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Origin today released a 66mb update to their Origin client for OSX after last week announcing that Origin would indeed be coming to OSX after a successful Alpha period of only two weeks. So what does the new update bring us? Well it now brings us the entirety of Origins back catalogue of Mac compatible games which currently isn’t huge but it’s a start. Unfortunately, there really isn’t any other major feature to write home about, just yet. A nice surprise though was to see the hugely successful Batman Arkham series which had been successfully ported by Feral Interactive. The only snagging point on this was the pricing for the games at £19.99 for Arkham Asylum and £29.99 for Arkham City considering currently on Steam in PC format for £9.99 and £19.99 respectively. Another case of Mac user’s having their pants pulled down? Surely with Origin coming to a new platform it would learn from what Steam does and offer us content at a fair price. It’s bad enough we generally have to wait well over 12 months for a port anyway.

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3GenGames1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Origin sucks, Apple sucks...seems to be a good partnership. Too bad hipsters don't buy EA games. Or real games in general.

On the bright side, EA will probably never port it to Linux. Would be easy considering it's a Unix-Like OS, oh well. Hopefully not. Linux only needs, and only wants, Steam. And it got it. Woo. :)

TheGamingArt1765d ago

Ignorant people will be ignorant.

3GenGames1765d ago

Nothing more ignorant than spending 10x on a tool just because you don't want to learn how to use it.

TheGamingArt1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

When you say 10x do you mean $10,000? That was poorly stated in any interpretation considering that you don't spend $10,000 on a mac? Then again, what do you mean on a tool just because you don't want to learn it? I'm completely unsure of where you were going with this argument, but I was calling you ignorant for multiple reasons.

1.) You state that Apple sucks. If in any sense you are a knowledgeable technician, you would NEVER say this. Sure there strategies can be annoying (but obviously efficient), but they don't suck (especially with the best built operating system out there ... if you know anything about the architecture and file handling system you wouldn't even attempt to argue this).
2.) Why does Origin suck? Steams been running a monopoly for years on this market with the ring master being what could be arguably the biggest douche in the gaming industry AKA Gabe Newell. Competition is always healthy and it should be an opening arm to see the market expand to any Unix based system. Especially with the insane benefits of using OpenGL over Direct X code. This opens up a new world for OpenGL to expand upon and become a standard which helps web graphics development to under WebGL.

You arguing any of this is just flat out ignorant.

JBSleek1765d ago

There are just so many wrong things with what you just said. I think someone is really closed minded and narrow, self entitled and ignorant.

Fantastic qualities.

Hazmat131765d ago

im getting the imac so woo! i guess... lol im just gonna play a crap ton of half life killing floor and other stuff. lol

MGregory6661764d ago

Some nice mature responses here guys. Appreciated.