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Ten of the Best Video Game Trailers

Austin Griffith, LevelSave.com's Xbox 360 Editor put together a list of his top ten video game trailers. It's a list full of gripping emotions, awesome badassery, and destructive violence. (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

RustedMan  +   813d ago
Good list, and I also think the Halo 3 trailer with the kids at the beginning was damned good.
also the Starcraft 2 teaser, Resistance 2 with the radio announcer, Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer, obviously the Killzone 2 trailer, uncharted 2 trailer, Heavenly Sword, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory teaser, Arkham City/Asylum trailers, and of course, the first of the rebooted Tomb Raider trailers.

But back to Halo, I simply could not contain myself after seeing the majority of trailers out for those games. Powerful stuff.

I get angry thinking about the Dead Island teaser, it was such a beautiful and moving bit that falsified what the actual game would turn out to be.
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AustinG909  +   812d ago
God, if I had had it my way Halo would have taken up the entire list. They have such amazing marketing.
Enemy  +   813d ago
Deus Ex: Human Revolution CGI trailer tied with that first God of War 3 trailer are still the best. The Dark Souls 2 trailer at the VGAs gave me chills as well.
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rpd123  +   813d ago
Assassin's Creed and Mass Effect always have epic trailers.
Riderz1337  +   813d ago
Lol this list is missing quite a few amazing trailers.

Edit - Ahh, I can see why. Just read the first sentence of the description.
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AustinG909  +   812d ago
I admit that PS3 has many amazing trailers, but none of them came to mind at time of writing because I'm not a PS3 player.
SonyStyled  +   813d ago
a few of my favorites that i think should have made the list is the

Uncharted 2 E3 trailer


Killzone 3 story trailer

worth a look for anyone who hasnt seen them
papajag  +   813d ago
DC Universe was amazing. Didn't like the game but the trailer kicks so much butt.

The Witcher 2 intro trailer
juandren  +   812d ago
Wow, I was looking for a list like this last night. I wanted to convince my girlfriend that games are an art form and that it is easily comparable to movies. Thanks for the awesome list
AustinG909  +   812d ago
Thank you! I agree they are an art form in every way possible.
HeavenlySnipes  +   812d ago
My most memorable are

Gears of War 1 trailer

Halo 3

Assassin's Creed 2

DC Universe Online

Dead Island
Mikefizzled  +   812d ago
I was unsure what console to buy this gen but after a slew of brilliant trailers from Microsoft (Gears 1 announcement, both Gears 2 trailers and Halo 3 Believe) their impressive marketing won me over.
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