Xbox 720 vs Used Games: Microsoft Asks Gamers If They Prefer Physical Copies or Digital Downloads

GR - "Prepping to announce the next Xbox at E3 this year, Microsoft has put up a poll on its official Facebook page to garner the reactions of gamers about their purchasing habits."

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Nyxus1867d ago

I will always prefer physical.

Relientk771867d ago

Right with ya on that one

blackbeld1867d ago

Yep, for example if I own a lot of great games digital and I finished it. So now I want to sell it cause i don't play those games anymore.

The question is how I gonna sell it? With physical I can sell but digital it's not possible unless I sell my account and that is crazy.


Welshy1867d ago

I like to actually OWN something.

Despite it literally being the same thing, the fact i can stick the game on a shelf and play whenever i want is a freedom i don't feel with digital distribution.

I don't like just having a file sitting on my hard drive for £40 that is subject to 3rd party rules and DRM.

I get that a console itself is technically DRM, but i can take FIFA to a mates house for a few beers and a tourny, i can't do that with a file on an HDD and i'll always buy physical so long as it's available.

Scenarist1866d ago

not only that.. but when the next system comes out i want to be SURE i can play my old games on it... unlike the wii u (atm)

dasbeer881867d ago

It's amazing that for the first time in history, Microsoft asks gamers for their opinion and advice.

blackbeld1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )


Really amazing! This is Breaking News!

Not only gamers but overall. They ignore with even windows 8 metro style. And now they ask opinion from gamers? How come?

Maybe they are really desperate this time.

Campy da Camper1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

What they might not be saying is that future physical copies could be system locked. Just because they offer discs doesn't mean they dont get rid of playing used copies. I'm not dissing them but it is a possibility.

mananimal1866d ago


There not really asking, but getting a feel for how much work they & others still need to do to convince the masses to buy into "Digital Distrubution" imo.

adorie1867d ago

Seems like there was some kind of truth to the rumor that Microsoft wanted to go with digital only-games. For them to be asking "gamers" their opinions about this matter seems really positive to me. They still care...

delboy1867d ago

It's a trick question, think about it.

OhMyGandhi1867d ago

I like something I can actually hold, something tactile. I suppose (in a more dramaticcontext)it's like knowing that you have cash stuffed in a mattress instead of a bank account, there is that degree of safety in knowing that it's there, and cannot be taken away.

omi25p1867d ago

I love having a collection of games.

deSSy27241866d ago

Me too on consoles, but on PC i prefer Steam because of very good "Steam deals".

morkendo231866d ago

I like to own my "PHYSICAL" games.
compare to non-physical data.

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Relientk771867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

There is nothing like a physical copy, the disc, box, and instructions. I go for complete copies and always have ever since my first video games.

There is no value in a digital copy, my complete retail copies of old games are worth way more than a digital copy will ever be.

NeverEnding19891867d ago

I used to say the same things about music. Now I buy 90% of my music digitally. I haven't seen the latest CD sales, but I'm assuming they're continuing to fall while digital is continuing to rise.

Like it or not, I'm betting within 10 years most gaming will be done digitally. You should still be able to buy your physical copy, but the industry will change. Publishers will soon be counting more on digital sales than physical sales, etc.

sway_z1867d ago

Sadly it is more probable than not...but now is not that time ;/

extermin8or1867d ago

No music is such a small file size, whereas games are so much larger and although compression techniques improve every generation, at the start of a new generation the file sizes tend to be massive....

TheSaint1866d ago

That's different, you can't play Xbox 360 on the move.

fermcr1867d ago

If Microsoft goes only digital and no used copies... buy buy Microsoft, you can keep your console.

Septic1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

Bye bye*

I doubt they'll go all digital. This poll should have made it clear to them even if they didn't know already.

inFAMOUS_KRATOS1867d ago

i agree digital is almost a cheat, because you really don't own it.


Physical copies that aren't controlled.

IAMERROR1867d ago

Shouldn't you be focusing on PS3 news? bwahahaha
I miss gamepro :(


PS3 news thread died last month. I'm searching for a new, and active forum to post news and videos.

P.S. List 3 AAA 360 exclusive titles released this year :)

IAMERROR1867d ago

Released? or going to be released? well... ummmmm GOW:J? I'll admit you win this time Acey *shakes fist angrily in the air* I will get you next time!

Ripsta7th1866d ago

@ACEMANWISE why the hell would MS release 3 AAA exclusives when they are about to release their new console? clearly MS has all their studios focusing new hardware


The PS3 is still getting excellent releases this year. The PS4 is well into development.

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