Developer Spotlight: Jason West and Vince Zampella

GenGame takes a look at the history behind the founders of Infinity Ward and the things they've faced in recent years.

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Walker1899d ago

They have created the best FPS (COD4:MW) of this generation, IMO !

Septic1899d ago

These guys are geniuses. As soon as they departed the COD franchise went down the toilet.

adorie1899d ago

These guys plus Frostbite 2 = ?

Let the imagination run wild!

XboxInnovation1899d ago

Now cod is left with Gayarch the worst devs ever

3-4-51899d ago

Treyarch is better than IW/sledge

Thatguy-3101899d ago

If anyone can destroy COD it will be there guys. They are the ones that made the IP relevant. Let's hope their next project is as addicting as COD4

Hufandpuf1899d ago

Hopefully their next game will be better than COD4. I don't think they are out of the clear yet though after the abomination of MW2.

FriedGoat1899d ago

Well, they were forced to create the game... Their creative direction was stifled due to money grabbing antics. Don't expect a good game when your heart isn't in it.

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