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4Players: "Dead Space 3 is a roller coaster ride. In Space you’ll find interesting missions, a nightmarish atmosphere and a brilliant sound design. But as soon as you land on the ice planet, not only do the temperatures drop, but also the motivation. The further you progress the more irrelevant and run-of-the-mill the game design gets."

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sway_z1960d ago

Trust me on this....

Dead Space 1 & 2 are vastly superior....

wAnxTa1960d ago

I trust you bro, I trust you. I played DS3 for 30 minutes, not gonna touch it again.

brish1960d ago

I heard you get cooties from touching DS3! ;-)

Pain_Killer1960d ago

Dead Space 3 is more Dead Space 1 than 2 and its vastly superior than the second part.

Trust me on this.

willie321960d ago

I have only played a total of six chapters. However, I like the game so far. It feels like the first two games with more creatures to fight at once. I really like how they charge and are relentless.