The Secret World Details DLC Pricing

In a recent forum post, A Secret World Dev detailed the upcoming changes being made to how DLC is purchased in Funcom's MMO, and how specifically it can be purchased in the future.

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kefkah1928d ago

Having played the Tyler Freeborn DLC, what they are charging for their content is pretty fair. I actually enjoyed Freeborn more than the first 2 starter zones.

ATi_Elite1928d ago

Does anyone know how many people play this game?

xseven1928d ago

I heard it picked up a ton of users during Nov / Dec, but I don't know exact #s

Echel0n1928d ago

TSW going buy to play was their best move ever. A lot of good content to play through, if you can get past the sometimes whacked out combat.

Grayn1928d ago

I need to pick this game up. It was on my radar before release, but I lost interest. Now, its looking like a better deal for me.

xseven1928d ago

Same here. I'm more likely to pick it up without the monthly sub.