PS4: 10 Announcements That Sony Won’t Make On February 20th

"It's that time ladies and gents, when all our rumours of next generation hardware may actually get put to rest by an official announcement. Sony have cryptically told us that we'll “see the future” of the Playstation brand on the 20th of February, corroborating this with a typically abstract video telling us the same. The media giant are holding an event for investors and the press on said date and, as these functions normally cost a hell of a lot of cash, it's unlikely Sony are just putting this on for fun. The evidence is mounting that Sony are preparing to reveal the PS4 officially on the 20th and, assuming this is true, we're going to get a lot of concrete info coming our way on the next generation of gaming. That said, Sony won't be playing all their cards just yet, so here are ten things the Playstation fore-fathers won't be letting us in on right away."

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Buff10441928d ago

The price for sure. Much of the launch lineup. The controller design.

AznGaara1928d ago

I think they're going to show the controller design. If rumors are true, it could be a huge selling point of the Ps4.

They would definitely not say the price. It'd be way too soon. They're going to play the cat-and-mouse game with MS on that. As far as games go I don't think they're going to show more than a few tech demos. Games need to be saved for E3.

hellzsupernova1928d ago

I think they will at least give us some indication of online services (like Gaikai)
I also think they will give us a peak of what games are coming (probably through a montage)
THey will definantly show off tech demos
I would say they are saving price for E3 and launch date
I also think we will get to see the controller (hopefully with better R2 and L2 buttons and a more ergonomic handles)

3-4-51928d ago

What if it's for the Vita instead of the PS4. How pissed would people be ?

But yea I doubt they will reveal price until they've seen the public reaction to both the PS4 & xbox 720.

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showtimefolks1927d ago

expect to see he system itself

changes to the controller, but i don't see them totally change the legendary controller. IT will be called Dual Shock 4, but i do see them making big improvements

they will not mention price

don't expect to see any games, tech demos most likely.

i am fully expecting them to cut the price of ps3 to $249 and maybe even a new bundle

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WeAreLegion1928d ago

It's on the Vita. It will be on the PS4. -_-

blackbeld1928d ago


When PS4 is out you will cry like a baby.

mike32UK1928d ago

I can't wait for the PS4 but this genuinely made me laugh out loud, very well done! I personally wouldn't use it I immediately silence everyone when it comes to online, so I can't see why I'd want to talk to anyone while on single player, I can see why some would though.

hellzsupernova1928d ago

maybe if you had friends you would :P
i kid i kid!!!
But seriously im in the same boat if your playing a single player story driven game chatting to someone would definantly break the experience!

neoMAXMLC1927d ago

Poor attempt at trolling actually considering the Vita already does cross game chat.... for free.

BitbyDeath1928d ago

"Paying for Cross game chat"

Fixed it for you NeverEnding

sway_z1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Much of what the article speculates on what will not be announced, it would be true to say all of the 10 reasons are elementary at best.


They will need to retain much of the information for more traditional and bigger events.

But see, at this stage..I don't care what they show...I just need to know the basic spec and some sort of time scale will do me just fine :)

kenshiro1001928d ago

Whatever they show, it will be good.

Fil1011928d ago

Playstation 5 maybe ???

SlyFoxC1928d ago

lol thats great! to bad people dont have a sense of humor! lol funny shit mate!

Fil1011927d ago

yep just thought i'd show a little humor which sadly n4g is missing with quite a few of it's members on this site. To be honest i'm surprised I dent lose one of my bubbles as i'm sure that's how I lost my first on "having a little fun".

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