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Submitted by bunt-custardly 1096d ago | opinion piece

Could we see upgradable next gen consoles?

Some food for thought in this video which goes back to the idea that games consoles could be upgraded for better performance. (Next-Gen, PS4, Xbox One)

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SynGamer  +   1096d ago
I honestly hope not. The whole point of a gaming console is you buy it once, and that's it. The developers have one set of hardware to work with, and the consumer doesn't have to worry about upgrading. If they do, then we all might as well buy PCs.

That's exactly why the MOVE, while selling well enough, isn't huge, simply because it was a post-release accessory that developers didn't have to develop for. If Sony wants their new MOVE 2.0/Eyetoy 2.0 to be sued, it NEEDS to be bundled with ALL PS4's.

So yeah, keep that "upgrade" crap away from my consoles. I have a PC already, I don't want to have to worry about my console as well.
RustedMan  +   1096d ago
I completely agree with you.
The whole POINT of having a console is having FIXED hardware that does the job for a set period of time.
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guitarded77  +   1096d ago
Yes, a set architecture designed specifically for gaming and running specific software at a high level with minimal oversight. If people want a PC, then they can just buy a PC. Everyone understands PC's can post higher spec numbers because they're upgradable. A console on the other hand hides the layers of abstraction from the user, providing them with a simple user friendly experience. Console manufacturers are well aware of the purpose of a console. They don't go messing with the formula all willy-nilly.
AAACE5  +   1096d ago
It would work a lot better. If your disc drive dies, swap it out instead of paying to fix it or buying a new one. Or when its time for a graphics update like five years later swap it.
C-Thunder  +   1096d ago
I like your idea of being able to replace parts if they fail, but an upgrade would fracture the user base and not be well supported.
SynGamer  +   1096d ago
@AAACE5 - If your disc drive fails within the first year, get it replaced under warranty. If it is outside of the warranty period, buy the replacement part off of eBay and replace it yourself for a fraction of the cost.

As far as graphics, if you want an update for graphics in "like five years", then wait for the next generation to come out, OR whatever the future of the gaming industry does. What you're describing is exactly what PCs are for ;)
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3-4-5  +   1096d ago
So your saying if Xbox 720 or PS4 offered an upgrade to your system for $60 you wouldn't do it ?

All of you are kidding yourselves.
SynGamer  +   1096d ago
Your argument is invalid as soon as you said $60. That would never happen (without a heavy subsidization). The fact remains that if upgrades were offered, developers would have to either 1) spend more money to support the new tech/upgrade AND the base tech for those who haven't upgraded, or 2) pick one over the other, thus people will be losing out.

No upgrades = developers make a game EVERYONE can enjoy (if they have that console).
3-4-5  +   1096d ago
The N64 Upgrade was $50-60

It was = to the price of a new game or slightly more.

So $60 is probably not far off. I could see it being $100 but no more. People aren't going to pay %50 the price of a system for an upgrade.

It will happen eventually, even if it's just a RAM upgrade.
miyamoto  +   1096d ago
As far as I know, consoles has been already upgradable.

NES: Disk System
Sega Genesis: Sega CD
Sega Saturn - RAM Cart
N64: Disc Drive
Sega Dreamcast: Modem
PS2: Network Adapter HDD
etc etc

Upgradability is nothing new to consoles and not exclusive to PCs

Valve's Steambox dual SKUs are all clues that the PS4 maybe be an upgradable platform.

Now in regards to PC-like upgradability Steambox is is the first to announce it.

One basic model for the mainstream console gamers on a budget and one upgradable high end model for serious hardcore gamers.

That is enough evidence to believe that PS4 will have the same offerings since companies try to outdo each other by spying on the other.

This way upradability is a matter of choice.
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Gamer1982  +   1095d ago
But arent consoles already upgradeable? With new hard drives and accesories to improve the gaming experience? Isnt that what an upgrade essentially is? Especially if you slap an SSD in a PS3. I seriously hope nex gen consoles come with full SSD support from day 1.
jp_footy2  +   1096d ago
There is no need for upgradeable consoles when you have cell architecture when the games become better, better & better. Just look at GOW: A. It's about making a console that lasts.
Software_Lover  +   1096d ago
Imagine if the ps3 could go to a ps4 with the pop, pull, and replacement of an external custom gpu for 200.00 or less. That would be great.

But the ps3 is a bad choice because of the ram situation. But the ps4-ps5 would be very capable.
s45gr32  +   1096d ago
Ummm well that is what pc gaming is all about. An upgradeable console needs to have a very simple easy to understand upgrade system in order for it to work along with .affordable prices for its upgrades like a $50-$100.00 dollars for a gpu not $200.00.
Mr_cheese  +   1096d ago

I agree completely, there would be too many complications and it would essentially cause a divide between consumers who own a lesser part of the machine when developers are designing for the new released part in mind. I suppose there could be ways around it such as official release dates for the parts with cut offs for the older ones. But again, its complicated and expensive. Defeats the point of buying the package that in the case of playstation is a 10 year one. my opinion.
Software_Lover  +   1096d ago
I want an upgradable console, atleast for two console cycles, with just the gpu being replaced.

Imagine an xbox/ps4 with a pool of 8gb ram and a great cpu. A custom gpu solution on a pcie bus that you just pop off the side and can replace for peanuts the next generation (5-6 years down the line). I would want that.

It would save the customer money and cut down on R&D every other console cycle. They will not need to create a new gpu every year, just with the console cycle.
jmc8888  +   1096d ago
Well then you'd be paying ATI or Nvidia directly, not Microsoft/Sony who happens to pay companies like them.

Really consoles are middlemen, who try to add a service on top. Really you're buying downgraded PC parts repackaged in another shell.
jerethdagryphon  +   1096d ago
even if you put in a scalable solution like n64 rampack your still looking at basically putting a port of the same game in a package high graphics and lo graphic

pcs have long lists of ini files to check each function and weather it will work

consoles were meant to be a static dev system
Chapster  +   1096d ago
Sony already makes an all-in-one PC with Windows 8.

All they have to do is ditch Windows and make a Linux-based OS with full accessory and game support.

That probably won't happen though.
generalthadeape  +   1096d ago
I agree with SynGamer on this one.

Console gamimg puts everyone on the same "level", whereas gamers playing on super-customizable PCs often have an advantage.

With consoles, game developers have a "least common denominator" that they know everyone has because of the built-in features / specs of a particular system to start out with so they can maximize the gaming experience from there.

If you want more / better / "bleeding-edge" technology, then PC gaming is probably best bet for you.

If you want simplicity /"plug-n-play gaming", then a console, (of your choice), may be more appropriate for your situation.

Either way, it's great that there are so many options out there for gamers.

Althogh making systems "slimmer" as time goes by is great, it'd be even better to see the makers of these systems integrate a few "ugrades" along the way with those changes, as systems evolve.

Of course, this may lengthen the lifespan of the console-- which may or may not align with the plans of the video game console manufacturers in the long run.

The video game console manufacturers have to constantly ask themselves, "What if other console manufacturers don't include these "upgrades' in their systems"-- "What if they do?". "How will this affect their strategic decision when it comes to developing the new systems for the future?" and "How does it ultimately alter their timeline when doing so?".

Even the smallest "upgrade" may have unintended consequences that haven't been forseen.

Let's face it; everyone loves new technology-- we just need to be careful when/ how we integrate it-- that' all.
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sway_z  +   1096d ago
Although I would not like this approach, it could work.

Millions of us have upgraded our consoles hard drives, so in theory on that basis...but it seems like a demographic/community splitter, terrible idea.
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   1096d ago
Upgrading a medium of storage and upgrading something that contributes to graphical capabilities is nowhere near the same.
sway_z  +   1096d ago
I was referring more to the psychological than the technical aspect of upgrading e.g. will people be bothered with that, hence millions upgrading their HDD's ZombieNinjaPanda.

My bad....I should have been more clearer :)
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s45gr32  +   1096d ago
It could work via a leveling system every three years i.e. level 2 parts are available then down the road level 3 parts are available. With that in mind is easy to upgrade with a game requires level 3 but this game requires level 2 ok since level 3 parts allow me to play level 2 games is time to buy level 3 parts. The pricing has to be affordable in order for it to work.
seanpitt23  +   1096d ago
It would never work sorry, but I would welcome it if it was possible
zerocrossing  +   1096d ago
An upgradable console is OK in theory, but what if you purchase a game and can't play it because you haven't upgraded your console for a nominal fee? That's a potential occurrence that I find pretty worrying.

Some people may be fine with shelling out cash for upgrades but a lot of people don't want the hassle or simply couldn't afford upgrading their home console, after all aren't consoles supposed to be simple gaming machines without the worry and aggravations you can get from gaming on a PC?
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wishingW3L  +   1096d ago
If I wanted an upgradable console then I would just buy a PC.
GoldPunch-TR  +   1096d ago


Have a nice day.
sdozzo  +   1096d ago
That cover image was like a trip down memory lane.
miacosa  +   1096d ago
Maybe the SteamBox but not the PS & Xbox but it would be nice.
thebudgetgamer  +   1096d ago
An upgradable console is no longer a console.
stragomccloud  +   1096d ago
N64 was upgradable.
By the way, awesome avatar. Is that Moss from IT Crowd?
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sandman224  +   1096d ago
Oil sure hope so. That way the people who want more out of there console can get more and for those not interested can stay the same.
stragomccloud  +   1096d ago
That would be cool. I totally remember the memory exapansion pack for the n64.
Hicken  +   1096d ago
Yeah, but how much was it used?
stragomccloud  +   1096d ago
A number of star wars games used it to double the resolution of the games, and majora's mask required it because of how many more things were going on at the same time. Pretty sure there were more examples, but I just can't think of them off the top of my head.
strigoi814  +   1096d ago
PS3 little almost upgradeable with the hard drive. So i wont be expecting more than that for now
steve30x  +   1096d ago
I think it would be a good idea if the next consoles were upgradeable. That way lets say in five years time Microsoft and Sony brought out a cartridge type thing with a Graphics card upgrade that just slots into the console to enable better graphics and have a crossfire or sli type of setup where the GPU's work together.

Lets just say it was a single cartridge upgrade to slot into the console with just the one hardware upgrade in five years then in ten years they could bring out a whole new console. We would have the better games upgrade in five years to get us by until the next consoles get released. It would also be cheaper than buying a PC.
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Kennytaur  +   1096d ago
Consoles are not built with a very modular design to cut costs. But if one was, and you could somehow upgrade the memory, then it would have to be bundled with a lot of games or something, as having a split userbase is a terrible idea. Upgrading a processor sounds borderline impossible to pull off realistically.

Moving from a mechanical HDD to SSD however...
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gamernova  +   1096d ago
Then they're not consoles. They will become Low End PCs.
steve30x  +   1096d ago
They are already low end pcs that arent upgradeable
gamernova  +   1096d ago
Very true.
tweet75  +   1096d ago
id like to see console generations get much longer like the lifetime of a type of media like cds or dvds. Decades long. This could be done by providing updates and upgrades.
solidboss07  +   1096d ago
I know what I would like to happen, and from PS3 launch to 3 years ago I still thought that the following was a real possibility .

I think that we already have them, upgradeable consoles, kinda. Wait, bear with me. February 20th and the future of playstation. When PS3 launched we were continually told about how future proof it was. Years later it has proven to be the superior console, but sales wise it is about the same as the XBox3shitty, and apart from Blu-ray both machines are loosely comparable. Now Sony expected to have hit 100million sales buy now and had plans for that kind of instal base - The Super Firmware Update. At launch Microsoft and Sony could split the market in sales , but not in performance. So Sony artificially limited the PS3 so it was comparable to the 3shitty, with plans at a later date to give extra legs to the PS3 by uncapping it with a simple Firmware Update. That time has come. We will see PS4 at the upcoming Playstation Event, but also a performance boost to PS3 to bridge the gap between generations. This is the only thing that would now make sense in reflecting back upon this generation and PS3's development and launch.

Complete nonsense of coarse, but it would be great. And they could bring back Kaz for the event.
Series_IIa  +   1096d ago
Yeah right...

Have you seen how much Sony and MS charge for something soon as they slap their name over it and make a proprietary connection for it?


Google search PS Vita Memory Cards and Xbox HDD for reference.
GraveLord  +   1096d ago
No. The whole point of consoles is for developers to get the most out of the hardware in that box.
cyclindk  +   1096d ago
We already do... software/firmware updates and Storage swaps.

Not much, but better than nothing. And OS improvements always have the potential of improving performance and features.

Good as it is likely to get on consoles I believe.
isarai  +   1096d ago
I'm pretty damn sure we've hit the extent of what you're going to be able to upgrade on your console (HDD)
profgerbik  +   1096d ago
Well on top of the various reasons that would never happen it probably wouldn't even if they wanted to. That is why I feel developers prefer console more now because it is easier to develop for in a sense of problems occurring in the future.

Because of every ones PC being different it leaves more room for problems and more of a work load to actually attend to on the game. Where as a console sure it can still have bugs or problems after release but they only have to fix mainly one problem knowing that will work across all systems. A PC is a little different, they could fix something for Windows 7 but people playing Windows 8 could still have problems or even people still using Windows XP.

I think that is why developers choose to put their games mainly on console now just because they know it will be easier later on down the road to fix anything. In most games sometimes nothing really needs to be fixed at all or they never come back to fix it. Developers treat console game differently because they are a safer less stress producing platform to end on.

With enthusiast constantly upgrading their PC's that just leaves more work for developers to have to do later if any problems occur with newer components. Unlike a console it is the same thing and will be for years just much safer and easier for them to put their games out on.
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landog  +   1096d ago
just don't let the ps4/nextbox gen go on for 8 FREAKING YEARS without a new console, you can still support the old ones, i'm all for that but 5 years is the MAXIMUM any console should be without a direct succesor

pc has gone so far past what xbox360 ps3 can do, its already gone out beyond what ps4/nextobx will ever do

2560x1600, only on pc, ps4/nextbox won't even come close to that res, 16x anti aliasing, never going to happen on next gen consoles, 16x af, ssao, real time soft shadowing, hyper physics, ect...ect...ect....

next gen consoles will be what pc was 3-4 years ago, 1080p, 30-60 frames, 2-4x aa, minimal filtering

and i am 100% sure devs like naughty dog ect...will make TOTALLY amazing looking games, but, ecause of the hardware limitations, you will see the resolutions sliding back towards 720p and the jaggies creep back in, mark my words!
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