Aliens Colonial Marines: Don’t Believe The Hype?

"In 2001, a fresh faced and optimistic twelve year old (who happened to share my name), picked up a gaming magazine and read an article. The piece managed to bring up a convoluted range of emotions, beginning with joy and excitement and culminating in a weighty sense of disappointment and despair. The article in question concerned a game hitherto unknown to my young self, entitled Aliens: Colonial Marines. It gave a brief description of the development history, informed me of some cool sounding game play elements, teased me with one small, hard to make out screenshot, and then in the very last paragraph informed me of the title’s cancellation. I was hurt."

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MysticStrummer1927d ago

Don't see much hype. Just the usual bashing before release.

Bio_Mod1927d ago

I concur I've seen one advert on tv and nothing else apart from people saying how terrible it is, I'll find out for myself anyway tuesday cant come quickly enough!

THC CELL1927d ago

Got it today it looks a little arcade de good coop.. Online a little laggy..

MizTv1927d ago

I think it looks fun
And I'm looking forward to Tuesday

maximus19851926d ago

after seen gameplay i cant see how its as bad as im hearing. i hope when i play it on tuesday im right because it looks good.