Do We Need Announcements for Announcements?

Do we need announcements for announcements? Sony announced a press conference, but they are such a big deal people would listen if they just spoke. The idea behind announcing something is that you get a lot of excitement going for something specific , be it a product or an idea. When it is announced that there is going to be an announcement about something, Zack of GamerFitNation finds this akin to people talking just to hear their own voices.

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GameTavern1567d ago

I'm going to announce that I will announce my comment on this matter in a couple of days.

Nate-Dog1567d ago

First of a number of amazingly humorous comments I presume.

aceitman1567d ago

and its something a lot of people do, so people can prepare and schedule the time that is announced.

TheSaint1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

But how do you schedule time for the original announcement? There needs to be an announcement for that.

DarkBlood1567d ago

im going to make a report and submit an article about GameTavern announcement that he will announce on the announcement to be announced on this day where we will find out what the announcement he is going to make so this announcement has no concrete answer till the day of that announcment

xtremeimport1567d ago

Yes, you need to announce a Presser. If you one will know and no one will come.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I1566d ago

More people will come if you tell them you have punch and pie. :)

1Victor1567d ago

my sources say that GameTavern announcement is going to be a no comment on rumors and speculations on his anouncement

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stuntman_mike1567d ago

that's a pretty short life for those people?

wishingW3L1567d ago

yes for the hype. That's called a tease BTW.

sloth33951567d ago

if we didn't know it was coming no one would watch it

MontyQ1567d ago

i want them to announce when announcements well be made about annoucmets ya I spellz it wrong I hazum cheese burger now ?

DarkBlood1567d ago

hey no cats allowed on the internet lol

kneon1567d ago

But on the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog, or a cat :)

MrDead1567d ago

But do we need an announcement about the announcement of the announcement or will just the announcement of the announcement suffice?

KwietStorm1567d ago

That is to be announced later.

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The story is too old to be commented.