10 Stunning Experiences From Current-Gen Gaming

WC: Every generation of gaming creates its own blend of unique experiences that burrow their way into our heads forever. We’re exposed to moments that bring tears to our eyes, anger in our hearts, and even make us mourn the loss of our favorite characters. Moments in gaming where our jaws drop in astonishment, and we realize that what we’re playing is something truly special.

With the current generation, game developers have done away with the pixelated blur of 20 polygon counts, lackluster particle effects, and primitive gameplay mechanics. Now, it seems that gaming is evolving at a rapid rate, and we get to witness each stunning moment first hand.

Here’s 10 of the most stunning experiences of our current generation, in no particular order, for your reading pleasure.

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j-blaze1929d ago

i can make a list from MGS4 and Heavy Rain alone

Riderz13371929d ago

Yeah I know what you mean man! Also don't forget Uncharted series! Wow Naughty Dog is the greatest developer ever and Uncharted is an amazing series. The Last of Us looks to impress all of gamers around the world as well.


Riderz13371929d ago

for people who don't get it, J-Blaze has a huge hatred for Naughty Dog for whatever reason, so I'm just trolling him. Lol...

Horny1929d ago

I'd say add far cry 3 to the list, amazing experience overall.

ForgottenProphecy1929d ago

I don't get all the downvotes. MGS4 and Heavy Rain were easily the most awe inspiring games this generation. He didn't even diss any game on this list, or any game at all for that matter. Some people are just stupid.

Catoplepas1929d ago

It's j-blaze. It's utterly irrelevant what he wrote. I personally just down-vote him whenever I see him. I suspect most other people do the same.

showtimefolks1929d ago


Gears of war 3....very good looking

God of war....stunning looking more like playing a game within a CGI trailer

Uncharted 3....Great looking wow ND word PERFECT

Bioshock....I thought it was good looking but captured the atmosphere perfectly

GTA4....In 2008 This was the Standard for open world games till RDR beat it see how both are made by RS. so now the next one will be GTA5 that will take the crown

Batman...very good looking, but color's wise very stale i am hoping for next one they add some colors. but than again its a Batman universe which is very dark

Heavy rain....extremely good looking

if there is one game that had the wow moment for me it was and still is MGS4

Axecution1929d ago

Lol you kind of just based your entire list off of graphics xD

zerocrossing1929d ago

It was a nice list but yeah where the hell was MGS4... Not a single Japanese game, biased much?

Eyeco1928d ago

The Microwave tunnel in MGS 4 was completely stunning

IAmLee1929d ago



deep_fried_bum_cake1928d ago

You realise that you are only supposed to write a spoiler message in capitals because it draws the reader's attention.

Writing the spoiler below it, also in capitals, kinda defeats that purpose as it makes it very unavoidable.

x5exotic1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

I could make a list from God of War 3 alone.
It easily stands out with almost every moment of its run.

PS: HR sucked, it wasn't even a game. So not even close. MGS4 is great on the other hand.

Also, Dead Island's TRAILER was a really nice moment. Can't say the same for the game :P
@topic, too many pages; did not proceed.

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Cueil1929d ago

seeing dude's nuts get sniped was to much... to much

plaZeHD1929d ago

Red Dead Redemption, when you enter Mexico.
God Of War 3 Poseidon boss fight.
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves train level.
Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception desert.
Bioshock the atmosphere.
are among the best in my opinion.

Ezz20131929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

also uncharted 3 ship yard/yemen level/the plane level/the hourse level/the hidden city
and pretty much every boss fight in god of war 3

plaZeHD1929d ago

Yeah Naughty Dog loaded Uncharted 3 with crazy set piece, and God Of War 3 had huge scales, Cronos boss fight can possibly be the largest boss in video game history. I would also like to add the boss fight with Mr. Freeze in Batman: Arkham City.

guitarded771929d ago

The plane level was so freaking amazing. From crawling through the dark red lit particle filled corridor at the beginning, to skydiving over the desert, that entire level made me question if Naughty Dog's team is made of aliens.

Darrius Cole1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Actually a better moment is the first time I saw the Uncharted 2 trailer at E3. I'm talking about the trailer where the helicopter chases Drake and Chloe and the building you are in (i.e. the entire level) collapses beneath your feet. That is the first time I can recall seeing anything like that happening in a game.

When the game actually got here it validated the trailer every bit.

DasBunker1929d ago

I liked the Hades fight better, Poseidons was good too but the finisher sequence was weak IMO and placing it right after starting the game was anticlimatic.

calis1929d ago

I see you don't know what anticlimatic means.

DasBunker1928d ago


Compared to GOWI and II, the opening of GOWIII was anticlimatic IMO.

"anticlimactic - of or relating to a sudden change from an impressive to a ludicrous style."

Seems like you and all those who agreed with you, don't know their words.

calis1928d ago

You didn't even mention God of War 1 and 2 in your original post so that's redundant. But that doesn't matter because it is still the incorrect use of the word.

Anti-climatic relates to something in the same sequence of events. So your comparison of the opening of God of War 1 and 2 to the opening of 3 is nor even relevant to that. That's like saying Superbowl 30 was anticlimatic because Superbowl 4 was awesome. They're completely unrelated.

That doesn't even begin to discuss how you said it in your original context which was saying it was anticlimatic because it was at the beginning of God of War 3 which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

StrawberryDiesel4201929d ago

For me, it was taking down Maneater and Flamelurker solo in Demon's Souls. Such an epic experience.

platformmaster9181929d ago

The plane crash and running across the chateau roof as it blew up were both amazing in Uncharted 3 as was running from the water. I literally asked "which way is up?" about 10 seconds before Drake did haha. This kinda stuff is why Uncharted 3 was my favorite in the series.

I would also say slicing off your finger in Heavy Rain, having to use the middle stick in Arkham Asylum, and going back in time to change the outcome of the battle in A Crack in Time.

adorie1929d ago

Good ones. I would throw the Chronos encounter from God of War III in there too. I couldn't get over the interaction and scale of the whole experience.

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Mouktouk1929d ago

The ending of Metal Gear Solid 4 was brutally intense, one of my best moments I had in this generation, with Journey, Amnesia's playthrough and Portal 2's non-puzzle sequences (among many other moments in many other video games).

cleverusername1929d ago

The Napal level in Uncharted 2!

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