The Zelda Series’ Next Revolution

ZD writes: It’s unquestionable that Ocarina of Time was a revolution for Zelda, Nintendo, and the entire video game industry. While its foundation was instantly recognizable as the standard Zelda formula, it raised the bar for 3D action games and set precedents that are still followed to this day. While one radical opinion is that Zelda games haven’t changed since the release of the original title, a much more common one (an opinion I still disagree with) is that there haven’t been many fundamental changes to the series since Ocarina of Time was released. Whether that’s true or not, it’s nearly indisputable that Ocarina of Time was the last Zelda game to make a huge impact on the industry.

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tweet751867d ago

id like to see a first person zelda this generation with a more open world than ever before and 2d zelda on 3ds

Reverent1866d ago

More open world, yes; First person, HELL no.

blackbeld1866d ago

No! Are you kidding?

First person like Mirror Edge? No that is not even fun.

Looks great for 15min but then its annoying.

wishingW3L1866d ago

Mirror's Edge is one of the greatest game of this generation, is just that you guys only want the same thing over and over again. That's why every 3D Zelda has been virtually the same game since Ocarina of Time, absolutely nothing has changed on that series.

ChickeyCantor1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

"That's why every 3D Zelda has been virtually the same game since Ocarina of Time, absolutely nothing has changed on that series."

You havn't played all games, have you?

It's like saying how GTA always stayed the same since GTAIII. And we all know that's not true.

For example, I don't remember there being a stealth mechanic other than in Wind Waker. Nor the fact that you have a far more dynamic with skyward sword when fighting enemies. 3 day mechanic majoras mask introduced. Etc, Etc!

First person view would destroy the dynamic of the legend of Zelda series.

Sometimes things don't change because either they simply don't work or it's just a bad idea. The Core hardly changes with any game. It's how the mechanics work that enhance/change the experience.

@WishingW3L below

"how do you even know if it has never been done before?"

Because Miyamoto wanted it to be first person when they were developing OoT. They then changed it because it didn't feel right. And I'm glad they came to that conclusion. If we want Skyrim, we will just get Skyrim.

deafdani1866d ago

That was probably the reaction from many Metroid fans when they found out Prime was going to be in first person... at the time it seemed like a batshit insane idea that couldn't be pulled off, but look how that ended.

Never say never. :P

corrus1866d ago

The Elder Scrolls is FP

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classic2001866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

Zelda and first person is like oil and water.

wishingW3L1866d ago

how do you even know if it has never been done before? Do you have a crystal ball that lets you see what happens on alternate dimensional futures or something?

zerocrossing1866d ago

1st person Zelda? Oh dear god no some things are sacred.

Now a more open world with deeper exploration, that I can get behind.

tweet751866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

how about no clear sequence for dungeons, lots of hidden secrets, dungeons and paths and things to discover mandatory and otherwise.

NaiNaiNai1866d ago

I've never actually got into zelda, A friend however has lent me his 64 and both zelda games hoping to get me hooked.

I'll probably diving into it tomorrow.

WiiUsauce1866d ago

You should try out A Link to the Past first. It is, in my opinion still the most enjoyable Zelda title. Ocarina plays clunky and dated. Yes it's still a good game, yes it was extremely revolutionary at the time of its release, but today it doesn't hold up as well in my opinion. Skyward Sword is a much better, much more refined Zelda game, and so are Wind Waker and Twilight Princess.

Dunpeal1866d ago

how about that ultra realistic Zelda that was hyped up back in the N64 days for starters? enough with cell shading color by number "creative liberties" BS

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1866d ago

I once would have said the same but now-

Twilight Princess is my least favorite Zelda look (the charater models were OK but the world was brown and gray- like some 360 & PS3 games-

SS and WW are my top looks.

Doing a hyper realistic Zelda may rock the "Core" but it would kill the magic for me. I would play it but-

Every Zelda art style is an unspoken character, I rather have something more abstract than real.

WiiUsauce1866d ago

I very much agree 1000 percent with what you just said, sir.

Lighter91866d ago

Zelda has 1st person... whenever you bring up the bow or clawshot. :D

WiiUsauce1866d ago

and in Skyward Sword, you can walk around while in 3rd person too :O

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