Dev says companies talked about canned Wii U games rather than new ones at DICE, more

NE: "Developers and publishers from around the world gathered at the D.I.C.E. Summit earlier this week. For Wii U, the main piece of news stemming from the event concerns the delay of Rayman Legends. But that's not all: there's another concerning Wii U update to discuss."

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Kamikaze1351901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

"Additionally, Wynands noted how “a high budget Wii U game” hoping to sell “millions” has only sold “tens of thousands” thus far. It’s unclear which game was being referred to, but “It is one of the top rated games for the platform.”"

Which game do you guys think this could be?

Godchild10201901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

I'm thinking COD:BO2, Zombie U or Assassin's Creed 3. I'm sure Mario and NintendoLand broke 1 million retail and more combined with digital sales.

Zodiac1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

I'm thinking Black Ops as well. I'm surprised that any devs thought a multi plat launch game would sell millions, though.

The Wii U has sold 3 million units to date. Even though CoD sells a lot, did they really expect it to sell millions? That would be a ridiculously high attach rate.

Edit:@ LOLo_WUT. ZombiU sold a few hundred thousand,so it can't be that. It's got to be CoD or Assasins Creed.

LOL_WUT1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

Maybe it was Zombie U? That could be the motive behind the new Zombie U bundle which was probably made to amp up the games sales. Which was a little too pricey to be honest with you. ;)

UltraVegito1901d ago

Either CoD or AC 3 it's downright illogical expecting to sell millions on a system at LAUNCH.

This sounds like a excuse for devs to not make games for the Wii U.

-Alpha1901d ago

Not sure why devs are expecting ports to sell millions, so I'm going with Zombie U. I remember that game at least got me hyped for Wii U.

That said, the Wii U is in its infancy, and I wonder if the expectations were for the console to sell a lot more, thereby increasing sales of the game, or if it was for the actual game to sell millions and have a high attach rate.

Either way, with this and Rayman Legends coming to PS3/360 (which I'm personally happy about), the recent gloom seems worrying, and like always, I expect Nintendo-made exclusives to pick up the slack while the third party train halts and flips focus to PS4/Nextbox

guitarded771900d ago

I think I'm in agreement with the rest of y'all... I bought my Wii U at launch, with Mario Bros, Zombie U and Nintendo Land. I had no intention of buying CoD or AC3 on the Wii U for a couple of reasons.

CoD: I knew there wasn't going to be a huge install base to play online with, so I bought it on XBOX like most of my friends, so we can play online MP.

AC3: I bought it for the PS3 because of the bonus content, and that's where I've played all other AC games.

As for other multi-platform games like Batman, Mass Effect, etc... I already played those and wasn't willing to buy them again... especially at full retail.

Those in the industry should expect initial sales of any console to be mostly made by dedicated gamers who aren't committed to just one platform. The dedicated gamers are the ones who buy games and hardware on day 1. Those in the industry shouldn't expect those dedicated gamers to buy games at full price that they've already played 6 months ago. The problem is they had unrealistic expectations, and didn't consider many factors.

deSSy27241900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

I can agree with you Zodiac... i think the game is BO2. Well, Wii U has "only" about 3 million owners so far, its not that bad for a Wii U start aka first months but you cant compare that to 75mil+ PS3 or 75mil+ Xbox360 consoles. Most CoD players are playing on Xbox360, PS3 and PC. Their friends are on those systems, they are familiar with PS3/xbox360 controllers, mouse and keyboard and all that stuff.

And this "did they really expect it to sell millions?" is 100% truth, the same we can see on all other platforms. Did CoD ever sold in 60-75 mil PS3 copies? did CoD ever sold in 60-75 Xbox 360 copies? did CoD ever sold in 80-100 mil Wii copies? did CoD ever sold in 200-500 mil (random number) PC copies? answer to that question is simply NO.

StanSmith1900d ago

Judging by VGChartz (I know), it's Mass Effect 3. It's the only game thus far that we can see has only sold "tens of thousands" as stated in the article.

It's currently sat at 40,000 units sold Worldwide. If this has annoyed EA, then it's they're own stupid fault porting a game whose fanbase is purely on PS3/360/PC.

Had they ported the entire trilogy, they would have achieved better sales. They charged full price for the game while at the same time, releasing the trilogy sets on PC/360/PS3. No logic whatsoever. It was a pure cash grab considering they didn't put much effort into the Wii Us second screen.

It could also be Fifa 13 or Madden, which again, were half-arsed ports from EA.

I don't believe it's Activision or Ubisoft considering the sales for their games look quite respectable considering the bulk of them are ports. Ubisoft have sold 690,000 games and Activision have sold 320,000 games in total, while EA have only sold 120,000 games. All three of EAs titles were big franchises too.

ElectricKaibutsu1900d ago

I agree with you guys that said it's ZombiU. I wouldn't expect ports to sell very many.

This Wii U doom article doesn't sound like a sensationalized Wii U doom article. I'm worried about this console.

SilentNegotiator1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

"Either CoD or AC 3 it's downright illogical expecting to sell millions on a system at LAUNCH.
This sounds like a excuse for devs to not make games for the Wii U"

That's right, developers are just LOOKING for an excuse to have a smaller potential amount of buyers. /s

What were you saying about "illogical"? He wasn't talking about on the spot sales, he was talking about over time. The idea is that WiiU isn't looking good for healthy as possible software sales.

TheDivine1900d ago

Might be Darksiders 2. That game has under 10,000 people on miiverse. Hell I'd expect all ports that are available for half price and a year old on other consoles would sell like shit. We've all played them unless its a very small fraction of people who only had a wii. Make exclusive games that are good and they will sell. Casual games, Nintendo games, and Japanese (jrpgs, Srpgs, exc) sell well. I'm hoping for a killer first party lineup and a shit ton of RPGs. It's already starting with Xenoblade 2, SMT x Fire Emblem, and whatever else is coming. The wii wound up great for rpgs and the ds/3ds is undisputed king for those genres these days. I don't care about ME3 or COD tbh although future multiplayer releasing is a good thing. Not good it's missing stuff like DMC, Tomb Raider, and others. I have all consoles so I don't care but it may sway others to buy a different console.

Even if it wound up another GameCube I'd be happy as that was one of the best consoles ever. Bring me Metroid, Zelda, Paper Mario, Star Fox, Kid Icarus, SSB, Fire Emblem, Xenoblade, and whatever 3rd party games like SMT, Tales, Twewy, and other RPGs come its way. It's a good sigh that Nin seems to have secured Dragon Quest exclusivity, Monster Hunter exclusivity, and SMT exclusivity along with Bayonetta 2 and another Platinum Games exclusive the P101 game. That's a powerful handful of games for Japan.

RememberThe3571900d ago

The sad part about this whole thing is that N4G can figure it out but these publishers can't. We have to be regarded as one of the worst communities in the online gaming world, yet we can figure it out. What does that say about these publishers.

Expecting multi-platform games to sell on Wii U when everyone already has a PS3 or 360 is frankly stupid.

Gamer19821900d ago

CO was never gonna sell the kind of numbers on a Nintendo console as 360 and PS3 as the demographic is differnt.

The Great Melon1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )


"Expecting multi-platform games to sell on Wii U when everyone already has a PS3 or 360 is frankly stupid."

This is so true. Ironically, the multi-platform games that Nintendo have always wanted won't get them anywhere on the Wii U. Until the PS4 or NeXtbox is released Nintendo is competing with the PS3 and Xbox 360, and there is little reason to invest in the Nintendo's system when everyone already owns a system of similar power from their competitors. They need exclusives, not multiplatform titles, now more than ever.

I think it would be in Nintendo's favor for Sony and Microsoft to release their consoles sooner rather than later. Nintendo can't compete with this generation -- they can only compete with the next.

Mounce1900d ago

That's because any Third-party developer who thinks that just because the Wii market was big, means that their game will sell big are just kidding themselves....

Nintendo Fans and fanboys buy Nintendo hardware for NINTENDO games, this has been proven time and time again, Sony and Microsoft consoles are bought for their own exclusives AND the PS3/360 'Exclusives' which may or may not be multiplatform with eachother, but simply exclude the Wii and now the Wii U.

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Nitrowolf21901d ago

Zombie U maybe XD
either that or COD

3-4-51901d ago

I don't care if this guy is " in the industry ", he obviously isn't as smart as he thinks he is.

For the "game" to sell would have had to literally ship with every console.

It's an ignorant expectation and he is just jumping on the bandwagon.

By E3, the Nintendo is dying stuff will go away a bit and the focus will be hopefully more positive for all 3 Major gaming companies.

bicfitness1901d ago

Actually, having a smaller catalogue to compete against can work to the benefit of a game. Look at AC Vita, sold 600K on like 5 million systems. That's almost a 20% penetration rate.

JP13691901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

Who are you to question this person's intelligence when you can't even be bothered to read the article and see that said game was expected to sell millions "over time"?

Edit: Curious to know why you decided to put quotes around "game". Do you think that it wasn't, in fact, a game that undersold but some other product like a lamp or a pair of shoes?

3-4-51900d ago

He should know better than to think a certain game would sell with almost every system.

JP13691900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

Wow, you have totally missed the point. He says that they expected it to sell millions over time which obviously (to most of us at least) means over a period of time further into the future than the launch window when many more consoles would have been sold. He's obviously written off those chances with the numbers being as abysmal as they currently are.
I can't believe the language and concept seem to be beyond your reach. That being the case, you have no reason to ever bring the intellectual capabilities of anyone into question. In fact, I'd recommend that you refrain from commenting at all.

RememberThe3571900d ago

No clue why your getting so many disagrees, you said what everyone else has been saying. Probably because you are screaming "DOOM!" about the Wii U. I bubbled you up to off-set the fanboyism.

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KrisButtar1901d ago

I was thinkIng of batman

Tei7771900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

For any game to sell "millions" on the system it would have to have a 100% attach seeing as theer are only 3m consoles out there. Not only that but based on reviews, no wii U exclusive game is deserving of such a high attachment rate.

Edit: Also I hope these devs realise that a lot of Wii U early adopters are core gamers and so probably have a 360/ps3 as well. This is why games like assassins creed arriving 3 weeks later on the wii U essentially negates any possibility of it selling huge numbers.

OmegaSlayer1900d ago

I think Ubisoft felt really burned with ZombiU and that's why Rayman jumped to multiplat.
ZombiU is an exclusive AAA title and sold poorly.
Exclusive titles are expected to sell load even if they're not top quality (like Motorstorm and Resistance on PS3) because early adopters are expected to purchase titles not available on other platforms.

That said...I expected it because Nintendo fans buy Nintendo consoles only for exclusives, that's the story that goes on from Nintendo 64 up to today.

3-4-51900d ago

COD didn't cost millions to make. It was already made and then ported to Wii U with some additions tacked on.

doing that doesn't cost nearly as much as making a game from ground up.

Sounds like a drama queen reported this.

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phantomexe1901d ago

It could be AC3 but in all fairness alot of the games the WiiU got were ports that had already launched on ps3 or xbox. ZombiU isn't a great game but it did sell well.

danny8181901d ago

Debs should learn multiplats dont sell alot on a Nintendo console

ProjectVulcan1900d ago

She really should, Debbie is a bit thick sometimes.

tehpees31901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

Are third parties really becoming so stupid these days? Vita gets off to a slow start so it is a flop. Wii U gets off to a slow start so it is a flop.

I cannot understand why. Maybe because Wii U games are ports of older games? Maybe because the Declassified game you put on Vita sucked?

Capcom are happy with Monster Hunter on Wii U. So clearly Wii U can't be doing that badly.

Give the systems some time for crying out loud. Seems every system is an instant flop these days.

TongkatAli1901d ago

I can tell you for sure COD Vita sold more games then COD Wii U. Activision hasn't complanied about the Vita.

-Alpha1901d ago

Yeah, but just look at the VITA version. It's clear that they didn't set high expectations for that game to begin with.

fei-hung1900d ago

COD Vita wasn't made by Activision. Sony was forked the bill and Nhilistic made the game. Activision probably got paid by Sony for use of their IP per sale.

Since it didn't cost Activision anything, there is no reason for them to complain.

I don't think it's any MP that people are complaining over. Batman, AC3, COD have all made their money back and tons of profit on top. I don't think it would have cost millions to port to the WiiU and then Millions copies to be sold to break even.

I would go with ZombieU as it has been made from the ground up for the WiiU as an Exclusive, had a big marketing campaign and it has only sold just over 320k to date. DmC with all the backlash has sold more and Anarchy Reigns has only sold 100k less with next to no marketing.

Considering how much Ubisofts was backing and promoting the WiiU since its announcement and praising it, compared to how much the console and game have sold, it must be a little disappointing. Possibly why Rayman Legends has been delayed and gone multiplat.

juandren1900d ago

fei-hung: Activision didn't "make" Black Ops 2 on any platform. Or any Call of Duty for that matter. They are just the publisher. Point 1. Point 2 - they were still the publishers for the Vita version. Your comment = epic fail

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

In truth, once Monster Hunters drops WiiU will be 2nd on the Hardware Charts in Japan. --Another spike with Dragon Quest X.

With the US, I'm not sure what (one) game could do that for Nintendo, unless it is a casual title.

The problem with FPS is that many of the players have communities set-up on their current consoles. They may be drawn back to an Online FPS because all of their friends are on the Server. --
WiiU's Community is young, I hear good things about it; but it would be a hard switch if everyone I knew was on Xbox Live.
--That is why they are being kind of ridiculous expecting a 3 month old console to sell like hotcakes and make hotcakes.

Araceae1901d ago

Monster Hunter already came out in Japan. Ultimate (called 3G HD Version in Japan) was released on the WiiU last year. Monster Hunter 4 (for the 3DS) was suppose to be coming out in Japan around the same time everyone else is getting Ultimate. So those WiiU sales have already come and gone.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

Right you are.

"The Wii U port is known in Japan as Monster Hunter 3G HD Ver., and was released on December 8, 2012 when the Wii U launched in Japan"

Capcom has so many versions and names it is hard to keep track.
But WiiU was 1st and 2nd during that time period.

I haven't played it yet on any Plat' waiting for the N.A. WiiU version to jump in.

ozzywazzy1901d ago

"in truth"

There was literally none of that in your comment. Silly.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1900d ago


In truth, once Monster Hunters drops WiiU will be 2nd on the Hardware Charts in Japan. --Another spike with Dragon Quest X.
>When I spoke of time- I was wrong.
But the truth is during the 2nd weeks of Monster Hunter's release in Japan- WiiU was 1st and then 2nd in Hardware Sales.

And then unless you see the future or have different Dragon Quest franchise sales facts... - the Dragon Quest X (truth) is yet to be proven.

So, Troll me when DQX drops.

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Venox20081901d ago

and again a lot of forget how rocky PS3 start was, look at it now.. Wii U will be fine, some are predicting the whole console's cycle just based about few months sales, do those people at least finished school? its obvious, give new games, give some time and (I hope) things should recover

zebramocha1901d ago

You can't really compare,the ps3 and wii came out one year after ther xbox 360,the wiiu came out because the wii sales were in decline and this gen lasted longer than expected,that's nintendeos fault for not having a plan just in case the wii flop or was successful.

torchic1900d ago

if you actually read the article the devs always knew the PS3 would come back, however the do not feel the same way about Wii U.

Thatguy-3101900d ago

Sony has a different demographic than Nintendo. Look at all the gens they competed against. The wii won because it made casual gaming mainstream on console but they don't have that to back them up this time around. Nintendo is back to the n64 and gamecube days. Yea ppl will buy their first part games but without third party and the casuals they can't compete with the next xbox and ps system.

OmegaSlayer1900d ago

They're not stupid, they invest lots of money/resources/time to make games.

If the sales don't pay off, they have to make cut on forthcoming products.
Lately we've seen how game studios can die easily, very easily, like THQ despite the very good quality of some of their products.
There is NEVER time to wait, especially for WiiU that is technically current gen and we're just one step for the real next gen.

That's why a crippled machine (like WiiU, mostly because it was released late) is bad for the industry, because it sucks money that could fund something else.

FriedGoat1900d ago

I like Nintendo, but recently their quality has been lacking. The 3DS launch was terrible, I was waiting for games for a year and it seemed everything they released was rushed. Mario 3d land / mario kart all felt rushed and lacking in content.

I think we'll see the same thing here, Nintendo have done the exact same thing, no games for ages and then a bunch of rushed first party names.

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Theyellowflash301901d ago

Fine by me, DICE just makes shooters anyway. How about making a unique Wii U game that isn't a port?

I'm sick of stupid a$$ third party companies that don't understand logistics. The console just launched, your games, like Black Ops and Mass Effect, were full price on Wii U but half or discounted for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Most Wii U owners are multiplat gamers. If you want your games to sell, you can't low ball Wii U owners with less content than other versions, at a higher price.

EA sucks balls anyway. I don't even want to play their crap on the Xbox 360 or PS3. We all know EA and Nintendo have a shaky business relationship, we know they aren't going to support the Wii U. So i'm moving on.

Lionalliance1901d ago

Ehhhh..... D.I.C.E as in the game developer show, not Dice the game developer, read the article before you make conclusions.

BoNeSaW231901d ago

You should really read the article if you think the D.I.C.E. Summit (Design, Innovate,
Communicate, Entertain) has anything to do with EA's Digital Illusions CE studio.

Also, your off-topic rant made me laugh BTW.

Wintersun6161900d ago

I can't decide should I bubble him down for off topic or up for funny. :)

Theyellowflash301901d ago

Mybad on that one, but my message stays the same. EA has b*tched in the past about their performance on Wii U so I'm thinking they are in that group. I really don't see who else could have claimed they expected to sell millions and only sold a few thousand.

kupomogli1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

The EA hate train is about to leave. Alllll aboard!

Most of EA's games don't even sell millions on the PS360, so they're not going to just assume their games are going to sell millions on a console that doesn't even have a fanbase.

Like others had said, it's probably Zombie U because that game was supposed to be a system seller for core gamers.

fei-hung1900d ago

Most EA games don't sell millions on ps3 and 360?

FIFA: 9million+
Battlefield 3: 12million+
Crysis 2: 2million+
Burnout paradise: 3million+
Need for speedMW: 2.3million+
Need for speed Shift: 4million+
Dead space: 3million+
Dead Space 2: 2.5million+
Medal of Honour: 5million+
Mass Effect 2: 4million+
Mass Effect 3: 3.7million+
Dante's Inferno: 2million+
Dragon Age: 4million+
Rock Band: 4million+

Granted not all their games sell like COD or FIFA but most break the million mark, and 3million mark if released as multiplatform titles.

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