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Submitted by Gekko 1023d ago | opinion piece

Nintendo Games That Need To Make A Comeback On Wii U This Year

Chris Rooke: ''We're still recovering from Nintendo Direct a couple of weeks ago when Satoru Iwata announced that many big Nintendo franchises would be storming onto Wii U this year. Yet it seems that Nintendo isn't resting on its laurels with promises from Iwata that fan favourites are coming, and that more unannounced games will be coming later this year. So what could be next?'' (Metroid, Pokemon Snap (VC), Star Fox, Wii U, Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure)

jacksheen0000  +   1023d ago
I have to agree with this article Other M's 3rd person game play is better than Metriod prime's 1st person game play.

well,If you look real closely at both vidz posted on here you'll noticed pace and speed of Samus run animation are similar. Perhaps this is what Nintendo wanted to achieve.
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PopRocks359  +   1023d ago
How was the gameplay in Other M better than Prime's?

Metroid Prime 1, 2 and 3 had incredibly smooth gameplay, harmed only by the fact that it was not dual stick gameplay like a traditional FPS (which by the way was fixed in the Trilogy pack for the Wii).

Other M had a finicky d-pad for navigating a 3D space and on top of that the only way to shoot missles was to turn your Wii remote toward the screen which renders you immobile AND puts you in a first person perspective that looks exactly like the Prime games.

Other M's gameplay was decent at best and mediocre at worst. Prime had a much more solid set of design choices and it wasn't riddled with a God-awful character-deteriorating story.


All of this IMO.
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jacksheen0000  +   1023d ago
Well, I do agree that Prime's 1st person game play worked well for the whole augmented reality/ weaponry lock-on targeting view system. But, Other M's game play & Visual Perspective are better overall because Other M retains the classic Metroid feel while maintaining most of the traditional Metroid 2d game play.

Now don't get me wrong, Prime isn't a bad game by any means, Retro did a great job with the game play, but the in game graphics,musical scores,atmosphere aren't anything to brag about and are topped by Other M in my opinion.

Pointing the wii remote toward the screen to change perspective to blast away enemies worked extremely well for me; which in my opinion heightened the flow of the game.

As for Prime, some of the weapon choices such as like the Grapple Beam seem a bit too clumsy and awkward throughout the entire game, the 1st person perspective just didn't do it any justice. but, I do agree the that
multiple visor system worked extremely well.

Other M would have been a much better game if it wasn't for the limitation of the wii's disc memory capacity.
These limitation is the main reason why Other M was more of a run n gun action game. The wii U's 25 gigs memory disc space is going to change that, hopefully Nintendo will make the next metorid better than both other M/Prime.
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RustedMan  +   1023d ago
All of the Metroid Primes had silky smooth controls.
PopRocks359  +   1023d ago
Once more, everything is just IMO. In case it wasn't already obvious, I'm not particularly fond of Other M lol.

I disagree completely. The graphics for the time were brilliant on Metroid Prime. There was some incredible attention to detail, the landscapes looked desolate and abandoned and there was an interesting charm to how they showed the reflections and splatter on the visor. The electronic soundtrack was also spacey and isolated, exactly as the series is meant to be. So I don't see how those aspects can be criticized when they did exactly what they were meant to do for a Metroid game.

I can't see how that works. In Super Paper Mario, the game outright pauses the world for when you need to point at the screen. This doesn't happen for Other M (obviously because it would interrupt the action), but it's ridiculous to completely articulate yourself all over again when they could have simply added the nunchuk attachment, let you hit a button and go into the first person perspective with your remote already pointed at the screen instead of this stupid wonky mechanic.

The grapple beam is a fair criticism, but I don't believe it was anymore clunky than the auto-aiming present in Other M's combat. It also goes without saying that Prime focused much more heavily on exploration over action while Other M did the opposite. To some I suppose that worked in its favor, but to me it's a hindrance. Especially if they have the gall to send you through a lava stage and only give you heat resistance AFTER you've gotten through it.

I think what would have made Other M a MUCH better game is the nunchuk and if someone had told Sakamoto that he's a damn moron. I'm not saying Other M's general mechanics are awful, but they needed some big improvements especially when they're sitting under an awful story that the player cannot even skip.

But yes, I would also like to see a fresh, great idea for the next Metroid that indeed takes the franchise a step further.
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Gr81  +   1023d ago
There is no
Comparison. Prime 1 and 3 were head and shoulders above Other M in damn near every way. Other M was crap. I think it looked great graphically, and some things worked well gameplay wise, but a game is more than the sum of its parts. Other M was a hodge podge of ideas that didn't work together well. The storyline was atrocious and over bearing.

The Prime games attempted to be Super Metroid in 3D, especially the first Prime. To this day it is considered one of the greatest games ever.

I was particularly fond of the Wii Remote controls in Prime 3. It was single handily the reason why Dual analogue has felt obsolete to me.

I am not a fan of cinematic games, I understand some gamers are, but if I want a riveting story I'll watch Shawshank Redemption or The Godfather, I won't look to 'geniuses' like Sakamoto, Aonuma, Kojima or Cage to fulfill this desire.

One of the problems I have with gaming is its attempt to be more than a game. Other M illustrated this better than I could express in words. I hope Nintendo decides to make a TRUE Super Metroid sequel. Complete with gorgeous HD graphics, Music, the works. But like you said keep Sakamoto away. His Anime inspired vision for Samus is lame.
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ChickeyCantor  +   1023d ago

Im not that of a fan of cinematic games. But Metroid has so much lore they could go on off. I would love to see a Metroid game where they actually make it work.

I enjoyed other M for what it was. Eventhough japanese story writing in this sense was garbage. Sakamoto probably looked at Samus in a more japanese kind of sense( from a japanese female point of view, culture whatever) and tried to westernize it.

I even wonder if it was lost in translation due to the fact it was done by a japanese person, writing his story based on his own culture and nuances.

Samus redeemed herself only close to the ending. Where she stopped giving a f' and just went rogue like the bounty hunter she is. But it was too late into her story.

I enjoyed the gameplay though. I can see why people complain about the 3D environment and the d-pad. Eventhough the need for going diagonal is hardly needed.
Jadedz  +   1023d ago
Loved the combat in Other M
Team Ninja and Retro Studios would work well together. Let RS focus on the level designs and enemy creation, while TN does the gameplay/combat.
PopRocks359  +   1023d ago
And make sure Sakamoto stays well the hell away from the project.
fossilfern  +   1023d ago
Dunno why you got disagrees it was mainly Sakamoto who wrote the characterisation for Samus in Other M. I just want another Prime 2(esk) Metroid, where its all dark and twisted!

I always felt that Prime 2 caught the atmosphere of Super Metroid better than Prime 1 but I really do think Metroid would benefit greatly from the extra horse power of the WiiU
Jadedz  +   1022d ago
Everyone lays an Egg
Wii Music?

He'll rebound, for sure.
hano  +   1023d ago
If people think that a game come pop up in a year they're out of their minds.

An average game takes 2 years to make, and that's usually an average game.

The best games usually take up to 3 years or more to make. I don't want a lot of games if they are going to be average. I think Nintendo might feel the pressure and release games before they are fully polished which would be a shame.
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CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   1023d ago
Looking at the Haters surrounding Nintendo,
I just hope that whatever RETRO is up too makes goes GTA/ Halo/ Dues Ex/ Last of Us scale of Presentation.

Nintendo need to show them how it is done and that it can be done- and make them want some.

I just hope that they merge the ideas of Other M, with Prime and Smash Bros (0-Suit) and have a Next Gen narrative with no doubt HardCore Gameplay and Photo-realistic Graphics.

Nintendo is going to have to be its own personal Jesus (again); cause the 3rd parties are straight-dunderheads.

Again not what I want but, if they want the Core this is a way to make it happen- cause waiting on Rockstar will leave them damned.
tweet75  +   1022d ago
hoping to see a new metroid, a new 3d mario , a 2d zelda , a 3d zelda, super mario u 2 along with whats already announced
GloriousBagel  +   1022d ago
Holy shit these doom and gloom articles are getting out of hand. First the 3DS gets them, then the Vita and now the Wii U is too. The thing is with both the Vita and the Wii U is that they new more appealing software and that's it. They aren't flopping they are just having a slow start. These articles are getting way too many hits and it just gives other "editors" an incentive to write up more of these to get clicks. Stop guys please.

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