Skyrim’s Theme, Performed By… The Chocolate Rain Guy

Kotaku: When I rolled out of bed this morning, I never expected the world would decide to present 2009's biggest internet sensation singing the theme song to 2011's biggest video game in... 2013.

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Mr_cheese1690d ago

aint nobody got time for that

Sandmano1690d ago

hahahahah LOL! This guys voice is EPIC BTW

crxss1690d ago

he doesn't move away from the mic because he doesn't need to breathe

Reverent1690d ago

I gave you an agree, because well... I agree... but your comment came off as something a twelve year old would say. "hahahaha" all caps "LOL" and the use of the word "EPIC"... *Cringes*

Root1690d ago

I thought this guy was dead.......oh wait that was South Park never mind

BattleAxe1690d ago

Tayzonday is the man! He really should take over the Jace Hall Show :D

Sandmano1690d ago

@Reverent I was laughing because Mr_Cheese reminded me of that hilarious aint nobody got time for that auto tune remix and then commented on the video

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Sketchy_Galore1690d ago

Throw in an argument, a few racial epiphets and a naked dance by a 'not quite sure but possibly' underage emo girl and you'd have the most Internetty thing ever.

Sketchy_Galore1690d ago

DAMMIT. Okay you're right, back to the drawing board.

Jobesy1690d ago

Yeah it was pretty good, would have been awesome if he would have been wearing viking apparel lol.

Grey Fox 921690d ago

Chocolate arrow in the knee.

nyobzoo1690d ago

man he has such an amazing Bass voice

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The story is too old to be commented.