Top 10 Narratives in Gaming | Over the years of gaming we have seen many great releases, of which many contain compelling and engaging stories and have left us heart-broken, overwhelmed with delight, or simply in shock. So here’s a top 10 list to narrow down what we believe to be the best narratives in gaming.

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plaZeHD1895d ago

Uncharted is missing!!!

SadPanda1011895d ago

It's still a solid list even without Uncharted. Just goes to show how many great gaming narratives there are right now.

j-blaze1895d ago

nah it was average imo, but the list fails, it has games like Portal and Skyrim and missing MGS, Silent Hill and Final Fantasy!

plaZeHD1895d ago

We understand your hate for Naughty Dog.

MrDead1895d ago

Good to see Grim Fandango on the list, Manny is the ultimate reaper

MaleManSam1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

Erh Skyrim? I have no idea why is even on this list, its not a narrative at all, it focuses on quantity not quality

Star wars: The Knights of the Old republic I & II?

And where the hell is Metal gear solid (Any of them)