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Sony and Microsoft’s Focus on Motion Control Feels Futile

"The news that leaked out about Sony not only having developed a next generation PlayStation Eye, but looking to package it in with the PlayStation 4 (also called Orbis) has the internet talking about motion control yet again and how this will rival the next generation of Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox. " | Explosion.com (Microsoft, Nintendo, PS3, PS4, Sony, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Gimmemorebubblez  +   873d ago
I hate gimmicks!(I would rather have the Money to be spent on hardware specs.) But at the end of the day both companies are there to make a profit.
Root  +   872d ago
I don't mind it, it's just the rumours that say they are going to be included with next gen consoles...making it sound like you HAVE to use them....then your paying more since they are included.
stragomccloud  +   872d ago
That's the only way that developers will actual start to take advantage of the devices. I know you'll disagree because of the comment you made, but I would really like more games to support move. If only for accurate aiming.
USEYOURFIST  +   873d ago
i can see potential for awsome motion controlled gaming experiences, however we are nowhere near that at the mo.
crimsonfox  +   872d ago
I hate motion control. with a passion.
Conzul  +   871d ago
I hate it IN games, but I'd like to be able to do the following with hand motions on a gaming system:

>> Change tracks/ raise/ lower volume of music.
>> Navigate menus
>> Pause/ rewind/ FF/ chapter select of movies.
>> Yes, keep it out of the actual games, please.
tehpees3  +   872d ago
It depends on the motion control in question. I like the DS, Vita and Wii U. I can tolerate Wii and Move (though I think the controller does the job better) but Kinect just sucks.
BitbyDeath  +   872d ago
Motion games are fine as long as it's 1:1, otherwise it's just a frustrating mess.

Can't wait for Until Dawn.
AJBACK2FRAG  +   871d ago
Motion controls are tapped. Nintendo leads everybody follows and fails. Ladies and gentlemen and children of all ages let me present to you, true market disruption!
Cueil  +   872d ago
It's only a gimmick until we walk into our video games and say "Ship... Sherlock Holmes vs *Nemesis' name*" or "Ship... Bedroom scene with Lara Croft"
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theWB27  +   872d ago
Gamers need to realize that we aren't the only ones that game. There are people who buy the system for the gimmick...or who rarely game on it at all. They only buy for ONE game. These companies have to sell this product to a wider audience. The mothers who buy it for their young kid...they'll look at the PSEYE and Kinect and believe their young kid will have for with this along with the kiddie games. So for everyone of you who doesn't like motion controls...there's a parent who bought that system just for that purpose. Who bought the Kinect as an excersise machine. Alot of companies fail because theu don't evolve with the times..and it has changed. Gaming isn't this niche market anymore. It's hitting alot more areas with different targets. Get over it...these systems will never be just gaming anymore.
Root  +   872d ago
"Gamers need to realize that we aren't the only ones that game"

Yeah but we're the only ones that give a crap about gaming

They should focus on us and us only....if other people want to game then they'll like what we like. No one should have to try and appeal to an audience that has to be told to like something.

Reward the loyal ones, not the ones who will dump you for the next shiny new gimmick
theWB27  +   872d ago
Have you noticed these machines play movies, music, not just games. Should the next systems ONLY play games? You sound like a child.
Root  +   872d ago
And...they are consoles that do other types of media

If someone wants a DVD player they wouldn't go buy an Xbox 360 or if someone wants a Blu ray player they wouldn't buy a PS3 because consoles aren't targeted at them...or weren't

"You sound like a child"

LOL, really...right to a personal attack, thats how immature you sound.

Besides coming from you....thats rich
clintagious650  +   872d ago
Sony has always supported these things with the eye toy and the ps eye & as much as i could care much for these thing, there is a audience of gamers who enjoy these things. Im just glad that sony never forgets about their core audience while also working on other projects. Its what keeps gamers happy & coming back for more. If u notice with the rumors of the ps4, it seems alot of gamers who were on the fence with ps3 launch are already hyped & cant wait for the ps4 to launch & a big reason for that is because sony has delivered with an amazing portfolio of exclusive games u will only find on the ps3.

Edit: Also wanted to ad that MS has done a phenomenal job with the success of kinect but again i point out that they have been lacking in the support of its core audience. I can understand its a business & u want to focus on what brings in the most money but I also believe new IP's for your core audience will also bring good sales aswell which we havent seen in a while.
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hazardman  +   872d ago
X8 will have games for all audiences!
AJBACK2FRAG  +   870d ago
The eye toy and the ps eye whatever both failed! It's what keeps gamers happy and coming back for more? Are you serious? The PS3 is in a desperate struggle with Microsoft for last place. That my friend is reality.
solid_warlord  +   872d ago
Playstation Move = A Dildo for Gamers! No thank you.
southernbanana  +   872d ago
What is with all of these articles claiming every thing about the PS4 will be much better than anything the next Xbox has to offer. I do not recall either company releasing information or seeing any concrete evidence supporting the current rumors. I guess it really shouldn't matter to me as I will be buying and enjoying both consoles regardless of which does what better.
Starfox17  +   872d ago
Motion controls are good if they offer zero lag same with this 2 screen wiiu experience as long as there's no lag between the 2 screens its good for hardcore games ect and i must say wiiu gamepad is quicker than my tv.

Just like Randy Pitchford said theres just things the wiiu can do with gamepad u just cant replicate on smartglass or vita/ps3,he says what Nintendo have achieved is because they went all in with this technology.
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