Origin Stories: How Gearbox got to make Aliens: Colonial Marines

Gearbox Software started production on Aliens: Colonial Marines back in 2007, and after a torturous five-year development cycle pockmarked with delays, layoffs, and more delays, it finally comes out Feb. 12. But it started, like a lot of things do, with a list.

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richierich1863d ago

Considering there are no reviews yet and the game comes out in just a few days Im getting the feeling Gearbox is using the same strategy ID software done with RAGE.

SybaRat1863d ago

Not necessarily. Lots of games have release-day embargoes. Assassin's Creed III did.

Okay, I see your point now.

Nitrowolf21863d ago

Embargo is the day before I think, same with pretty much all other games.

SybaRat1863d ago

If Ridley's hand-drawn notebook was included in a Special Edition, I would buy ALL THOSE SPECIAL EDITIONS.

darkronin2291863d ago

Hearing all the loose chatter about Colonial Marines from other reviewers on Twitter has me worried...

Jacobster1863d ago

I think it will be a decent game, not without its faults (like most games). I am not expecting something revolutionary though..maybe this game will give us a bit of suspense.

I am quite disappointed the "bug-mode" will be DLC as I would have expected a horde mode to be already on the disc.

We'll have to wait and see :)

OhMyGandhi1863d ago

I hope this game is good. I really do.

maximus19851862d ago

same here. Its getting alot of hate from people who compare it to call of duty and who dont know how bad ass aliens the movie was. ive waited over 20 years for this game....unless the shoot button doesnt work on release day i feel i will like this game

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