Ascend: New Gods is Free-to-Play on Xbox That's Still Fun | IGN

IGN: "Signal Studios’ new take on the action-RPG genre ascends to new heights."

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AngelicIceDiamond1626d ago

I'm in, F2P is always a welcome. I hope the game is good though.

Software_Lover1626d ago

Looks decent enough. Not ever needing to spend money is a big plus also. If only I games on my consoles more. I find more peace and relaxation at my desk with my pc.

Dlacy13g1626d ago

Wow... color me surprised. I had thought this game was going to be much more simple in its mechanics. I will most certainly give this game a go.

Wrightylfc881626d ago

When is this game released?

Swiggins1626d ago

It'll probably release as part of the Summer of Arcade.

As of right now there's no final release date.

MasterCornholio1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

You still need gold to play this game but other than that there are no other costs to this game.

The game sounds pretty cool though especially the fact that you dont need to pay a dime (except for gold) in order to access this game. I wish more titles adopted this type of FTP model.