I was just stating it because of what DetectiveX had written - "Nintendo said they will NOT pay for 3rd party exclusives."

But obviously they did, they are the publisher for Bayonetta 2 and in return are making it exclusive.

alegolo1650d ago

@BitbyDeath if they pay for it's development and to publish it then it's not a 3rd party exclusive but a 2nd.

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IAmLee1651d ago

It's opinion based...
He's not sectioning off a corner of the gaming community..

HeroReborn1651d ago

You explain to @phil32 why is someone standing up against a product that was showcased as a system seller by the company wrong? The majority of dissapontment that I have come a crossed has been toward Ubisoft for undervaluing their customers. I personally don't have a problem with the game going multiplatform, but they are making early adopters of a console which they promoted suffer. I'm not a fan of those who can not keep to they word. For the gamers including myself, think by boycotting Ubisoft for 2013 it will make their company crumble? Heavens know, but I do think its important for a company to see us more than just as statistics and dollar signs, and my friend their is no other way to view this story, and may I say furthermore that if they wanted to sell more copies of this game which is from the looks of it what they wanted to do, they would have picked a better window rather than standing in the shadow of GTAV.

Ripsta7th1651d ago

I think EA is to blame here, not Ubi

ZombieNinjaPanda1651d ago

Is this sarcasm or something? They're two completely different companies!

Ripsta7th1651d ago

@ZNP , but isnt Ubisoft owned by EA???

Ron_Danger1651d ago

In the words of one Dr. Tobias Funke "I don't want to blame 9/11 here, but..."

DOMination-1651d ago

About ten years ago, EA purchased some shares in Ubisoft. To my knowledge they never sold or purchased more. So they may own a percent or two but from my limited knowledge of business.. Its not enough for them to have any influence.

Mainsqueeze1651d ago

@Ripsta7th lol look EA has done some pretty crappy things to gamers, but this dudes comment right here is just evidence for the fact that a-lot of people that jump on the blame game train really have no idea wtf they are talking about. Unless he was making a joke about how everyone blames EA for everything, then it was pretty funny. (im not an EA fan by any means)

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TruthbeTold1651d ago

You say that Wii U owners look bad by being upset/boycotting/whatever, but pretty much every time something similar happened to PS360 owners this past gen, the reaction was the same. People are people. If they are promised something at a certain time and they don't get it, they are disappointed. Especially if it involves them saving money toward something. Period.

SuperShyGuy1651d ago

But there is a difference here

The Nintendo fans are boycotting/petitioning for the finished game to be released now

The Sony fans were boycotting/petitioning for games like Devil May Cry, Metal Gear and FF13 not to be released on other platforms.

Old McGroin1650d ago

"but pretty much every time something similar happened to PS360 owners this past gen, the reaction was the same. People are people. If they are promised something at a certain time and they don't get it, they are disappointed."

*Cough* Mass Effect 3 ending *Cough*

Gamer19821651d ago

I agree but something happened behind the scenes here theres no way Ubisoft just changed there mind 3 weeks before launch and decided to go multi-platform. Plus theres no way they can bash out a ps3 and 360 version in 6 months. Them games have been in development a while which makes me think there was some sort of deal with Nintendo that fell through at the last minute so Ubisoft gave them the 2 fingers. Nintendo stand back and let Ubisoft take the flak who cannot talk about deals as they are protected by confidentiality agreements and Nintendo look like the innocent party.

So in the end, this was always a multiplatform game just a timed one.

nukeitall1651d ago

I think Ubisoft was expecting to sell huge numbers with Rayman, but when Zombi-U fell apart and the really slow uptake of Wii U they had to save their profit by releasing on the other two platforms.

I think there is little hope in recouping cost, let alone break even....

strifeblade1651d ago

im going to be honest- i love nintendo but fans cannot expect timed exclusives if nintendo doesnt pony up the dough, therefore ubisoft can release the game on their own terms.

when it ws announced exclusive maybe nintendo and ubisoft were in talks, but obviously never reached a deal. Whatever the case, the game will benefit from a simultaneous launch and ensure the most sales for the game and its developers only to serve the interests of its fans if they hope to see the next rayman in the series

ElectricKaibutsu1651d ago

It's not the lack of exclusivity people are angry about, but the unnecessary seven month delay of the finished Wii U version.

Tiqila1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

thats only fair, why should wii-u owner get it earlier than ps360 owner? That would make it a timed exclusive which it not is for reasons we dont know... maybe nintendo didnt want to pay for time-exclusiveness... who knows?!

to release a game half a year later on another system is bad for its sales on that system, since its not a NEW game anymore. Why should ubi do this when not getting paid for it?

admiralvic1651d ago

A lot of people feel betrayed and they want to show Ubisoft by not buying. Sure this will hurt the developer, but thats the real world for you. Thats why you see a LOT of these articles... people just want to make it abundantly clear they they're mad the Wii U version got delayed (though most people seem to think this is a multiplatform issue...).


As I mentioned in another topic, the first promotional video only said "Wii U exclusive features". This was definitely always intended to be a timed exclusive,but then something happened. However, it really doesn't matter if the problem is on Nintendos end or not, since being "righteous" won't help the Wii U become successful. In the end I just hope Ubisoft does another Rayman game (without pulling this crap) and doesn't cancel the series when this game bombs.

nerdkiller1651d ago

nintendo has definitely try to get lighting in a bottle twice but unfortunately ppl who bought the wii dont care for a tablet ill they wanted was motion control. nintendo should come out with true next gen system for the hardcore cuz the wii was a one hit wander. thats why devs are jumping ship

LOL_WUT1651d ago

Well, this is not surprising especially from a Nintendo fan. They took this news very, very personal I think they are only taking their hatred towards Ubisoft when Nintendo are at fault too.

For one, saying it was an exclusive in the first place and secondly for not being competent enough to keep it like that.

Someone told me the other day that the childish remarks where far out and in between, hah, yea right... ;)

dark-hollow1651d ago

Its not about being multiplatform which is pathetic if you got upset about, the problem is the game is FINISHED AND READY FOR RELEASE! but they want to delay it so they can release the Wii u version along with the others which is a pretty shitty move.

strifeblade1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

actually its not a shitty move because if they did that, hype and sales for the other console version released 6 months later would die down, and unless nintendo makes up for that by paying for timed exclusivity- ubisoft has no reason to release it on the wii u first and lose money.

I love nintendo and am a huge fan (wii360 player)but this is childish. Just wait and hope for the best

3-4-51651d ago

How did they not know of Microsoft's policy until the Release Date deadline ?

Isn't that somebody's job ?

They look stupid if anything for not knowing this situation was obviously going to 100% happen.

Ubisoft aren't jerks....they just aren't as smart as they think they are.

And this whole grammar & punctuation conversation is pointless. It's the internet....spelling correctly doesn't mean you are more intelligent. It just means you try harder. Nothing wrong with that.

showtimefolks1651d ago

UBI owns the IP and they can release it for wiiu or any consoles they want deal with it. It's not just UBI 3rd arty support for wiiu is gonns suffer as always

And before you fanboys call out UBI realize this, UBI is one of Bly handful of publishers who supported wii very well so don't bite the hand that feeds you. Nintendo needs to sell more wiiu nuts otherwise they will loose more support

Wiiu has sold very poorly
Wiiu launched with more confusion than anything else, should have called this WIIHD or WII2, wiiu is such a dumb name

Also games,games,games. I know about Nintendo direct but most of those games are atleast18-2504minths away from release so give us something to play right now.

Fanboys in general are bad but Nintendo fanboys are the worst and I call y'all fangirls since Nintendo/'s consoles are perceived as kids systems