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The Double-Edged Sword of the Used Game Debate

"We’ve seen a lot of talk over the past few months about the future of used games, especially when it comes to the next generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft. There has been widespread speculation that either one or both of the upcoming consoles could be blocking the usage of used games, binding games to the primary user of said game." | Explosion.com (GameStop, Microsoft, PC, PS3, Sony, Steam, Wii U, Xbox 360)

JBSleek  +   652d ago
It has pros and cons and simply dismissing cutting out used games sales seems like a silly thing to do. You have to see the sides and the numbers and understand that used games only serves the retail stores well for money at least.

Both sides have a point and PC has already gotten to this point with no problem.

Used games will die for consoles as well. Maybe not this generation but the inevitable will happen its just a matter if they will let it happen gradually or forcefully.
DragonKnight  +   652d ago
What makes you think used games will end for consoles? Because PC doesn't have used games? Yeah, there's a legitimate connection. /s

Look, the used game debate is very simple. Stores like Gamestop need them to even exist, gamers need/want them for collection and discount purposes, and publishers hate them because it means they can't make money off the same copy of a game multiple times. That's as basic as it is plain and simple.
Oh_Yeah  +   652d ago
Yeah, and if they do go all digital and anti used they should do it proper by knocking that 60$ price tag for a new game down to 30-40...I mean without a box, manual, disc,manufacturing and distribution charges,not being able to lend your game bring it elsewhere etc. I see that as fair price.
EVILDEAD360  +   652d ago
Wow Dragon hit it on the head.

Well said.

DragonKnight  +   652d ago
@EVIL: We may disagree on most things Microsoft, but hey it doesn't mean we can't agree on other things right?

Too many people remain ignorant to the basic truths of the used game market and how it has so little an impact on the money publishers make. It's more about what publishers WANT to make.
3-4-5  +   652d ago
So many GOOD used games they none of us would be able to find if it wasn't for Gamestop. Everybody forgets about that.

That is, unless you want to risk buying online and getting screwed over and not getting what you thought you were paying for.

At least at Gamestop I can search through their available selection and when you find a rare gem that just happens to be there it's awesome and makes it that much better.

I love finding random very hard to find games in the used section of DS, PSP, Xbox 360 , 3DS games.
SonyStyled  +   652d ago
i dont see used games being blocked. however i do see a larger scale integration next generation of the online passes
ACEMANWISE  +   652d ago
In theory it appears that used games effect the true potential of new game sales. I'm sure it's true to an extent but not nearly as much as the industry thinks.

The article states that remakes and rereleases of old games have received good enough sales to warrant this interest of eliminating used games. Yet they fail to realize that the target audience they are reselling to is largely based on those that have already played the game, collectors, and those a bit more serious about gaming...the same audience they are largely eliminating by changing the market.

They also fail to realize that the industry is strongly evolved into a social based activity. All the sales this generation have been founded on people. It's not about game quality so much anymore. It's more about who has it, who's playing, and where they're playing it. Sales are largely driven by popularity, reputation, competition, social status, and peer acceptance.

Controlling software by making them new is only going to benefit popular titles. Even then it will only be realized in the short term of the title's life.

Controlling software by eliminating the physical format will only drop competition further for the digital format. There will be less need or pressure to drop prices regardless of it's cheaper cost for the companies.

Controlling software by limiting each game to one account will only destroy the family audience as paying 3 to 5 times for the same game will be too much hassle to get a household to play.
PopRocks359  +   652d ago
I do believe that a profit of a used game sale (some small percentage at least) SHOULD go to the publisher. But that's not the way the market works. What developers/publishers need to do is make buying NEW copies more attractive.

Here are two examples.

1. Club Nintendo codes. Get free stuff for buying new Nintendo games. Works for me!

2. Sony's cross-buy codes. An extra copy of the game for your Vita is a nice little gift. I think I'd spend the full $50 - $60 for that.

Other publishers need to do the same if they want their new copies to sell. They should not take away something and require, say, an online pass for the player to have all of the content. They should offer more stuff should you buy it new.
Steckmech  +   652d ago
I honestly see consoles eventually moving to this direction. I understand that it is completely unfortunate but if companies are wanting to do this they will eventually do it.
Hicken  +   652d ago
So they'd do it even if no one was willing to buy it?

It seems likely that they'll try it. And almost a certainty that it'll fail, since the majority of consumers will not likely go for it.

If the console manufacturers are willing to push ahead with blocking used games, and nobody buys into it, how long will they keep it up?
Tetsujin  +   652d ago
If companies want to complain about used game sales, here's a few things to do to help curb it - won't end it 100% but slow it down:

Stop assuming you know what your fans want

Day 1 DLC is NOT the answer; especially with GotY editions only a year off from initial release

Stop releasing limited copies of certain games to boost hype/demand; Amazon/Ebay prices show how ignorant certain companies can get

Discount digital releases

Remember, not everyone can afford games day 1; sometimes bargain bin is all most CAN afford, even if its months/years later

I know some companies have been thinking twice about certain things, and some even started sales/discounts on their products; I'm targeting more of the ones who whine/complain yet EVERY TIME they ALWAYS have some sort of deal through Game Stop or some other store to "boost sales."
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Jamaicangmr  +   652d ago
Why not instead of blocking used games all together just maintain the online pass system which has been working? Hell could even make it that once its a used game you need to pay say $2-5 for access. The games will be cheap and publishers still make money off every one sold.

Win win.
dvewlsh  +   652d ago
Yeah, I see this as a solution for some games, but what about the ones that don't have online multiplayer or any real online offerings to speak of?
Jamaicangmr  +   651d ago
Yeah i was thinking of that on my drive home just now. I guess the $2-5 could be for single player games and multiplayers will keep the online pass.
titans9999  +   651d ago
I don't buy used games anyway, so this doesn't bother me. However, I don't like the idea of digital only!

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