Crytek's Ryse for Kinect is still alive

In a video interview conducted by the team, Mike Reed from Crytek stated that Ryse, a core-aimed Kinect title, is still well in production.

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MasterCornholio1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

Yep i hope it isn't another Steel Battalion the last core game for Kinect.

BTW i mean this in a good way because Steel Battalion was advertised as a core Kinect game and the controls were horrible despite the claims of many Kinect fanatics.

DaThreats1716d ago

Wait its a Kinect game?
Game doomed

BanBrother1715d ago

Definitely. Not even Xbox fans defend Kinect, only the fanboys.
Kinect is very good for what it does, entertaining the kids (at least at my place).

I don't expect to ever play a 'core' game on the KINECT. Unless they made like a TWD type of game, where precise controls are not needed much. Kinect is just not for me, sorry.

The_Infected1715d ago

I thought the game actually looked pretty until it was for Kinect then my interest dropped to nothing for this game.

The_Infected1715d ago

I meant to put "good" after pretty. Lol

Had to fix that since I can't edit my last post.

PS4isKing_821715d ago

Kratos has really softened up over the years.
Even using words like "pretty" to describe things he likes LMAO!!!

KnightRobby1715d ago

I wonder if Microsoft is paying them to support Kinect...? You know, there are bonuses thrown around for supporting such a device.

What would be even better - but unlikely - is the ability to choose: the reliable controller for what seems-to-be an awesome-looking game or the crappy Kinect. But if Microsoft wants that game to say "Only with Kinect," then well...

Megaton1715d ago

They obviously are. No way Crytek looks at this and thinks it's a sound investment that will make them money.

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