UK: Wii U sells just 34,000 pieces of software in January

GE: "UK software sales for Wii U last month were rather abysmal. Just 34,000 games were sold in the territory throughout January."

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Sp1d3ynut1655d ago

More like a TERAflop. Oh wait...the WiiU can't do teraflops, my bad.

Mykky1655d ago

Not to worry though. 3DS was also flopping in the beginning. The sales will go sky high ones Super Mario, Zelda, Super Smash and Mario Kart appears. Just like the 3DS.

I always get Nintendo consoles but only to play Zelda and super smash. So I can easily wait for them to appear before buying a Wii U, like I am doing now.

xursz1655d ago

Moreso than the games I think is the inevitability of a price drop. A lot of people weren't happy when the 3DS dropped in price a few months after launch, and it's the same situation here.

Slow sales in the wake of newer consoles = Price cut.

kupomogli1655d ago


So the fact that New Super Mario Bros U is already out?

Red_Orange_Juice1655d ago

Lego City and Bayonetta 2 will be a real test for WiiU, only games I wish were on ps3/360

Wenis1655d ago

So many Wii U haters in here

Divine1655d ago

Wii u is Rubbish and it only interests nes fanatics. The online is garbage and so limiting and the hardware has been outdated 6 years ago.

BitbyDeath1655d ago

It's just UK and if you look up one on the charts you'll see the Vita had not done much better @46k.

Which is likely respective to the install base each system has and again this is only UK numbers so there is nothing here.

Gamer19821655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

People are saying its okay as the 3DS was a flop but the difference is the 3DS competition was a LOT weaker (only the failing Vita to contend with). See the problem Nintendo have got it they can release Mario Kart and smash brothers but if they don't get them out before PS4 and 720 will gamers choose WiiU over the next-gen consoles? I don't think so.. Not unless the launch lineup is truly terrible or the consoles truly suck.

bicfitness1655d ago


The 3DS dropped 40% off its price when it was languishing. I don't see the Wii U doing that, they simply couldn't afford to.

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adorie1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

...Petaflop anyone? Kidding.

I hada feeling the Wii name would end up killing the console, though. It should be selling more than that.

Also, the advent of the internet social machine is evident here, to me. Word of mouth might be causing people to stand their ground and wait for the new HD consoles this year(or 2014).

Kingthrash3601655d ago

Why is it people always compare the vita to the wiiu? Compareing a next gen console to a handheld is just making it look worse. Yeah we all know the vita is struggleing but why bring it up here? To make people pay attention to something that isnt in the same bracket as the topic under disscusion. You could of easly compared the ps3/xbox360 when they first dropped because they are in the same area compition and level of power. It just rubs me the wrong way to see people picking on the vita when its off topic. Truth be told a lot of bad news is reported in way of the wiiu and I dont like it but Nintendo wanted to get more hardcore games for hardcore gamers and also still maintain it's large casual gamer base. Problem with that is to please many hardcore gamers you need to visually impress along with comfortable controls and lets not forget the specs. All that will cost more so they will charge more for the wiiU. No biggie for hardcore gamers but the casual... not big spenders. Wiiu needs a price drop they cant afford.

BitbyDeath1655d ago

@Kingthrash360, was not trying to make the Vita look bad just saying these numbers are about right given the number available in that region.

OhMyGandhi1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

I agree, and it's not that I personally want to see Nintendo fail, it's that I am sick of having the wool pulled over my eyes, and everyone else saying how inventive they are as a company, always striving for a new way to experience games.

I don't mind innovation, but innovation without listening to your audience is a beautiful hybrid of ignorance and arrogance. I want Nintendo to wake up, and see that in 2013 our expectations have changed as the industry matures. Get with the program.

@ Mykky
I hope you are joking. If you wish to be a fan of Nintendo, no one is stopping you. But don't act let a paid spokesperson.

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SilentNegotiator1655d ago


"Not to worry though. 3DS was also flopping in the beginning"

That was due to an uncompelling price, not uncompelling games.

Ritsujun1655d ago

Mii & U: The Justin Bieber Console

SilentNegotiator1655d ago

@BitbyDeath - It's hilarious that trolls think that every non-Sony issue is justified by "Vita isn't doing well!"

Vita's poor sales have nothing to do with Wii U software numbers being awful. Stop using Vita as a scapegoat to everything.

More like, so many people that mistake recognition of the shortcomings of their favorite system with "HATERZZZZZ"

Alcohog1654d ago

@ Myyky

That's a good point. I will buy one for Zelda, sadly.

Mykky1654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )


When did new super smash bros become a system seller? Its sales were never big compared to the other big games. (DS is a exception, new super mario bros was actually "New" at that time)

@everyone else
If a system has enough good games the price shouldn't be a hindrance. Very few good games had launched when the 3DS had its high price. If what you guys say is true about the price being the hindrance I can't see PS4 and 720 getting a lower price than Wii U's. If that's the truth PS4 and 720 will flop much harder.
But all that is of course BS. It all comes down to the games.

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Eyeco1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

The Wii U has sold like what 2 million units worldwide, so obviously software sales are gonna be low, also people should consider that its 35'000 in the UK, not NA,not Japan, not Europe as a whole, but just the UK I'm not sure how much the WII-U has sold in the UK but I'm sure it justifies the sales for that month.

Godchild10201655d ago

It sold 3.06 million units since Dec 31, 2012, not 2 million.

BLAKHOODe1655d ago

There are a lot of gamers in the UK, so this is somewhat a reflection of how the Wii U is being perceived as a whole.

And this is bad, because now that the Holidays are over, you can't so much factor in Holiday buyers or the hardcore Nintendo fans who bought it Day 1.. the Wii U is now standing on it's own legs and these numbers represent it's appeal to the general consumer.

mcstorm1655d ago

Eyeco I agree although the Wiiu has sold 3 million world wide. People seem to forget that in January sales of games and consoles go down any way. One because people are skint and two there dose not tend to be many games out in January and I can't think of any new games on the Wiiu to shout about. Intact were there any on the 360 and ps3?

What people have failed to notice is the Wiiu has sold more than the 360 and ps3 did in there 1st 3 months on sale and they also forget that this is the 1st of the next gen consoles and people are waiting to see what Sony and Microsoft offer before deciding to get there next console. Also we have had some big games out before Xmas like cod bo2 halo 4 ect and this will also stop people picking a new gen console up as they will not buy a new console to play cod on if they already have a 360 or ps3 to play it on.

I wish people would stop this doom and gloom every time a company brings out a new product. People should just buy what they like and stop telling people about what they don't like.

I own all 3 home consoles and both hand held devices as well as a Lumia 900 and a Ms surface but I don't go round telling propel the iPad or android tablets are crap or start a rant. They work for me and that's what I want. I don't go and buy gta as I can't get into it but I don't go on and slag it off as I can see why people like the game. There are far to many fan boys in this world now and they are always out to try and say mine is better and bigger than yours. Instead they should just go and use what they like tell people what they like and stop moaning about what they don't like.

bangshi1655d ago

UK is 3rd biggest game market.

Wii U is bombing.

bicfitness1655d ago


Those are "shipped". Every one of the three reports "sold to retailers" now. We'll see if those were channel stuffed for Christmas or an expectation of higher demand when next quarter's results roll around. If they over supplied, then they'll miss their target.

GribbleGrunger1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

'Uk is third biggest games market'

What? LOL. I live on that tiny island off the coast of Europe and I can tell you that it's probably one of the smallest. Where I come from (and I've had confirmation from other people in other parts of the UK that it's the same there) the 360 dominates mainly because that's nearly all the shops promote. The first thing you see is a sea of green. 360 posters on the windows and doors, midnight launches and salesmen advising people to buy a 360 over any other console. The Wiiu and the PS3 don't stand much of a chance with this set up.

Just as we have with the Vita, we need to wait and see. I did with the Vita and I now have to conclude it needs something to happen, and quickly, but that doesn't mean the same will happen with the Wiiu. I've always said that the Wiiu was a hard sell and that it wouldn't sell as many as the Wii, but it is in no way 'doomed'.

Let's give it at least the same time we gave the Vita and then we can discuss this more knowledgeably.

matgrowcott1655d ago


Just to add to what Gribble said, not only is there zero space for the Wii U in stores (my local Tesco has a cardboard cutout for Wii U games that's been empty since launch), but the prices are also skyhigh.

I haven't seen a £50 game since the N64 era, but if you want Batman Arkham City or Assassin's Creed 3, that's what you'll be paying. Keep in mind, you can get them for a fraction of the price on other consoles...

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hellzsupernova1655d ago

for those that know me i am one of nintendos biggest critics I have never really rated them. BUT the WiiU will take off just like the 3DS Nintendo is one company you can never count out just look at the teases for Nintendos upcoming E3 you have Mario, Zelda, a new smash bros game, Meteriod i mean cmon that only even makes me curious add in Donkey Kong and even I would struggle to not buy one!

NeoTribe1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

Are those games suppost to be exciting? Maybe to a child. Donkey kong? Really? How old are you? Mario is pretty lame aswell now. Same crap since nes days. Metroid is a childs shooter. Cod halo killzone and battlefield run laps around it. Smash bros is ok i suppose. Zelda is about the only game id be interested in. Not worth buying a console for a game or two. Once zelda is out you prolly wont see another one till the next system. If nintendo would actually make some new ips that didnt invold cute fluffy critters and a gay plumber maybe id take the console seriously.

hellzsupernova1655d ago

Sigh you miss my point the FACT is those games will sell! Im 23 how old are you? 12? if you think CoD, Killzone, Halo or BF3 run rings around it you are showing you have only just entered gaming how about mention the REAL FPS defining games like Halflife and couterstrike oh because you have never herd of them thought so.

You just cant have a rational discussion on this site can you

FriedGoat1654d ago

No need to mention those games. Quake is all that is necessary.

RegKDwight1654d ago

@GribbleGrunger. You're wrong, we're by far the largest market in Europe and bangshi is correct in saying we're the Third largest market overall.