PCGamer- Metro: Last Light preview – we venture deep into 4A Games’ gloomy Muscovite shooter

PCG:In the tunnels beneath post-nuclear Moscow, there is a town called Theater. Like much of what passes for civilisation in Russian sci-fi author Dmitry Glukhovsky’s apocalypse, it’s built into the old subway – the metro system for which 4A Games’ shooter series is named.

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aLucidMind1933d ago

I'm likely going to pass on this one; Metro 2033, while I can certainly see how people like the game, was difficult for me to get into. One of those games that I wouldn't mind watching a friend play but would be bored playing myself.

FarCryLover1821932d ago

Should have given it a bit longer to sink in. At least rent the new one and then you'll end up buying

aLucidMind1931d ago

I did, I finished the game mainly just to finish it and actually took my time with it to try and soak up as much of what the game had to offer as I can. Mainly because I sell games for a living and want to give customers games I feel they will enjoy based on what they tell me they're into. That's why I said I can certainly see that this is a great game, but was too linear for my liking. However, I wouldn't want to change that as making it open world or less linear will, more likely than not, compromise the better parts of the game and the story.

aawells071932d ago

Pls for the love of god dont let this get delayed.

Felinox1932d ago

Agree completely. If it does let's hope it comes with next gen version

FarCryLover1821932d ago

I didn't even think about a next-gen version, gonna be a great launch title if true :D

chukamachine1932d ago

First game, while having decent graphics, was boring to play.

The guys voice was awful, there are a lot better games.